Author Topic: Temuera Morrison voices in BF2? Harrisonfog's remaster models in BF1?  (Read 407 times)


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Hey everyone! Just had a couple mod requests/questions regarding mod ideas. So here goes!

1. Temuera Morrison's dialogue from BF1 in BF2
Has anyone taken Morrison's "we've captured/lost a command post!" & various other clone dialogue from BF1 & put them into BF2, replacing the more generic "stormtrooper"-sounding clones & commander voice over from the sequel? If so, I'd love a link to said mod. If not, is there a technical reason why it hasn't been done after all this time or just has no one ever felt like doing it?

2. Harrisonfog's BF2 Remaster models in BF1
Are there any plans of bringing over the, imo, amazing character models from that project and putting them into BF1? Whether Harrisonfog and the people helping with that project are going to do it themselves or have granted permission to someone or anyone to utilize those assets to do so? And same question if not -- is there a technical limitation preventing this or just has no one decided to do this (yet)?

Both of these stem from the same desire for a fairly "definitive" Battlefront experience, especially in regards to the clones. Right now, I can have definitive character models in BF2, but lack the definitive voice of Temuera Morrison... OR I can have the definitive Morrison voice in BF1, but lack the definitive look. Preferably both of these would be done at some point because it just seems like something fans of either game or both would like. I personally want both games looking & sounding nigh indistinguishable from one another so that deciding on which to play comes down to: which campaign am I in the mood for? Do I want to sprint/roll or go prone? Do I want built in space battles and heroes or do I want the loading screen beeps?

Any help would be appreciated and also, thanks for keeping these older games alive with all your mods, modders!  :cheers:
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Re: Temuera Morrison voices in BF2? Harrisonfog's remaster models in BF1?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2020, 03:29:51 AM »
For the first one, it's doable but I've never seen it done.

For the second, it's not possible. Those models are way too high-poly to work in the first game. Personally, I think the Stormtrooper model is not that great anyway, it's the overused SWBF3 one with a modified helmet. If we could get high poly models into SWBF1, I'd go with Gogie's Stormtroopers - they are far more accurate.
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Re: Temuera Morrison voices in BF2? Harrisonfog's remaster models in BF1?
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2020, 07:32:26 AM »
I think the problem with the first one is going to be all the ambient VO that the clone troopers have doesn't exist in BF1.  BF1 was pretty simple with when the AI said something, BF2 has a lot of random lines thrown in everywhere - the capability exists in BF1 but aren't used as often.  I think there are some extra scenarios and checking for BF2 to make sure these lines get triggered as well.

TL;DR - you'd lose a lot of ambient VO situations if you moved the sounds from BF1 to BF2.
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Re: Temuera Morrison voices in BF2? Harrisonfog's remaster models in BF1?
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2020, 11:37:48 AM »
i tried gogies shore troopers in swbf 1 they dont work for me. curious how would one get some of the dialogue the clones have in swbf2 into swbf1 ? like when they encounter stormtroopers they say stormtrooper or when the see an aat they say take out the aat.


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