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Great news guys, I got it working !

Ok, what I did was the following:

I added all the entries TheWolf supplied in my hosts file:

Quote198.91.90.160 swbfrontpc.ms4.gamespy.com swbfrontpc.available.gamespy.com available.gamespy.com master.gamespy.com swbfrontpc.master.gamespy.com motd.gamespy.com key.gamespy.com peerchat.gamespy.com gpsp.gamespy.com gpcm.gamespy.com natneg1.gamespy.com

I also forwarded ports 28910 (TCP & UDP) and 29900 (TCP) in my router.

Then, in game, I went to Internet, I chose join game. I then specified my Gamespy ID login details and remarkably it allowed me to login as if Gamespy was still working.

After that, I created an internet dedicated server on my PC, waited for it to finish loading, alt+tabbed back into the game and then I chose the "Join Game" option under "Internet" and low and behold, instead of being stuck on " Busy 0%" it said "Busy 100%" and after that it displayed my dedicated server in the Internet browser !  :cheer:

So I guess we finally found a way again to play the game online via the built in Internet browser. All it took was to modify the hosts file and in my case, needed to forward some ports on my router (but the ports I only really forwarded to host my server and for "gamespy"  communication)  8)

PS: It would be great if we can get more people to test this out. Even though I see my own server via the Internet Browser, I'm struggling to pick up a server that's not hosted on the same machine where I'm playing from... but at least it's a positive step in the right direction... I think my game client and dedi software can also be mismatched.
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on April 19, 2013, 06:58:00 AM
Actually what I was going to use was just a login emulator, I need to find the site for it again.  One person who knew a lot (maybe too much) about Gamespy created many tools for it, although I don't understand some of the language of it.
I'm trying to figure out the best way to send the Gamespy link to another url (probably IIS 8), but even then, what url would I use?  Probably another dead end...

Hey guys,

I'm new here and today I was also looking around for a way to play SWBF online again without using Tunngle and Gameranger.

@Dark_Phantom I believe the site you were looking for was the following:

http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#distrust  8)

I found a couple of Tony Hawk PC version exe files that were modified to work with Openspy. I have hex edited the SWBF exe too, to make it look similar but it doesn't do anything in game. Although I didn't edit all the gamespy entries to Openspy, I'll still look into it.

What TheWolf found also looks interesting, I'm going to give it a shot and see what I can conjure up  :happy: