Author Topic: SWBF2 PS2 Open Ladder Tournament with Prize  (Read 1093 times)


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SWBF2 PS2 Open Ladder Tournament with Prize
« on: May 07, 2018, 10:38:19 AM »
Hey everyone, I'm posting here to spread the word about a SWBF2 PlayStation 2 tournament taking place this summer over at the BFC. This is the link to the signup thread:

This tournament uses an open ladder format that usually takes place annually in the summer. Currently there are 6 teams signed up, teams may sign up at any point in the season.

So if any of you still have your PS2 lying around, feel free to sign up for Season 15 by posting in the topic that I linked. A clan needs a minimum of 4 members to sign up and the minimum size for battles is 3 on 3. There's also always the option of joining a pre-existing team as a single person, and it appears that certain people are looking for members.

The site has been running this ladder since 2007 and it will be the 15th one, so we have a lot of experience running these, there is even going to be a cash prize this year for the top 2 teams.

You can also feel free to ask me any questions at all related to this competition or how to connect to SWBFSpy on PlayStation 2, I would be happy to answer.
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Re: SWBF2 PS2 Open Ladder Tournament with Prize
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2018, 04:29:26 PM »
Awesome   :cheers:

To any SWBFgamers that play on PS2 that are not already aware of, these are a great group of SWBF/SWBF2 players and I encourage you to contact their community.

I may have to find a PS2 on ebay or somewhere myself  ;)
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