Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron aka Battlefront III

Started by, January 07, 2021, 08:41:33 AM

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Elite Squadron is literally the battlefront III we deserved but on handheld. the leaked pre alphas of battlefront III prove they are the same game. I'm posting to show my support & interest in a multiplayer patch for this game that's somehow more advanced than even BF2 ps4 with space to ground integration and more hero's and villain's than EAs BF2. I will play that game every day if I could play online like I can on BF2 for pc. I know plenty of people who would also.


I can vouch for this. I support. I have many others as well. Renegade squadron would be great too!


If only those games that were on handheld devices were ported over to the PC.

I'm unsure how difficult it would be to make that work, but I'm sure the developers or other developers could figure out a way.
The years just fly past, don't they?


I can tell you we know nothing about the engine, ethere's no source code, there's no source anything. It's not going to happen. Closest I can offer you in that regard is of a few options:

-SWBF3 Legacy for SWBF2
-Elite Squadron map ports for SWBF2 (no ground to space)
-Elite Squadron map ports for SWBF1 (no ground to space)
Works in Progress:

--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"
--Main Play Mod Reboot
--PSP Map conversions
--Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base


In theory it is still doable even with the lack of information available, but in the long run it is not worthwhile considering PSPs and Emulators can both be connected to XLink or external services/tunnelling software to use AD-Hoc to play Multiplayer.
Considering that there is a lack of interest in playing it in the first place I doubt you would ever actually get more than 2 full AD-Hoc rooms during a well-advertised event.

System Link on the leaked Alpha also does work.

However the best method to play that kind of experience online would be through Battlefront 3 Legacy considering I am providing 24/7 hosted Dedicated Servers to the mod.