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Battle For Wesnoth Campaign
« on: March 20, 2009, 12:52:15 PM »
Hey all, i'm writing a story and making a Campaign for BfW and wanted to get peoples thoughts so if anyone could give me pointers on there thoughts of the story feel free, and thanks.

Scenario 1: Hunting Grounds - Hunt down and kill X Wolfs (Gold/EXP Building Level)

Plot: Garrick: (Leader) gives advice to the novice Gryphon Riders and sends them out to hunt a pack of Wolfs.
Adding in at random turns more words of advice !!!!Write out words of advice

next to last turn - Enemy Drakes appear (good bit away from the hunting grounds and dwarven gates)

MapLayout: Hills to the north, with scattered trees and a river coming off of the mountains (base on wesnoth map)

Scenario 2: Daily Report - Speak Only Scenario (Gold Building Level)

Plot: Garrick gives word of the Drakes attack on the nearby Outlaw settlement, and ask to aid the outlaws as they have not been attacking the dwarves, and is banished to help them if he wants, but if he does he will not be let back into the gates of the great dwarven city

MapLayout: Dwarven Castle underground (Knalga)

Scenario 3: The loss of a Home (Gold Building Level)

Plot: Garrick returns to his troops and consoles he has been banished for wanting to help the human outlaws(?) many loyal Riders join him- however he turns down the aid of the best 3 suggesting they must stay with the gates and protect those whom they have helped for so many years. Putting one in charge of the Riders (consider name for New Rider Leader), Drake Scouting Party comes into sight

Objectives: Kill Drake Scouting Party

MapLayout: Large MountainTop Range like a field for the gryphons with a (gated?) area for the young and something like stables for the others; Far south a lower plato for Drake Scouting party to appear

Scenario 4: Helping an Outlaw (Gold Taking (Massive) Level)

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