Author Topic: [TUTORIAL]How to mod mission LUA for SWBF2  (Read 2651 times)


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[TUTORIAL]How to mod mission LUA for SWBF2
« on: November 15, 2014, 11:34:13 AM »
First of all u need to have the SWBF2 modding toolbox installed in ur PC (or if u wanna hexedit the swbf2.exe file, it's also possible to make the server spawn delay be changed). If you don't have the modding tools, here i leave u a link:;sa=view;down=436

Then you'll have to go to C:\BF2_ModTools\data\_BUILD and run Modtools VisualMunge.exe

Create a map with the name u want, I usually write LEL but u can write whatever u want xD

After the data_*the name u've given to ur map* (eg. data_LEL) you'll have to head to C:\BF2_ModTools\assets
and copy all the folders in there (BES, COR, .. ), and paste them into the (C:\BF2_ModTools\data_LEL\) Common folder
Now go ahead and mod whatever u want in the lua, but make sure u do it correctly
Here I leave the tutorial about how to mod mission.lvl lua:

After getting everything modded, go to the previous folder where u should find mission.req

Just copy this and paste it there (replacing all previous text):
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

*I hope I didnt forget any map, except of the space ones and rhen var, if u wanna have added these maps, do it on ur own by adding them after the last one:


Finally go to C:\BF2_ModTools\data_LEL\_BUILD and run Modtools VisualMunge.exe

Right as it is, just click on munge and u'll have ur mission.lvl munged in the _LVL_PC folder.

If I forgot something, please, just post it  :cheers:
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