Memories on the Battlefront

Started by Ultimo, May 31, 2020, 03:19:49 PM

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I figure why start a new topic when I could just bump this one a couple years into the future.  ::)

I think I've talked on here before of how much SWBF1 meant to me. Some of my most formative experiences (for better or worse) were on that game. Even modding the game has stuck with me as a creative itch I always have to keep scratching in some way. I love having a vision of something and bringing it to life in some creative medium. It's the only time I really feel purpose in life.

I also still to this day struggle to make friendships better than the ones I had as a kid in this game. Some of you guys are still around but most of them I never realized when I talked to them for the last time. I think that's why I still visit old websites every now and then. I can never beat the hilarity of those servers. Sometimes I'd just have long conversations on xfire with my friends without even playing any game. I rarely have long conversations with friends into the night nowadays but it does happen on occasion. It's just surprising to think about me doing that as a kid. I never even knew what most of my best friends looked like lol.

Since I'm droning on now I'll wrap it up with this: I have a lot of great memories I'll cherish forever. Nade pulting, glitching, sniping, tournaments (AaTc winning GGW2 is still a highlight of my life lol,) winning tough matches, and modding were so fun. Still the best memories I have are of "sledding" on Rhen Var, or playing "wookie hunt" on CC, or glitch hunting on mod maps in a server with friends or clanmates. The relationships made this game. I doubt there will ever be a game like it.
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Agreed! I think this game has given us all a lot of joy and great memories. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll make it to one of the SWBF1 events to enjoy the game as I did 10 years ago.
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Feeling the nostalgia today. SWBF1 was such a great time... Hope everyone is doing well!
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I was thinking about this game and a lot of memories I have with it the other day. Miss a lot of people and nights on this game for sure. They dont make games like this with community browser to really develop friendships and relationships in general anymore. Glad to see some still communicate and come on here from time to time!

Having nostalgia from watching this video and imagining led as the fbi agent is peak content LOL
ahhh the memories i saw sereja is still alive which is great ever since the russians invaded ukraine hes always been in the back of my mind
Even if our relationships were contentious in the past mostly because of the demon im glad at this point everyone has come around to the position weve held all along even you anyder
glad to see youre still alive fire i am still friends with runningwithscissors and assimilated and i have chatted not too long ago too
I still have many of the patches rich gave me that say WUSI on them if any former member of our clan wants one add me on steam and ill see what we can do in terms of giving you one
i still remember yankee and dtd and the others and the only reason i am here is because of a less than 1% chance of a bone tumor that made me miss lots of school from the surgery to recovery period im not sure any of you knew that about me.
i probably will remeber the feeling forever when the day after my dad died the old guard of WUSI kicked me out knowingly that happened and i wont forget the feeling when they came to me to get our website back from caveman. It was always an uphill battle because so many of you took the demons side and sitting here at 2023 after all those years really feels like we really won in the end. At some point in the future id really like to hear your side of all that anyder especially how you ended up with a position of community ambassador xD
either way im rambling alot most of the memories in this skull are good when it comes to the people and this game.
ive thought alot too because we had a roleplay thread and i made a character who was frozen always wanted to refind that thread on this website and post "and he dethawed and looked around to see the entire battle was already over years ago" xD

i think most of you guys were in the PC community, just posting here again in case anyone from the mac community circa 2004-7 happens to stumble through and wants to reminisce. i was in IGC and IAS and so on. anyway.

Quote from: rawblade on March 06, 2023, 12:29:04 PMi think most of you guys were in the PC community, just posting here again in case anyone from the mac community circa 2004-7 happens to stumble through and wants to reminisce. i was in IGC and IAS and so on. anyway.

Ahhh... An old nemesis returns to bow in front of the glory that was ACW!

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damn, i have the vaguest of vague memories of you...i remember brokenreality and someone else from acw better. foo something? in hindsight you were a cooler group than IGC haha

Likewise, I vaguely remember you as well, though off the top of my head I couldn't name any others from IGC - good to see you around! Knowing me, I'll probably remember this forum in another few  years and sign back on then.

Originally joined in 2006. You'll see me around from time to time.

Surprised I haven't left my own sentiments about this game earlier.

I played from mid-2010 up until around 2015. Met a bunch of people (some I'm still friends with to this day in fact), and even miss quite a few folks, many of whom I never saw again once XFire went down even. I used to run (TGM), allied with [DX] Clan, then me and several members (Dark, ShaZam, and Jennifer) created a clan which went through several name changes, before ShaZam and I formed Army of Two. After that, I joined Alpha Clan in 2012, moving through the ranks before becoming a General. I then retired and became Veteran by 2015.

Though regarding XFire, there's a small community looking to run the old client again (several of whom are actually from the SWRC community in fact.) The client is working (albeit, in a barely functioning state), but if you guys are interested, check out the site:

I'm glad to see some of the old crew still around keeping the community alive, it was good times indeed and I dearly do miss it.

Helloo to all, happy to see some of you still here, I have also some good memories and hope to speak with you again :moo: