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KommissarReb's Map Reviews
« on: June 13, 2015, 05:10:47 PM »
Star Wars Battlefront Custom Map Review

Map Quality Ratings Are As Follows:
{1} :rant: {2} :sick: {3}  >:( {4}  :yawn: {5} :dry: {6}  :g: {7} 8) {8}  :3rd: {9} :tu: {10}  :wub:

  My review list style is based off of that of Ryanoceros, so I credit him for the idea. Just keep in mind that the initial list will only contain custom maps that I chose to play. If, (and that's a big if) I want to, I might review maps that people request me to review. Just don't get cranky if I give it a low score, because the reviews I give are based on my opinion of them. I will try to be fair, but I usually give points for originality or intrigue.

I will try to make my list in alphabetical order based on the filename of the map...

File Name  ----------  Map Name ----------------------- Quality & Comments

010 -------- Death Star: Interior (1.0) --------------- {9}  :tu:  The best Death Star map I've seen so far, the Death Star map from SWBF2 converted to BF1 with awesome sides.

018 -------- Nar Shaddaa: Vertical City --------------- {10}  :wub:  The only Nar Shaddaa map I was able to find. Great graphics, models, sides...everything about it makes it a winner!

abr1 ----------- Abridon: City (Final) ---------------- {6} :g: What makes this map worth getting is the Blue police (based on Naboo Royal Guards) forces that side with the Clones & Rebels. They spawn from 1 building. Sadly, you can't play as them :(

:rtfm: This is not the end of the list. I am unable to finish it ATM, but later it will be updated :rtfm:

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