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Unit Analysis
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:31:25 AM »
I wrote these up for PLA long ago, and have permission to share them here.  Please add your comments and I will incorporate them into the post.

Clone Trooper, CIS BattleDroid, Rebel Trooper, Empire Trooper

-Three Shot Burst
Trooper units can be continously fired by holding down the fire button. However, accuracy declines the longer this is done. The first three shots are accurate. Try to shoot in three-shot bursts.

-Zoom in
To get a good bead on your target (especially the head) make good use of the zoom feature.

Be sure to click reload (R) near ammo bots. In battle, press R and immediately switch to pistol to continue your fire. For units with a non-pistol secondary weapon, switch to secondary and reload that weapon, too.

-Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper has EMP grenades. You can't nade jump with these, and you can't take out a turret or tank with them. (They act like the jet-trooper's EMP rocket.)

Clone Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Emp Trooper
Use concussion grenades for vehicles and turrets. Can also be used to clear mines, but be careful, it's not a sure thing. Concussion grenades can also do damage--its takes 2-3 to kill most other units.

-Super Battledroid
Rockets can be very effective, as can the other weapon (scroll wheel), the tri-shot. Use the tri-shot up close and to the head.

With any unit, its a good idea to switch to pistol while reloading your primary weapon, or between shots. Since trooper units fire rapidly, there is not as much opportunity to do this. However, the pistol can still be an effective weapon.

Here are some tips I got from Gay Broom, who is an excellent rifleman:
-start shooting by aiming for the mid-section, firing in 3-5 shot bursts
-as you fire, move up to the head
-move the left/right keys quickly to avoid enemy fire

Clone Pilot (Zappy), CIS Pilot, Rebel Pilot, Emp Pilot

All pilots have health, which can be dispensed for you or teammates. My advice is to be generous. Healthpacks can be tossed like mines.

CIS and Emp Pilot both use mortar rounds. They can be very effective. Hold down the mouse button to charge a shot, and make a weak nade. This is very effective for lobbing into cps.

Rebel Pilot has a shotgun, like the darktrooper. Use it up close and to the head. I can often get 20 or more headshots a game with this unit, or about 1/2 of my kill number.

Zappy is an interesting unit. Hold down the mouse button to charge a shot. Release when ready, and it goes to the target. To fight against this weapon, get in close if you can. Zappy can't zap when you are in close, like right next to the pilot. Some say that zappy can be fought by rolling back and forth--the zap goes to where you are not. Its probably a lag issue, but it may be an effective technique.

A zappy used by a really good player is the most annoying unit of all.

Since pilots can rebuild ammo bots, you can reload yourself, toss an extra health pack out, reload again, and then destroy the ammo bot. Then reload with the health pack you tossed out.
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Clone Rocket, CIS Rocket, Rebel Vanguard, Empire Shocktrooper

Most PLA's seem to enjoy the rocket units.

Clone Rocket, CIS Rocket, Emp Rocket
These units are all very similar. One rocket comes out, and then you shoot again. Mine tossing is similar for these units, too.

Reb Rocket
Mine tossing for maximum height is slightly different for reb rocket. There is slight pause in between the jump and mine release, but it is very smooth. Reb rockets can also single shot a rocket by switching to pistol as soon as one rocket is released. You can also spray the rockets, and take out two enemy at once if you are good or lucky.

Splash damage:
The key to getting kills with rockets is understanding splash damage. You don't have to be a great shot with the rocket, just close. Splash damage occurs when the rocket damage "splashes" off of a floor, wall, or other surface. So, if someone is up against the wall, take a shot. Aim for the feet, esp. when they come down from a jump.

Ask a PLA to show you short and long tosses with each of these units.
(short toss--move forward, look all the way up, click and then immediately move left, right, or back; high toss--same as short, but add in a jump instead of move left, right, or back)
Ask a PLA to show you how to hide mines--for example, in broken ammo bots, certain walls (depends on maps), and in rocks. There are also strategic places on maps to put mines, too.

Mines can also be tossed on dead bodies or enemy mines and it will explode--if an enemy is nearby, they will be killed-but be careful if TK is on.

Mines can be deployed when laying down. Use this method (or a toss) to place mines low and out of sight.

As with other units, switch to pistol and take out the enemy as you reload your rockets.

All Snipers

Most great snipers do not use the zoom feature (mouse wheel down) for shots--they are just that accurate.

However, for the rest of us, its nice to take a shot zoomed in. The CIS and Rebel unit can double zoom.

