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Started by JediJunkie, December 14, 2022, 03:32:07 PM

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When I replace the bf1 exe, i just get black screens after initial start up. its been a couple years so maybe yall have solved it?

Are you patching steam or disk? With steam I copy the whole battlefront to somewhere else (like desktop) so I can run both and install the patch there. There is an autoinstaller in downloads here. If you manually install make sure you unzip the download.
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Also it's not just the exe, there's a whole package of files that include shell.lvl and common.lvl that need replaced.  Replacing the exe only will cause a black screen.
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It still does it. After intitial start up with swbf screen, it goes to black screen where i can still use my swbf style mouse cursor. no sound.

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Please make sure to follow what DP says above. That's the key to solving the issue ;)
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