[RELEASE] Gistech's Visually-Improved Sides Mod

Started by Giftheck, October 10, 2018, 06:59:00 AM

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October 10, 2018, 06:59:00 AM Last Edit: October 10, 2018, 12:55:49 PM by Gistech
Hi! This is a new mod made by myself. It's a 'quick and dirty' mod. The goal of this mod is to make some changes only to the appearance (and sounds) of the game. In other words, it plays exactly the same as stock and is just a skin change. Having said that, you wouldn't believe how different it feels to play. with updated sides. Almost like new.

Here are the changes I have made:

-Replaced the stock B1 Battle Droid model with my modified B1, OOM and Heavy Droid models. Each class is now appropriately skinned as well.
-Replaced the weapon models for the Blaster Rifle (Campaign Only), Blaster Pistol (now RG-4D), Radiation Launcher (now MPL-57).
-Changed the Vulture Droid to the SWBF2 version.

-Replaced the stock skins with my Phase 1 clone skins from the Legacy mod.
-Replaced the weapon models for the Blaster Rifle (now DC-15A), Blaster and Commando Pistols (now DC-17), DN Bolt Caster (now the SWBF3 ARC Fusion Cutter), Sniper Rifle (now the Valken-38X) and EMP Launcher (now the SWBF3 Grenade Launcher).

-Replaced the Soldier and Vanguard skins with their SWBF2 counterparts.
-Replaced the Pilot Luke model loaded in Hoth and Rhen Var with the Snow Gear Luke model.
-Replaced the weapon models for the Blaster Rifle (now A280C), Blaster Pistol (Now DL-44), Blast Cannon (Now the SWBF3 Rebel Shotgun model), Sniper Rifle (now the DLT-20A) and Grenade Launcher (Now the MPL-57)

-Replaced the Stormtrooper and Shock Trooper skins with those from the TFU Wii game.
-Replaced the TIE and AT-AT Pilots with the 'improved' Legacy versions.
-Replaced the texture of the Scout Trooper with one from one of the XBox Demos. This version is 'cleaner'. Also, the Scout Trooper's model is loaded in Hoth and Rhen Var instead of the Snow Trooper skin.
-Created a 'Heavy Snowtrooper' model for the Shock Trooper on Hoth and Rhen Var.
-Replaced the Dark Trooper model with the SWBF3 Dark Trooper.
-Replaced the Blaster Rifle (Now the new E-11), Blaster Pistol (Now Sereja's SE-14C), Mortar Launcher (now the MPL-57), Sniper Rifle (now the DLT-19X) and Blast Cannon (now the SWBF3 Imperial Blast Cannon)

I won't be introducing the Phase 2 Clones or any additional unit types as this is meant to be a purely aesthetic experience, not intended to interfere with online compatibility. I haven't tested it for online compatibility but I assume it should work.


Replacement for faulty gar.lvl




Included are the following sound effects files:

-My own 'custom' sound effects based on SWBF Legacy's sound effects
-SWBF3 sound effects
(A third set was used as my 'test run' but I can't post that one here publicly)



-Pandemic for the Mod Tools, and LucasArts for the game.
-Autodesk for Softimage Mod Tool 7.5
-Sereja for the Naboo Guard, SE-14C, CR-2 and S-5 weapon models.
-Free Radical for the assets from Star Wars: Battlefront III.
-LucasArts for the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed assets.
-Krome Studios for the Stormtrooper and some parts based off the 501st Stormtrooper.
-No assets from Star Wars Battlefront (2015) or Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) were used in the making of this mod.

If I've left anyone out, I apologise, but you have been a great help for getting this mod finished. So to those I didn't mention but did use assets, thank you.
Works in Progress:
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Quote from: jeff11223344 on April 01, 2021, 09:40:25 PMWhat happened to your Mega link?: https://mega.nz/#!kUJVAS4L!mnaGecYlzb0GkE4mlbObWr02XUYMDBhGe91SptgAvo0\

do you still have that gar.lvl file?

I no longer have the assets files for this mod, I'm afraid. I think the version of the mod on ModDB had the fixed gar.lvl in it: https://www.moddb.com/mods/visually-improved-sides-mod/downloads/visually-improved-sides-mod-version-10
Works in Progress:
--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"
--Main Play Mod Reboot
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