Headshots are perfection with this unit, resulting in a one-shot kill. In between snipes and/or reloading, use the pistol to damage or finish off an opponent.

The recon droid can be deployed by pressing G then right clicking. Right clicking again results in a delayed orbital blast. Left click on when in recon droid mode to shoot (5 headshots=kill) and right click to go back to sniper.

The recon can be tossed like a mine. The recon can be used as a "step" to jump onto to reach higher places that you would otherwise.

Another tip is to "index" your shots. Down the main hallway are patterns. Use the patterns to line up a head shot, so when your opponent moves through, just click the button.

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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2012, 09:32:00 AM »

The darktrooper (DT) is a great unit for getting to the action quickly.

It has a standard pistol, shotgun (like the rebel pilot) and four nades.

The shotgun is great for up close shooting. Fly-by sticky nades are devestating, particulaly near the rear flank in cloud city.

Shooting while flying is a must if you are going to get the most out of this unit. In 3rd person, this can be difficult. You may want to try switching to 1st person while in flight (press Q) or in a close fight.

Dark trooper skipping can be done by jumping, then press space as you land on a suface. Two consecutive skips can take you from the walkway to rearflank in about 1 second.

To reach high places, stand and double jump (space space quickly), or jump backwards while moving. Jumping backwards give you more height than jumping forward.

If you double jump quickly to jet, you will freeze for a moment upon landing. Against a decent player, you will be quickly killed at this moment. To avoid the "hard landing", jump and then press space again a few moments later, to give a "soft landing". With a soft landing, you can shoot again as soon as you land.

Like the clone jet, you can fall from any height and not take damage, although you may be stunned for a moment.

You can steer the DT while flying, and you can get great distance by looking up while you fly.

It is possible to jet-nade-a-pult with this unit, but the timing can be difficult.

Against really good opponents, use walkways and ramps as cover to pop up from, take a shot, and dissappear behind.

Clone Jet

Most everyone's favorite (unless you really like rocket units) the clone jet trooper, carries six grenades, a pistol, and an emp gun.

EMP gun:

very effective against the CIS units. As with rocket units, look for opportunities to make use of splash damage. Note that the EMP gun causes NO damage to tanks or other vehicles.

Commando pistol:

This pistol is unlike that of any other unit. You can fire as fast as you can click the mouse button. However, it can be prone to overheating very easily.


Six is a lot for this unit. You can nade-jump with TK off, and you can also jet-nade jump. Sticky nades are very effective, with roof nades in CP's and floor nades in various spots. Ask someone for the sticky locations if you don't already know.


Conserve jet fuel by jumping and then jetting, and when landing, turn off the jets before you land. Keeping an angle of 45 degrees will give you the maximum momentum.

You are vulerable when you land, especially to rockets. Save a little jet fuel, and fake out a landing, pause (with jets) and land help avoid the rocket attacks.

Jets can assist other players in reaching high places, like and elevator. Have the jet stand next to a building, the other unit jumps on top, and the jet goes up (looking up) and the other unit goes for a ride. Useful for getting into windows in cloud city buildings.
I have seen it done without being next to a wall, by using a spiral jet move, too.


The wookie is an elite unit. The very best players I have seen are good with any unit, but particularly with the wookie.

It is very slow, but has extra health as compared to other units. It takes three sniper (body) shots to kill one.

The wookie has time bombs, but good luck killing anyone with them. However, they can be used at spawn points to kill or stun upon spawning. The main use of them seems to be for distraction, or to box someone in for killing by other weapons. The time bomb can be destroyed by shooting it. Time bombs can be tossed like mines. Toss the bomb on the wall above a cp entrance for fun when units come out.

The time bomb will stick to vehicles (Seth). The time bomb can be used to nade (time bomb) jump (RunNGun) with TK off.

The bowcaster can shoot from 1-5 shots. 1-shot is just clicking the button, 5-shots is fully charged. (Hold the button down to fully charge the bowcaster.) A full charge will take out most other units. You will also notice the charge spreads, meaning that may not make sense to shoot a fully charged shot across the courtyard, as only one will hit anyway.

When charged, if you jump with the unit, your charge goes away. The best wookie players usually fully charge and wait for a close, good shot. After the initial discharge, then go to 3-shot mode, which is a good compromise between time to charge and damage.

Wookie mortars are useful, and will sticky in the same places as nades--ceilings, some floors, etc. They can be used to nade jump, too, but the timing can be tricky. This unit has a lot of mortars, so go ahead and start shooting them into the cp!

When reloading, don't forget to change weapons and click R so that the mortar and bowcaster reload. This is the only unit with two "primary" weapons.

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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2012, 09:34:56 AM »
General Tips

Turn music down low and sounds effects up, so you can hear units sneaking up behind you.

Use 3rd person to see around pillars, etc.

If you play at a screen resolution of 800x600, the aiming recitcle (the circle that turns red) is larger than other screen resolutions.

Super secret tip that Skullz wouldn't even tell me -- hit escape immediately after a map finishes to be the first person into the next map!

If you jump from high and land on a player, you do not take any fall damage.

It is possible (with good aim) to put a sticky nade on someones head.

Use alt-tab to get out of the game and connect to teamspeak, etc., then click on the icon at the bottom of the screen to get back in.

Units are vulernable when they jump. When a rocket unit, get them when they land. When a sniper or shot-gun, shoot them in the arc of their jump.

Need health or ammo? Check the mini map. Intact health and ammo droids are white, exploded ones are gray.

Use F1-F12 keys to get bots to do things for you. For example, F2 is "Follow Me" to bots. As many as 2 bots will follow you for backup. F11 and F12 are for ammo and health--they notify bots that you need health, and they will drop some if there is a bot pilot near you that has health or ammo.

When in a CP, put a grenade in the CP light, so the opponent doesn't see it.

If you walk off the edge of the walkway, you can shoot on the way down. If you jump off, you can't.
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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2012, 11:02:23 AM »
Additional Tips:
- Rebel pistol has longer damage range than the other pistols (except for clone jet pistol).
- Rebels throw grenades and mines slower than other factions.
- Rebel shotgun has more spread than empire shotgun.
- Mines can be placed on vehicles such as snowspeeders and used to brush up against ATSTs.
- Most good snipers that I know do use the scope zoom, but no scoping gives you better awareness of your surroundings.
- If you look at the damage number for weapons in the ODF, multiply that by 3 to get the headshot damage amount.
- Pilots and snipers have a faster movement speed than other units (excluding droideka).
- Commando pistol has a very long range like the sniper rifle and can be used with ease to snipe AI or stationary players.
- Wookies can sometimes shoot invisible grenades if you fire at the exact same moment you switch from bowcaster to grenade launcher. This is difficult to time.
- Time bombs can also be used to grenade jump from places where grenades are not able to stick (like a small tower).
- You can jump from an extremely high place and take little to no damage if you land on a slanted surface.
- To make AI heal you press F2 to have the pilot follow you, then when it is directly facing you press F1 and it will throw you a powerup pack (if it has any left).
- Droidekas can take zero fall damage if they turn on their shield before they hit the ground (this is NOT a cheat).
- Almost any unit can jump out of the hallway windows into the courtyard with very little damage if they land on the slant right next to the turrets (zero damage if you enter the turret while falling). (thanks to habi for showing this trick)

- Bowcaster shoots 7 shots max not 5. (1, 3, 5 or 7)
- "Super secret tip that Skullz wouldn't even tell me -- hit escape immediately after a map finishes to be the first person into the next map!"
I've tried this several times and it never seems to work.

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Unit 33

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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2012, 11:59:42 AM »
Random additional tips.

-Stick Mines on the front of a speeder-bike and drive it into a crowd for effective results.
-If an enemy unit is knocked down by a close explosion and isn't killed, they are able to fire at you whilst entering the "get-up" animation.
-You can usually run circles around AI to dis-orientate them.
-I have experienced AI dying for no reason... so watch out for that.
-Dead AI sometimes continue to cry out commands when dead (such as "grenade grenade!") so don't be fooled into thinking there's an actually AI around. But you can never be too careful!
-Jumping on-top of a enemy ship attempting to take off will prevent it from doing so.
-If you are a JetTrooper you can fly into the patch of an approaching ship and collide into it, this will result with the ship being destroyed and little harm will be done to the Jet.
-It is possible to crouch in mid-air while falling, but it doubt it has any practical implications.
-You can "fall" of platforms in such a way that you don't go into the "fall animation" and remain in the walk animation allowing you to shoot things whilst falling (or even cushion your fall with a rocket!)
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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2012, 06:55:42 PM »
I've got a lot of other PLA training center posts if you guys want them  8)


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Re: Unit Analysis
« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2012, 08:49:34 AM »
oh and when Sniping cant you shoot infront of the opponent when they r running to hit them
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