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SWBF1 Modding / Change Field of View for death animation?
September 17, 2021, 10:55:52 PM
It seems even though soldier FOV is set to 90, it instantly reverts back to the default FOV upon death. Especially noticeable if you get blasted into the air after you die.

Is this something that can be edited, or is it hard-coded?
SWBF1 Modding / Fix For Maps Crashing With A Lot Of Water
September 06, 2021, 10:26:08 PM
So through a LOT of trial and error and troubleshooting, I figured out I was doing nothing wrong with adding the water to my map, but the fact that there was too much of it for the game to handle.

I'm sure there's more nuance to it, but this is something you can try too if all else fails and you're getting random crashes depending on render distance-

Change the default entries for your modid.fx file to this-
LODDecimation( 8 );
Velocity(0.05, 0.05);

I tested FarSceneRange extensively, and it seems like values over 800 always inevitably crash.

EDIT: I discovered that this was a special case scenario, and there's a bigger problem at play causing the issue. If all else fails, this works, but its not normal.
SWBF1 Modding / Antstafer's Many Modding Problems
August 30, 2021, 01:06:12 PM
Sorry for yet another help topic, but I seem to keep running into the most bizarre problems. Spent the whole day troubleshooting this, so time to ask for help.

In a nutshell, I'm adding water to the naboo plains map.

I followed This tutorial and another one, and I'm sure I followed everything correctly.

Now, the water seemingly Isn't the big culprit here, but it might leave a clue.

The main issue I'm having is when I add this to my modid.reg-


This causes the main modid munger to output this error code-
"Error: (null) is not a binary UCF file!Error: munged\naboo1.envfx is not a binary UCF file!

This results in a finished munged map with a size of 921KB, which in turn loads a blank map at launch.

But if I change it to look like this-

Deleting the "naboo1" line causes the munger to output numerous errors (to be expected), BUT, it successfully munges a map of 13MB. Obviously crashes, but still, it makes an effort to munge the world file.

I really have no idea where to go from here.

EDIT: This is now my official thread to annoy the expert modders here with my many troubleshooting problems  :)
I always go through tutorials and documentation first and days of troubleshooting before I begin to ask in this forum, but hopefully someone struggling in the future can find their answer here as well.

So I've successfully added vehicle sounds to maps before, but this third time around has me stumped.

Map name is ageo1. Editing the stock geonosis map. I'm trying to add the AAT and the STAP

Here's my current setup for the req files and sfx-

Some interesting notes-
1. Only the main blaster sound for the AAT works, nothing else from it or the STAPP.

2. Adding '-stub c:\windows\media\chord.wav' in my soundmunge.bat file causes the map to become stuck on an infinite loading screen on launch. Removing this and remunging loads the map just fine.

3. Used an actual windows XP machine and a virtual machine, and no different results.
So in a nutshell, I'm trying to change the AT-ST main blaster sound to the AT-AT blaster sound. After editing it, I noticed that it only works on maps where the AT-AT blaster sound is loaded into the .lvl of that map.

Is there some way to force the "ReadDataFile("sound\\" line to use more than one set?

I've tried the following orders-



Surely there must be some way to get it to load and read both. If not, what are my best options to making sure the sound is present on all shipped maps that have the AT-ST?
So I'm using Dark_Phantom's 'Common and Shell Builder (2020 Revised)' and it doesn't seem to be working for whatever reason when I try to use any of the munge.bats
Mungelog1 and 2 just repeat the same error as the cmd.

I've attached a picture of the error.
Started as a successor to Eisenfaust's Realism Mod, this mod is set out to be the absolute pinnacle form of what Star Wars Battlefront could have been, and should be. I've always found the original Battlefront to be sluggish. Slow movement speed. Slow blaster fire that had almost no 'oomf' behind it. It was boring compared to the new shiny gameplay of the EA games. Now this mod restores, at least in my opinion, Battlefront's essence- Huge intense battles, immersive sound effects and visuals, do anything you want, go anywhere you want. Fight the battle YOUR way.

