Need a tutorial regarding Bot Renaming (for use in base maps)

Started by gaz999, March 29, 2021, 08:59:02 AM

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First, let me praise your efforts in keeping this game alive, thanks to everyone of you.

Yeah, maybe questions about this topic have been answered already, but I was searching in the forums for a complete tutorial to no avail. What I want is using the renamed bots in all maps, as a general mod, but I couldn't achieve that.

I know how to use the VisualMunge.exe to create a "new world" and I know how to use the localization editor to change the bot names. What I don't know is how I can use the edited names in the base maps. My guess is that I have to import them to the base core.lvl file. But I don't know how to do it, and I didn't understand the tutorials I saw. I have been searching for solutions in the meantime, so if I find one I will put it here so more people who need the info can read it.

Thank you for reading me. I'm using the CD/DVD version of SWBF2 by the way.

TL;DR   I need to know how to put edited bot names into the base game's core.lvl (the one weighing around 7 MBs)


Nevermind, everyone. My days of searching have been completed :D Never searched on the Downloads section (as I didn't have an account), and I found a core.lvl editor that can be used for the base core.lvl of the game.

Download this:;sa=view;down=1586

Before you use... I found a little text glitch in Instant Action settings screen. My game hasn't crashed or anything like that... But still. Proceed at your own risk.

You're going to need a Munged World from the Mod Tools. (Create one using the VisualMunge.exe located in the data -> _BUILD, put it three letters and then create new world)

1.- Open the newly created world folder (data_XXX)
2.- Open editlocalize.bat

You should see many items on it:

Open common -> sides to edit the bot names (All: Rebel Alliance, CIS: Droids, Rep: Clones, Imp: Imperials). To add a name click the item on the list that says firstnames or lastnames, right click it, and select Add Key (or just press Ctrl+3). YOU MUST FOLLOW A NUMERIC ORDER WHEN ADDING KEYS. If there's none start with 01, then 02, and so on...

The rest of the items are self-explanatory: mapname, modename, planetname, weapons, etc...
When you're done editing save your file. It should save in around 20 seconds or so, don't panic if the program freezes.

Keep in mind that if you're playing the game in a different language, you must change the text you want while selecting the your language under the text box.

When you're done saving, copy the .cfg files (english, french, german, spanish, etc) located in the Common -> Localize folder (assuming your mod folder is still open, you know data_XXX)

Extract the files from the zip file you downloaded and you will two folders (DATA and ToolsFL). Open the DATA folder, then, the Common and Localize folders and paste your .cfg files there.

You're almost done. Return to the DATA folder, and then, open the _BUILD folder. Click pc_mungecore.bat, wait a few seconds and then return to the DATA folder. Now, open _LVL_PC folder. And there you go, your core.lvl with the edited values should be there. Copy and paste it on your game's folder.
That is... GameData/data/_lvl_pc...   If it asks you to overwrite click yes (Assuming you did the munging correctly that is)


The "glitch" is caused by using the original localizations included with the mod tools, not localizations from the Steam patch.

There are other files by Teancum included that have updated localizations or they can be fixed by the user.
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