Author Topic: Engaging a Re-Growing Community  (Read 2736 times)


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Re: Engaging a Re-Growing Community
« Reply #30 on: November 21, 2014, 07:53:00 AM »
People just dont know how play this game again via gamemaster.
People got bored to play it with tunngle. nothing else.
As Black Water said, most players get bored of a game and move onto the next one, and eventually there are few to no players left. While its good that Majesty is trying to bring back old players, perhaps some communities just shouldn't be bothered with? Many of them are ready to quit playing BF2 also.


i just got messaged by the PFA Majesty Leader who told me "cough" "harassed" me into getting igf to add swbf1 to the game list or at least get people to get the game and get online. he also told that the swbf1 community is big and booming with 150 people online because he added everybody that had swbf1 on there xfire and told them about gamemaster and told me to do the same.I just wanted to get the top igf members thoughts on this.

After the new BF is released, we'll start phasing out BF2. I mean...it'll still be around for another 6 months or so, to let people have time to get the new one...but eventually it'll be dropped like yesterday's garbage (just like BF1 was).


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Re: Engaging a Re-Growing Community
« Reply #31 on: November 21, 2014, 11:43:26 AM »
The WUSI/FC/212 competition actually increased activity in my opinion. Once that started dying down, the game started dying down also. Now you hardly see any players from those clans.. maybe because there is not really nothing to compete for. During the FC/212 there was constant fighting... including almost full servers. Don't see how that was bad for the game at all. People just get lives and stop playing this game, nothing else to it.  Except for maybe game master, constant switching tires people out.

I think there's a difference between friendly rivalry like tournaments which adds to the game for a lot of people and when it got nasty here which I assume is what Samistheone meant.

A lot of older games have communities which are divided or have a large section of players that only want to play the game a certain way, I know it's put me of a few other games like Jedi knight. Luckily we've got a good group of players here but we can always do more to welcome new/old players back.

Edit: Jedi knight: Jedi Academy is still fun just really hard to get into with the heavily modded servers and duelling rules, I don't want to put any off. :) There's also some great SP mods including Stargate ones.
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I play less now but I'll always be around, lets keep this site and battlefront going. :)