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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:55:56 AM »

STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes is EA's first mobile platform game. The format is played as a turn-base.
In fact, I do not have a plan to review STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes. I still play this game. Also unlock what is in the game is not purely. It does not mean I did not play this game. Conversely, play it every day. But the mode requires a level to unlock it. It's not easy to unlock.
Now I'm up to level 44, but the unlocking mode does not work. At level 52, it takes a long time to reach that point. But I can not wait. I think it's time to introduce this game.

STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes is a tough game in itself. Because we have to race against time. Race with patience In the development of the character we have. Then bring those characters to the army. Upgrade capabilities The battle is based on the main mode is to fight the six modes together.

Light Side Battles - It is a mode where we have to use the Dan Battle Light characters.
Dark Side Battles - Same as top mode. But the characters are dark.
Event and Challenge - This mode is a mode that we will take the character dark + light to fight, if you win the item.
Squad Arena - This part is against the players STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes around the world. This time I was at Rank 2000-2500.
Squad Catina Battles - Similar to Event and Challenge, but items are not the same, the item will be in the Catina Battalion is an item for upgrading level.
Galactic Wars - This mode is a mode where we have to play to remove War Tokens to unlock characters.

Still unlocked now with Keycard Battles and Keycard Mode.

There are also a few unspoken items, namely, Data Cards and Shipments, which are the first to purchase a character card in the game. And another part of the game is in Shipments.

I think the fun of this game. It is here that we have the opportunity to gather the characters in the space war movie set in our team. The characters from the Sidth (dark side) Jedi (bright side). If you are a fan of the universe of this movie and think that it is "in" with this game is not difficult.

Also, I grew up with turn-based games such as Final Fantasy, The highlight of this game is that it will have a process for us to ponder. Plan to play or fight the opposite opponent. Assess situation The choice of tactics in combat.

However, I learned early on that STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes is a fun game to play. But to play this game fun, but not with the emotions with STAR WARS, and also need to have patience as well. Because the game creates a relatively difficult form of play, that is, we will gather the character to get it. Must come with "horoscope".

As has been said. The game will have a mode called Data Cards. This is where we will have the opportunity to buy a "card". Inside the envelope, there will be characters of STAR WARS. The mood is like the risk of opening pack that we do not know what cards. 99 percent are hardly needed. Darth Vader, Anakin, Obi-Won, Kylo Ren. There are not a lot of them. So it is one of the endurance that this game has to offer.

The next patience is. Tolerance to game difficulty. When we reach the second half of the game in the Light Side Battles and Dark Side Battles mode, we start to see clearly. We need to fight. The enemy is getting stronger. This time, the burden fell on the character upgrade. To use force in the fight and that. Can I try "Craft" to upgrade the character again?

Overall, I like EA in terms of how well you can balance the game's STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes, and make people feel more connected to the game. This is more fun than STAR WARS other games available in the Play Store.

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Re: Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2018, 02:41:06 PM »
ive played this game since release most of the time i have a spot open in the guild that im in heres my roster


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