Author Topic: The Rise Of Skywalker Update and Celebration Edition of SWBF2  (Read 89 times)


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The Rise Of Skywalker Update and Celebration Edition of SWBF2
« on: December 04, 2019, 12:43:34 PM »


-Celebration Edition of SWBF2 to be available for $39.99, which includes all the content released so far and in the future, and all non-event appearances, emotes and victory poses (in other words - those that can unlocked via credits or crystals) already unlocked. Existing players can pay to upgrade the game for $24.99
-Four new reinforcements for the ST - two Resistance, two First Order. Resistance gets the Gunner and Spy, while the First Order will get the Jet Trooper and the Sith Trooper
-December 20th will see Ajan Kloss, the jungle planet seen in the recent trailers, added to Co-Op. Jakku, Starkiller Base and Takodana will also be added.
-Rey, Kylo Ren and Finn will all receive new appearances based on TROS
-In January, Ajan Kloss, Jakku, Starkiller Base and Takodana will be added to both Capital Supremacy and to Instant Action.
-BB-8 and BB-9E will also release as new heroes in January.

No, that last one is not a joke either.

As for the Celebration Edition, it's great for new players, and TBH to unlock all 150+ appearances, 100+ emotes and 90+ victory poses, $24.99 doesn't sound like a bad deal, especially since I feel DICE have really turned the game around this past year. Plus, it's a much smaller price to pay than paying for all the crystals needed to unlock it all.

The real kicker for me will be the expansion of Instant Action in January - which means that the only era without representation will be the OT, and I'm sure that the OT will get some love next year too on that front.
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