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Archived Maps and Mods From Trooper X
« on: October 16, 2014, 08:42:01 PM »
All right so I've been adding maps and mods to our archive and so instead of posting every couple of day I added a some thing I'm going to keep it all in one topic. So every time I add a map/mod Ill just modify this, so just check in every day for new stuff, I should be adding maps and mods every day or every couple of days. Another thing is that if a map/mod has been uploaded by some one else just tell me and ill have it taken down, this most likely wont happen because I look them up before I upload them, but hey stuff happens. Last if a map/mod dose not have a link it has not been approved yet. I also will list the maps and mods by when I added them. I hope to add a lot more maps and mods to our great archives!

AaTc Underground;sa=view;down=1176
IRAQ DESERT OUTPOST;sa=view;down=1177
ELITE Clan Map;sa=view;down=1178
Behind enemy Lines (1.0);sa=view;down=1181
Dantooine (1.0);sa=view;down=1183
Geonosis Clone Wars;sa=view;down=1184
Geonosis Lair (1.0);sa=view;down=1185
Geonosis: Uphill Struggle;sa=view;down=1186
Renegade Squadron (2.0);sa=view;down=1187
Korriban: Valley Of The Sith Lords (1.0);sa=view;down=1188
Earth Russia v1.1;sa=view;down=1189
Dxun Moon: Mandalorian Camp (1.0);sa=view;down=1192
Rouge Clones: First Assault (1.1);sa=view;down=1193
Yavin 4 Blood Job (1.0);sa=view;down=1194
Yavin 4: Abandoned City;sa=view;down=1195
Battle of Abridon City (FINAL);sa=view;down=1196
Bounty Hunters: Rebel Outpost;sa=view;down=1197
Death Star Custom Map (.2);sa=view;down=1198
Death Star Trench Run (0.5);sa=view;down=1199
Duel Arena;sa=view;down=1200
Death Star Assault;sa=view;down=1201
Eddies Base 42 (0.9);sa=view;down=1202
Eddies Dantooine (1.0);sa=view;down=1203
Battle of Abridon (Beta 1);sa=view;down=1211
Canyon Ambush (1.0 beta);sa=view;down=1212
ZOMBIES (1.0);sa=view;down=1217
Woods: Search and Destroy (1.0);sa=view;down=1218
Map Count: 29

ApeX Mod 2.0;sa=view;down=1190
Barc Troopers;sa=view;down=1191
ARC Squadron;sa=view;down=1213
Purple Jet Trooper Mod;sa=view;down=1214
AAT STAP skin pack;sa=view;down=1215
Shadow's Clone and Droid Remix 1.5;sa=view;down=1216
Mod Count: 6

Again if there is a file that may have already been uploaded please tell me and I will have it taken down. Another thing is I did not make any of these maps/mods I am just uploading them for the SWBF archive project here's a link to it if you want to check it out.
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Re: Archived Maps and Mods From Trooper X
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 06:45:46 AM »
Star Wars Battlefront II

Alpha 10: Landfall (0.9)
Tatooine: Beggar's Canyon Settlement (Alpha - 2nd Release);sa=view;down=1281
Map Count: 2


287th Legion Source Files;sa=view;down=1277
360 Skydome Object (1.0);sa=view;down=1278
51st Elite [Preview] Skinpack;sa=view;down=1279
Arc Captain Source Files;sa=view;down=1280
ARC Trooper Sides FIXED (1.1);sa=view;down=1282
Asset Count: 5

I'm going to start adding some SWBF 2 maps/mods here some time in the future, so I will use this post to list all of the SWBF2 maps/mods added, when I get to uploading them. As for files I ill be archiving/uploading they will be files form, so that these files may not be lost. I may also get files from more harder to find sites and as for, I will not be uploading files from them, because they are very active and I doubt they will those their files.

Note: As for comments, if you could please reframe from posting comments, so that I may organize this thread more. This is needed do to there being a max cap on how much one can post in a single post. If you have any questions or anything feel free to PM (Private Message) me any time.
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History Guy! "Oh without the history..."
Archiving Guy! "Mods are Amazing they make you play the game, even when you cant play online!"