Things this mod does-

  • Realistic Damage. 1-3 hits kills, depending on distance, type of unit and radius.
  • Larger Battle Sizes for each level depending on what it is (I.e, Geonosis will have more units on the battlefield as opposed to Bespin: Platforms)
  • New 'Enhanced' maps. These include HD textures, longer draw distances, Expanded mapspace, more decorations, etc. These do not replace the vanilla maps, but are added alongside them for those who prefer to play the classics.
  • HD Textures for units and effects
  • FOV Increased for all units and vehicles
  • New Immersive Sounds (From Gistech's amazing Visual Sides mod)
  • Blasterbeams move faster and go much farther
  • Blasterbeams now have a destructive impact effect like in the movies
  • Firing while moving is very inaccurate, and crouch/prone is more accurate than standing
  • Rocket launchers now have a bigger blast/push radius. You can now send units flying in a raw display of power.
  • Explosions from vehicles are semi-deadly, and knock back units
  • Sticky grenades can stick to troops and have more of an effect on troops
  • Imperial Jet Trooper, Wookies, and Republic Jet Troopers take 4-6 hits to take down
  • Vehicles are stronger, and tanks now live up to the name
  • Jedi/Sith can now die and block blaster fire
  • Blood Particle Effect is turned on
  • Each heavy weapon troop from each faction carries a machine gun, but moves slower (except for CIS, since they have droidekas).
  • Units generally move faster
  • Units now use the 'prone' position when taking cover, and hide in clever defensive spots waiting for the unsuspecting player to pass by. (ENHANCED-MAPS-ONLY FEATURE!)


Future wishlist/modifications if we ever figure out a way to increase hardcoded memory limits-

-Remove the 16mb and 32mb memory limit so we can have HD Models for Units, Vehicles, Flora and buildings.
-Remove the memory limit on the animation system so all units use high-quality movement animations
-No limit to decals or effects such as blaster impacts on water
-Make extremely large view distances viewable and stable
-Remove 32mb limit on sound effects
Sorry for the possible newbie question, but I've been reading a bunch of documentation regarding how sound modding is done, and I think it scrambled my brain a little bit. Figured I should just explain my problem here since you all are so helpful.

So I've been editing a bunch of the shipped worlds in zeroeditor, and I'm currently working on Kashyyyk: Docks. I've successfully added an extra AT-ST, and an AT-AT to the Imperial side. My issue is that any blaster sounds for the ATAT are completely inaudible, while blaster sounds for the AT-STs work absolutely fine. I've also noticed that speederbike sounds work as well without any extra hassle, so what makes those specific sounds for the ATAT so significant? How should I go about adding them?

Edit: Found the right tutorial for what I wanted to accomplish.

Pretty much explained in the title.
I also have this issue with "mod1","mod2" and newly created worlds. All documentation regarding bfbuilder or Zeroeditor does not address this bug, so I'm at a loss. I tried setting Zeroeditor to winxp compatability, but that didn't work either, as expected.

Any idea why this might be occurring? Objects are either missing, or moved around in odd ways from how they should be. I noticed this on the vanilla Hoth map also.

I copied the geo1.wld file, the effects/msh/munged/odf folders and the original req file from the "Shipped Worlds" folder correctly (I've done it successfully many times a few days ago). The maps still munge properly and play fine, but there are either odd holes in the ground, or missing objects.

I don't however, notice this happening with Naboo: Plains.
This is a very odd bug I've encountered for a year or so now, and I can't find a definite fix for it besides restarting the game completely.

The ai can enter vehicles perfectly fine and use them for two matches on the same level, then in the next match they can't use them, nor even attempt to use them. It's completely random. Once the bug happens, it continues to happen until you restart battlefront completely.

My hunch is that it's some combination of-

  • Switching difficulties mid-game

  • Restarting the match manually

  • Modding the mission lua's

Does anyone have any idea as to why this may be occurring?
I've found "com_weap_bldg_gunturret.odf" in the common.lvl builder, but after editing it and the ordnance and explosion.odfs to my liking, there is no change to the turrets after I munged a new common.lvl and replaced the vanilla one.

Any suggestion on where I could find the right .odfs?

Here's the turret I'm talking about, in case there's any confusion.
I'm a little out of practice with server configuration with these games, so I'm not sure what the most obvious approach to go about doing this is.

Two of my buddies and I are going to be getting together for a BF2 LAN party sometime soon, and I'm not sure if I should just run it through the dedicated server software (in LAN mode of course), or just use BF2's vanilla LAN capabilities, without the server software and swbfspy.

And as I understand it, you do NOT need to port forward for a LAN server, correct? Any recommendations and points I may be missing would be greatly appreciated!
This mod is the successor to Eisenfaust's Realism Mod. My main goal in this mod is to make Battlefront's combat terrifying and real. If you don't take cover, you'll die. If you don't work with your teammates, you'll die. I've seen situations while playing where the last 10 units of the opposing enemy were able to take on my remaining 50.

As of right now, only the Galactic Civil War has been touched, and It still has a some of tweaking to go. I WILL be doing the Clone Wars too, and I will post updates here when I do so. I finally got both eras completed!

