Help swapping death and wounded sounds

Started by jeff11223344, April 01, 2021, 08:41:38 PM

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April 01, 2021, 08:41:38 PM Last Edit: April 02, 2021, 07:37:34 AM by Anyder Reason: Warning
I've been trying to swap the Naboo Royal Guards voice lines to the rebel voice lines because they are very quiet and I'm sick of hearing that weird noise that the naboo guards make when they die on the pc version. So far I've been able to make everything work except for their death sounds and wounded sounds.

I replaced all of the (gar) with (all) like this

HurtSound              = "all_inf_com_chatter_wound"
DeathSound              = "all_inf_com_chatter_death"
AcquiredTargetSound    = "all_inf_com_chatter_acquired"
HidingSound            = "all_inf_com_chatter_hide"
ApproachingTargetSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_approach"
FleeSound              = "all_inf_com_chatter_flee"
PreparingForDamageSound = "all_inf_com_chatter_predamage"
HeardEnemySound        = "all_inf_com_chatter_heard"
//ShockFadeOutTime      = "0.8"
//ShockFadeInTime      = "2.0"
ShockFadeOutGain        = ""
ShockSound              = ""
ClothingRustleSound    = ""
LowHealthSound          = ""
//LowHealthThreshold      = ".25"
FoleyFXClass            = "rep_inf_soldier"

// squad command VO
SCFieldMoveOutSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
SCFieldHoldSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_hold"
SCFieldFollowSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_follow"
SCDriverGetInSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
SCDriverGetOutSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
SCPassengerMoveOutSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_spreadout"
SCPassengerStopSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_stop"
SCPassengerGetInSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
SCPassengerGetOutSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
SCGunnerAllClearSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_allclear"
SCGunnerSteadySound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_stop"
SCGunnerGetInSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
SCGunnerGetOutSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
SCResponseYessirSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_yes"
SCResponseNosirSound  = "all_inf_com_chatter_tac_no"

// AIsquad command VO
AISCFieldMoveOutSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
AISCFieldHoldSound        = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_hold"
AISCFieldFollowSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_follow"
AISCDriverGetInSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
AISCDriverGetOutSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
AISCPassengerMoveOutSound  = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_spreadout"
AISCPassengerStopSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_stop"
AISCPassengerGetInSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
AISCPassengerGetOutSound  = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
AISCGunnerAllClearSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_allclear"
AISCGunnerSteadySound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_stop"
AISCGunnerGetInSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_needgunner"
AISCGunnerGetOutSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_moveout"
AISCResponseYessirSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_yes"
AISCResponseNosirSound      = "ai_all_inf_com_chatter_tac_no"

which works fine with everything except for
HurtSound              = "all_inf_com_chatter_wound"
DeathSound              = "all_inf_com_chatter_death"
As when I change it, there is no sound at all and they are completely silent

I've tried basic mission.lua editing already by adding gcw sounds to the cw map but so far nothing work.

How do I fix this so that the rebel wound and death noises will come through?

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- Anyder


the death sounds are handled by sounds not announcers so you will need to edit a sound and replace their death sounds in the sfx as well then edit your lua to load it.
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