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Here's hoping they add the classic original SWBF on Steam one day. Will probably happen when EA loses their rights to the Star Wars license and that probably will take quite a number of years unfortunately  :confused:
Hi guys,

Don't know where I should post this, but I'm pretty excited about it:



That's awesome, I'm pretty sure the PS2 guys will appreciate that  :tu:
The only thing we need is more servers (like mine) with the tps command set to 60 or more. Playing on a server with a tps of 20/30 really makes it unplayable in my book.  :(
Oh my word, that's excellent news !  :ohmy:

Can't wait to see what they will show us, I also hope we get to see a bit of actual gameplay  :cheer:
Hi Led,

No problem :)

Thanks a lot for the server name information. It seems as if that server doesn't allow any connections to be made from the game at all, as it says "Server refused the connection" when I try to login. I'm going to contact the owner and ask him if he could add support for SWBF1 just to test and see how it functions using his Gamespy emulated server.

I'll keep you guys updated with regards to any developments and if it works successfully or not. BTW, I just got home from work, I'll share the Gameranger dedicated server setup later this evening after I had something to eat. Spot you guys later  :D
Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've posted here, but thought I'd share something interesting I came across. I'd like to divert your attention to the following:

Have a look at message 24 of 43 on the following Halo forum: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=45604&start=1

To directly quote the message:

All the patch does is basically redirect all GameSpy domain names to point to my spare GameSpy server.

I figured the patcher would be an issue with custom .exe's for CE & FV so a much cleaner & easier way would be to redirect the domain names in the hosts files.

The server itself fully emulates GameSpy's protocol 100% for Halo, NWN, Battlefield and a few other titles. What this basically means is if you redirect to this GameSpy server it will function as CE does now; you can access the server lists and host like you normally would without any issues.

I originally wrote the server for Trial because GameSpy discontinued support for it in 2012. I also had a few other people hassle me to help bring a few other titles back to life too...

The server is there. I already host it for Trial and a few other titles already with great success... you guys are more than welcome to use it for CE & FV if you need it.

When GameSpy goes down on the 31st of May it will have a backup of the latest server list for all versions of CE & FV so you can still see the servers online :D

Oh before I forget; here's the host file entries you will need for CE & FV:

Halo CE Client / Server Host Entries: halom.ms1.gamespy.com halom.master.gamespy.com

Halo FV Client / Server Host Entries: halor.ms6.gamespy.com halor.master.gamespy.com

Proof Of Concept at the time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySlrsMYYaSs

Now, pinging does yield a response, so the server is still online. I'm still at work at the moment, so I haven't tested this out with BF1 or BF2, but I guess it's worth a shot. Even if it doesn't work yet at this stage, I'm pretty sure we can contact the creator and he can simply add support for both BF1 and BF2 seeing that he is active on that Halo forum. Or we could send him a message via his Youtube account. I'll need to look for the post again here somewhere with the swbf1 entries for the hosts file, but if someone mind sharing them here, then I'll test this server out and let you guys know, asap.

Also, I've managed to successfully host dedicated servers for BF1 and BF2 via Gameranger. There was a trick involved as to getting the server launched via a batch file in order for the dedicated server to be listed as a joinable room, but I figured it out  :tu:

The only downside to hosting with Gameranger is that you can only host one server at a time using the method I used, unless there is way to run multiple instances of Gameranger (something I'm looking into as well). What's nice about Gameranger is that you can create a free account, and the program does all of the NAT traversal and port forwarding too, so there isn't any issues involved with regards to forwarding ports etc.

On my VPS machine I didn't even forward any ports for BF1 or BF2 and neither for that of GR and I managed to join the dedicated server via GR without any issues  8) I don't mind sharing the hosting method with you guys, if anyone is interested in trying out the GR dedicated server hosting setup. I know some of you use Tunngle, but  GR isn't that bad, especially when it comes to NOT needing to forward any ports to connect to dedicated servers hosted via GR.

