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Hello There

Started by Darth Solem, June 08, 2020, 07:16:30 AM

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Darth Solem

Hey everyone. I just joined this community and I hope we will have a great time together.
I downloaded the steam patch to play online but there is literally no one to play with. I`m just asking is it always like this or I did something wrong?


Hey Darth Solem, welcome to SWBFGamers!  :cheers:

Just to make sure, are you noticing that there are servers online, and they're empty? Or are you not noticing servers at all?

Player counts are unfortunately going to be down. After all, this game is almost 16 years old, and the original server system got shut down years ago.

People are always online more frequently in the afternoons (in the US) and weekends.


Welcome to the site. If you mean the official game update there's currently 8 servers with 7 players in one. It tends to get busier in the evenings.

The patch hosted here doesn't get as many players now that official multiplayer is restored but some still use it because it's ironically a lot more stable than the official one
I play less now but I'll always be around, lets keep this site and battlefront going. :)


Welcome to the community. It's good to see new people!
The years just fly past, don't they?


Just depends on the days you play at. Sometimes there's hardly any, sometimes there's more than 10. Weekends you're definitelly likely to find some people.

Welcome :)