Author Topic: How to release assets/mods/maps/other  (Read 2513 times)


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How to release assets/mods/maps/other
« on: April 01, 2010, 04:51:00 PM »
Hey guys, I figured since AG wants everything to be organized I thought I'd post Fett's organized Release thingy.

When you make a release thread for others to download, some people make it increasingly harder to figure out what you're releasing, where to download, and what it looks like. Here's an outline of what your release should look like.

- First you want to explain what the download is.

Name: (Name of the mod/assets/map)
Type:   (Effectsl, Map, Building Model, etc.)
This contains: (.MSH, .TGA, .ODF, .lvl, map folder, etc.)
Compatible with:  (SWBF1 or SWBF2)
Download Size: (However big it is)
How long this took me: (However long it took you to make)
Program used: (XSI, 3DSMax, ZeroEditor, etc.)
Contact: (Email and/or Xfire)
Pics: (Pics of the mod/map in-game and/or in the program used to make it)
Description: (Write a short description of what your assets are)
Credits: (Who contributed to the making of the assets)
Download Link(s): (The download link of the assets)
OlderVersionsLink: (Links to older versions of this mod/map/assets, if there are any)

Once you're done, your assets will be downloaded like crazy, make sure you come back to check it every once in a while to fix links, and update info.
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Re: How to release assets/mods/maps/other
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2010, 08:18:52 PM »
Sweet! While a posting format for releases isn't necessary to make mandatory at this time, it will be VERY useful if you try to follow that format in one way or another. Kudos to you Snake and kudos to Fett for creating the original format.