If anyone is keen, I'll put up a server for BF1 via GR, then you guys can connect via that. Obviously your pings will be a bit high (the dedicated server is hosted in South Africa), but if you're connecting from EU you should have a 200ms ping plus minus. Before I forget, GR can host up to 64 players, via P2P or dedicated server, so there isn't any limitation with regards to number of players per server that the old Openspy suffered from.  :cheers:
Quote from: Disciple on May 03, 2014, 09:26:03 AM
The funny thing is that they use the SWBF1 CD cover  to announce their sale but its not anylonger on steam -_-

Yes, they used SWBF1's cover, but SWBF1 has never been on Steam in the past. Here's hoping they add it in the future one day.  8)
Quote from: Buckler on May 07, 2013, 11:29:23 AM
He's not talking about the server, he is talking about the player patch--the original topic of this thread  ;)

Whoops, my bad  :slap: :slap:
Quote from: Josh on May 07, 2013, 10:16:53 AM
Guess what....                    IT WORKS!  :rock1:

Please do share it with us, would love to run my own Openspy server  :)
Quote from: Buckler on May 06, 2013, 07:31:05 AM

Sleepkiller has been working on recompiling the openspy software.  If he can get it to compile, then
we have a chance at fixing some of the issues.

If he manages to compile that code then it would be extremely awesome. I'm pretty sure it can be implemented for many more Gamespy games other than SWBF, which is why I'm interested in it as well.

But before I can have a crack at that, the code must be compiled obviously. I asked a colleague of mine to take a look at it. He said that the nearly all of the Linux code was there, and that there were some Win32 libraries, but there wasn't a lot of progress made on the Windows side to get it compiled unfortunately  :(

But holding thumbs that Sleepkiller can work some magic for us  :D
Hi guys,

Just a quick heads up, Steam currently has a special on all it's Star Wars catalog titles. I'm going to pick up SWBF2 and Republic Commando for $3.39 each  :tu:
Quote from: Buckler on April 30, 2013, 07:42:36 PM
I would like to try to compile this server software.  So, if you don't mind, let's test the openspy for direct connection servers and macs and by then maybe I can see if I can get our own operational.

If it works out well, I bet we could run our own stats server.

I would also like to try to get the SWBF2 master server working for us as well, as they are probably only a short while from being shut down too.

How about testing until about the end of May?  and then move the community to one place or another depending on the results?

Sounds good. For the direction connection option, does it allow you to directly connect to a dedicated server or to an internet game that somebody is hosting (almost like a listen server) ?
I've done a lot of digging today and found the core Openspy files on github. It appears to be all coded in C / C++, I have no idea how to execute any of it, but it's very interesting that's for sure.

Here is an extract of the openspy.cfg file

mysql_user = "openspy";
mysql_password = "P7LjdYy8HKY7CLtu";
mysql_server = "localhost";
mysql_database = "GameTracker";
modules {
peerchat {
database = "Matrix";
bindip = I"";
queueip = I"";
gskeyserv {
bindip = I"";
playersearch {
bindip = I"";
playerspy {
bindip = I"";
serverbrowsing {
bindip = I"";
qr {
bindip = I"";
natneg {
numinstances = 3;
bindip1 = I"";
bindip2 = I"";
bindip3 = I"";
probeip = I"";
legacyms {
bindip = I"";
legacystats {
bindip = I"";
legacystatsprocessor {
webdir = "/home/openspy/gamestats";

Here is a link to the Openspy core files: https://github.com/sfcspanky/Openspy-Core

Like I said, I have no idea how it works, but I guess this might be a way to host your own Openspy type like server. Just a pity there isn't any documentation to go along with it  :(
Ok, I attached the old version of the login emulator  8)

EDIT: Here is another site similar to that of Openspy.net:


Seems to be a Brazilian or Argentinian site of sorts. Note, their DNS server IP's are also located at the top left.

They even have a list of all the Gamespy games, with relevant rooms etc, check BF1942 for example:


And they even have an Openspy status page as well:

http://bobzent.info/osstatus.php  :ohmy: