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Started by Snake, March 10, 2011, 02:57:35 PM

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There were a lot of ideas presented in this thread but I think I get the direction this is going now.

Is the name set in stone or might there be a vote?  I also liked the BFO idea.  Or the BF Originals Syndicate ~BFOS~?  Or the Epic Battlefront Originals of History Syndicate [EBFOHS]?  Or the Mature Organization of Frontian Originals Syndicate <MOFOS>?

Syndicate itself is not bad, really just wondering if it's dried yet.


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Quote from: {Alpha}Drunken_Master on April 24, 2015, 02:34:12 PM<MOFOS>?

I have a feeling that was on purpose.. good one  :P

The name could still be changed, yes. I like the BFOS or just Syndicate names the most. I think if we get enough clans involved, we will just vote on a name. I guess now we will make a list of the clans that are willing to join to see if anyone is convinced yet. It may just be one of those things that look good on paper, but don't work in reality. Some people just don't understand they can join a group without losing independence.

Anywho, here's our list of clans on interest level. Please post what level your clan is at. I know of many clans who have shown interest in the idea, but I'll let you all post your official status.



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hellish hellbird

WUSI is interested in joining the syndicate. We would encourage other allies of ours to also join because itll strengthen ourselves at the start of the new swbf game


Alright you can count the Black Warriors as interested. I'm pretty sure we will be joining the Syndicate, but I prefer waiting for all of my member's approbation.


Alright, we now have 3 clans in, 3 interested, and 2 uninterested. It's looking good! The only other active clans I've seen around that i can think of are BOB, 212, PLA, and Alpha.
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{Alpha} Kiwi

Alpha is interested, we will probably vote on it in the near future. Also I think others may be more interested once the new battlefront is out.


Quote from: Led on March 10, 2011, 07:44:20 PM
Hey skirata,

I think the idea is like a SWBFgamers "fun night".  For something like that, I don't think that anyone needs to be held to exclusivity.

We already have an ongoing tournament.  After that (maybe during) we can set up a regular mod map night.   As long as we host it by Direct Connection, then we can also involve the Mac players that are still around.  They are good peeps :)

This is a grand idea. A casual get together weekly would rock, but I'd be in for a clan.


Officially, BOB is taking up a wait and see approach to this, however; we are interested in the idea. The BOBclan will have to do some more internal discussion before we come to a final decision.

Personally, I love the idea, and will be encouraging BOB to join. (I think Phantom feels the same way.)
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I haven't had time to read through all of the posts, but I am very interested in Syndicate.

This may have already been answered, but what will those who are clanless do?  Can clanless Battlefront 1 members still be a part of this?  If so, how will they be represented in the "council"?

Black Water

We have many players that will be coming back from inactivity, including Lando, for SWBF3. I highly doubt we will be joining this though. I am from the 212th clan by the way, just in case I've been forgotten. I will go over it with my clan mates though.


Quote from: Shazam on April 26, 2015, 02:57:02 PM
I haven't had time to read through all of the posts, but I am very interested in Syndicate.

This may have already been answered, but what will those who are clanless do?  Can clanless Battlefront 1 members still be a part of this?  If so, how will they be represented in the "council"?

I think there could probably be a freelancers/PUG (pick up games) group. Honestly I don't understand why there couldn't be, since it's basically supposed to be a grand communications hub.
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Alright, I've added Alpha, 212, and BOB to the list. As for those without a clan, me and Birdo were discussing having a Syndicate clan. Theoretically it would be for those without clans, or for clans who have less than 4 active members. This keeps everyone and their mother from making their own clan to skew votes. All of those in the Syndicate clan will have a single council member, regardless if there's a hundred 3 man clans in the Syndicate clan. I haven't added it to the tenets and standard yet, but it would basically be a loose clan so that the clanless can be involved. Also, since all clans in the Syndicate can share members in battles, the Syndicate clan's (we should probably name it for less confusion) members can fight for other clans in battles if they want to. Another option is non clanners can always join a clan in the Syndicate to strengthen the clans involved.

Gold Man is working on some sort of Syndicate home site, and we will also just have a forum board here. That will be the clans main hub, along with the Syndicate's main hub.

This is a new concept so give any thoughts before it is set in stone.


Unnamed Syndicate Clan
-Rank hierarchy based on seniority for simplicity
-Led by ?
-Wears Syndicate tags ingame
-Has one council member elected by a majority vote from the clan members
-Participates in events as their own clan
-Uses Syndicate website as home website

Just some notes I could think of. Also, this will be the only clan allowed in the Syndicate to have less than 4 members. However, if they do dip below 4, the clan should lose it's vote until it rises back above 4.

Also, I had an idea for the rank hierarchy. Each member gets a number in the order they join. The leader gets 1, the next gets 2, and on and on. Then if a member goes inactive for some amount of time, they forfeit that number and everyone moves up. Keeps it easy and simple so we don't have to invent an entire clan, which kind of defeats the point of the looseness for those not in a clan.
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OK, if I have done it correctly, snake is the moderator of The Syndicate membergroup and private board.
Snake, this is a requestable membergroup, and you can see requests by the Moderation tab.

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Thank you very much, Led. You're a gracious host as always. Alright, I'll start adding members of confirmed clans in the Syndicate. Clan leaders, please send me a list of members of your clan registered on SWBFGamers so I can add them to the Syndicate group.

I can't see the actual category for it in the forum but I can add members.
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