Videos: [spoiler]480p-

Things this mod does-

  • Realistic Damage. 1-2 hit kills, depending on distance, type of unit, and radius.
  • Blasterbeams move faster and go much farther
  • Firing While moving is inaccurate for some units
  • Explosions from vehicles are semi-deadly, and knock back units
  • Sticky grenades can stick to troops and have more of an effect on troops
  • Imperial Jet Trooper, Wookies, and Republic Jet Troopers take 3-4 hits to take down
  • Vehicles are deadly
  • Jedi/Sith can now die
  • Blood Particle Effect is turned on (Optional)
  • Each heavy weapon troop from each faction carries a machine gun, but moves slower (except for CIS, instead pilot carries machine gun)
  • Units move faster
  • Turrets fire faster and are deadly
  • Larger Battle Sizes for each level depending on what it is (I.e, Geonosis will have more units on the battlefield as opposed to Bespin: Platforms)

BONUS: I've also included my own edited versions of the following maps- Hoth, DOCKS, AND ENDOR. (My edited Hoth is named Hot3)
NOTE: My edited Endor has been known to crash for unknown reasons during battle. I've tried a lot of troubleshooting with it, to no avail. The vanilla Endor works fine though.

Download: [spoiler]Latest-


-Changed FOV for units and vehicles

-Decreased damage for rifles and pistols and a few other weapons

-Increased damage for recondroid explosion

-Decreased knockback for some weapons

-Tusken Raiders balanced

-Gunturrets balanced

-Mines balanced

-Other misc balancing fixes

-Clone Pilot's arccaster does much more damage, has more shots before overheating, and has further range

-All low LOD unit models replaced with hi-res counterparts

-Darkened red blaster effect a bit

-Snowspeeder blasters move at a higher velocity and do more damage to buildings and units

-ATST and ATAT now have faster laser velocity

-Added small explosion effect to wookie bowcaster fire

-Rifles and pistols are now more inaccurate the longer you fire

-Explosions from Super Battle Droid rockets now pack a bigger punch

-Fixed crash issue with Kamino

-Made turrets less precise when firing


-Raised health for REP AT-TE

-Gave Machine Guns more ammo

-Made Machine Guns more innaccurate while firing

-Added 'NO BLOOD' optionials.


There probably is a lot more tweaking and work to be done, but I figured it would be best to upload it here now in it's working state in case I never get down to messing with it again.
Please report any bugs!



I've been fiddling around with trying to disable the low lod for units. This is what I tried to far-
- Replace the low.msh files with the normal ones
- Delete the low.msh all together
- Combination of a few other things that I tried

All result to this monstrosity.

I would just keep using milehighguy's graphics improvement mod to get rid of the low lod, but I'm altering the sides currently to make my own mod, so I need to figure out just how he pulled it off. I noticed in the credits of his mod, he lists these names-

tirpider's Schme tool - biped high to low
Phobos - .lua editing and .lvl builders
Other authors I might have forgotten

Tirpider's schme tool didn't seem to be much use.

If anybody has any idea on how to achieve this, I'd love the help!
I'd like to apologize ahead of time if this answer is blatantly obvious, and was right in front of my face in the modding tutorials section/documentation, but I've looked through almost every post that has to do with modding, and I still can't find out how to do this. I imagine it has something to do with bfbuilder? I have all the bfbuilder stuff set up, and I want to edit the Assets/sides and convert them into the appropriate all/rep/cis/etc .lvls. I looked through some bfbuilder documentation and found nothing relating to actually munging and creating said files. I tried editing the sides in bfbuilder but apparently edit mode Isn't implemented yet for those.

This video is not mine. Thankfully I downloaded it a while back before the original uploader deleted their account. I sadly do not know the name of the uploader, as I've tried searching everywhere but to no avail.

Regardless, this is one of the most interesting glitches I've ever seen from this game. Still not sure what could of caused it. I love how the entire time he was playing, his friends didn't believe him, haha.

I did some simple editing of level lua files to make battles massive (appropriate for the specific map), and used Eisenfaust's realism mod ( on top of that (Which is a VERY good mod! Might not be every player's cup of tea, but it makes charging your enemy terrifying! It forces you to take cover).

If anyone wants me to put a download of my SIDES and mission.lvl I'd be happy to =). If you want to see more pictures/recorded footage of other maps let me know!

Here's a recording I made of the battle along with pictures-
(I had to increase the reinforcements on the republic in order to give them any fighting chance. They get slaughtered on this map even if they have 1000 more reserves than the CIS. I edited it to make it a little more balanced. Although I still think I made the number too high, might lower the republic by 500 troops.

I recently have been using BattlebelkToolBox for editing the reinforcement count and spawn count on the main maps, and I tried to see if there way a way to edit custom addon maps to make armies on them bigger also, but to no avail. Is there a way to do this?

Is there any way (if even possible) to run TWO battlefront clients at once? Let's just say this was possible, and you could run two windowed versions at the same time, would you technically be able to play lan?
The reason I'm asking is because I have a friend coming over this week and we both love the PC version of battlefront, and I'm wondering if we could play lan if this method could work. Although I'm 95% sure it's not possible without some obscure program, but hey, you guys are the experts.