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Started by Giftheck, September 03, 2020, 08:31:34 AM

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September 03, 2020, 08:31:34 AM Last Edit: September 13, 2020, 12:44:54 PM by Giftheck
Here's my Scarif map for SWBF1.




Alternate link

[spoiler]Pandemic Studios - Mod Tools
Myself - weapon models (A180 pistol, A180 rifle, A280CFE Rifle, A280CFE Pistol, A300, DL44, DH17, M45, Time Bomb, E11, E11D, DLT-19, DLT19D, EC-17, MPL-57, HH-12, RPS-6, Sonic Imploder), additional world models
Sereja - weapon models (SE-14C, DL18)
icemember/Designated Days Team - base models for the Death Trooper and Shore Trooper
Gogie - Scarif buildings and assets
Netmarble Games - Death Trooper texture, and Director Krennic parts from Star Wars: Force Arena
Disney - Scarif Trooper helmet from Star Wars: Rivals
Zen Studios - DT-27 model, AT-ACT model, U-Wing model
InspectorJ - Ambient sound (
Mark Griskey - music from The Force Unleashed II
Michael Giacchino - music from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
John Powell - music from Solo: A Star Wars Story
Ben Burtt and Matthew Wood - sound effects from Star Wars films and games[/spoiler]
Works in Progress:<br /><br />--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"<br />--Main Play Mod Reboot<br />--PSP Map conversions


Amazing!!!!  Congratulations!!
See the galaxy


I really enjoyed this map! I personally love these pandemic styled remakes of dice maps and I think your doing a really great job! Your texturing work is also very solid, the rebel troops skins look fantastic, and I love the new custom weapons.
Battfront Stuff if your interested.


Thank you for this superb map,  :cheer:
I have been waiting for such maps for SWBF1

Kit Fisto

The link appears broken, at least on my end.


Quote from: Kit Fisto on September 13, 2020, 12:29:12 PM
The link appears broken, at least on my end.

Seems ModDB is down at the moment.

I uploaded it to ModDB through Google Drive, so here's the Google Drive link:
Works in Progress:<br /><br />--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"<br />--Main Play Mod Reboot<br />--PSP Map conversions


I just played this last night.  A really really impressive map, exactly what I would hope for in a Scarif map and it plays beautifully on my ancient Windows computer.  Great job!

I would recommend one change though, based on my own experience playing as a single player on the rebels team.  Maybe this isn't happening with others, but I have yet to win a single match. I've played 12 matches so far, usually as the X-Wing pilot since I was very excited to fly the U-Wing at long last.

The reason for the loss is always because of reinforcement count.  The rebels just can't seem to hold their CPs (or seem to not care about holding them) and the moment the CP balance tilts towards the Empire, the rebel reinforcement count starts dropping quickly and it doesn't take long before the ALL team has lost so many reinforcements that I know the game is over.   

My last 5 times playing the map I saw the reinforcements drop to a point where it wouldn't matter how many Imperials I killed from my U-Wing, there was no way to win so I quit early and gave up in frustration.

The easiest solution might be to slow down the reinforcement losses considerably, or maybe establish the losses to begin only when the imbalance is in the extreme (e.g. the ALL only has 1 CP left, and even then I'd still slow down the loss rate). 

I also found the U-Wing to be somewhat frustrating because it felt like I crashed and died many times due to colliding with (I think) the palm trees, despite thinking that I was keeping enough distance away from them.  I ultimately gave up and switched over to using the X-Wing since the U-Wing collisions were starting to get upsetting.   It'd be very nice if there was a gunner to help offset the need to fly cautiously around those palm trees (it's hard to aim the forward guns while also avoiding a crash) so if a secondary gunner was at least doing some of the shooting, this would ease some of that feeling of the U-Wing not being very effective.   I know the mesh may not support such a gunner position though...

It also might make the U-Wing feel more useful to the battle if the number of troops it could carry were higher than 4 (since only 3 get deployed, with 1 remaining as the pilot). Anytime I dropped off 3 troopers to try and capture an enemy CP, they seemed to get killed off pretty fast.  Perhaps up it to 6 so that 5 troopers can be deployed?

Aside from these issues (which I don't know if anyone else feels the same way) I really loved this map. The music especially helped this feel like I was in the world of Rogue One - and ironically enough, all those issues I cited above actually made me feel as desperate to win as the actual rebels probably were!


Thank you :)

I'm guessing you were playing on Hard, I've been told by somebody else they had a much easier time playing on Medium as Hard was too difficult to win as the Rebels.

If there's a next version, I'll see about altering the reinforcement drain based on difficulty level. I'll see about adding a couple of U-Wing Door Gunners as well. However, I thought the maximum number of people who could board a ship was 5.
Works in Progress:<br /><br />--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"<br />--Main Play Mod Reboot<br />--PSP Map conversions


Ah I didn't realize the limit was 5, for some reason I thought there were 6 allowed units back on the AT-TE but I could be misremembering.

If there's no follow-up release, no worries.  I can obviously just make a quick mission map to override the existing mission settings, but I wanted to raise my own experience with the otherwise excellent map in case others were having the same obstacles.   

It's possible no one else is:  I recall someone complaining about my Geonosis Arena map being too easy for the Jedi to win, a problem that I couldn't reproduce until years later when I bought a faster computer and played my map on the new PC and suddenly I also saw the Jedi AI bots easily wiping out the CIS forces.  The speed of the computer system does seem to alter the AI bots it seems (and my computer is fairly ancient so other players with more modern setups may have rebel bots that aren't acting the same way on this map).

A U-Wing with a door gunner would be the coolest addition to this already cool map.

Kit Fisto

This map is very cool! I love all the little additions you made like the U-Wing and the AT-AT. The music is a great touch as well!


Love this map so much, can't thank you enough for creating it for SWBF classic. Here's hoping you'll do some more DICE map conversions when you have time.

BTW, I managed to win as the rebels with my 5th attempt, but it was close, won only with 8 tickets in the end.


Exiled Courtney

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I have to say this is my most favorite map. It's way better then the one in battlefront 2015 & 2017 truthfully. Also love that if you turn on instant action heros you have director kenrick for the empire running around. Though I did not see jyn erso? anyway you could throw in jyn erso for the rebels if you have the chance. Though if she is in there I probably just didn't see her running around lol.

Edit: I also like your naboo: theed map hopefully you keep doing these conversions it would be amazing to see all the maps dice/EA created in the original battlefront.


Jyn Erso is running around. If you play a few times more you will see her ;)


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Oh OK lol I probably just didn't see her then like Triops said lol