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Hi guys,

Apologies if I created a duplicate thread, I tried looking for one, but couldn't find one.

I want to take a shot at hosting a SWBF2 classic dedicated server as well using the Steam version of the game.

Thanks to LED, my SWBF 1 dedicated server is running like a champ, but I would like one for the sequel as well. Can one also create it via the commandline / batch file? I tried doing it that way, but for some reason, it crashes after about 1 second.

Are there any special tricks / quirks that I need to be aware of? If someone (LED (*wink wink* nudge nudge*) could share an example batch file again which I can just edit, it would be tremendously helpful.  8)

Thank you
Released Maps and Mods / Re: Scarif: Beach
October 08, 2020, 01:40:47 PM
Love this map so much, can't thank you enough for creating it for SWBF classic. Here's hoping you'll do some more DICE map conversions when you have time.

BTW, I managed to win as the rebels with my 5th attempt, but it was close, won only with 8 tickets in the end.

Quote from: Led on October 08, 2020, 04:40:36 AM
Link was bad from website move--I just fixed it.  Let us know if you find more   :cheers:

The second link in DPs post points to a google drive, and I don't believe I have it.  You could PM Red if you need it.

Thanks a lot Led, working perfectly now  :cheers:
Pardon my ignorance, and for the thread bump, but is there a still a download link available for this mod somewhere?

I checked the downloads and the original post's links, but all of them are dead, unless I missing something  ???
Just to add my 2c as well.

Since the multiplayer hotfix patch on 2 October 2020, the game is basically perfect in my opinion now. I jammed a bit on your EU server last night and had a blast against bots.

I then tried hosting my own dedicated server and low and behold, this time round, hosting it via command line worked for the first time. Don't know what I did wrong before though, but just glad that its finally working  :cheer:

The future is bright for SWBF Classic once again. Even though we lost a lot of players since the game's release on Steam and GoG, I doubt a lot of people are aware of the new hotfix patch which fixed the issues with MP. But, I suppose we'll have a surge of players again next year on the May 4th sale (here's hoping).  8)
Interesting find Anyder!

I'll be on the lookout for the server (if I see it in the browser) and join you guys there. Itching to play again as I've given up for now trying to get my commandline based server in the server browser  :D
Quote from: Luna on May 06, 2020, 02:40:50 PM
Do we know if they'll ever fix the random crashes and server browser freezes? I hope they will, since the first match I joined in today crashed after the game finished. It says I lost connection to the host, so I don't know if it was my game crashing or if the Host crashed?

Yeah, here's hoping they patch it!

I guess we should make our voice heard on the GOG forum for the game as well because the dev on the Steam forums appear to be inactive there. At least they seem to reply on GOG, so let's pester them there and see if we can push for a patch. Worth a shot  8)
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on May 06, 2020, 05:09:33 AM
Right, and port 443 is actually the HTTPS port (generally).
I have to wonder if it's trying to make a secure connection over that port and failing.
Edit: @Stonecold, SWBF1 used to run on ports like 3650 - idk  if they changed that or not, but maybe somebody should watch in wireshark to see if they still use those ports.  A VPS has all the port forwarding stuff open so there's less issues.

Thanks Dark_Phantom.

I'll fire up Wireshark and see if it uses the 3650 port range. Strange on my VPS where I too hosted some SWBF servers on SWBFSpy I noticed on the Windows Firewall the 3650+ range on both TCP and UDP. Even hosting via my VPS it doesn't display the server in the list, so I guess 443 is blocked on my provider that is hosting the VPS in my country. Can't really complain as I got the VPS for free back in the day, even though it's DOG slow, lol.

Anyhow, here's hoping they patch the issues the game currently has. As for server hosting, I'll investigate via Wireshark and see what I can find, but if all else fails, I'll subside and host my dedi via the in-game setting as that at least works fine via my laptop.  :D
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on May 05, 2020, 05:14:11 AM
Ok, to start, here's almost the exact batch file I'm using:It runs an automatic restarter, but shouldn't be too relevant.

I've attached below some snips, the one is just showing that after I start up the server, steam is running, logged in, etc.  The second one is just showing everything - I have the default folder with no mods running Mods@SWBFgamers.com.  Double server attempt folder is just the steam folder copied onto the desktop.  This one is running the BOBserver and has some mods in there, so I know both methods work.

I tried GOG last night on Led's VPS using the same method and it didn't work right.  Galaxy seemed to be running but it didn't show up in the list.  I'm not sure if there's extra configuration in Steam or whether the DRM actually makes it work correctly. However, it isn't confined to folders.  One trick that maybe people could try is running the game normally, alt-tabbing, then using the batch file, but for a VPS with no graphics card this may not work.

I may have to see what my server is doing differently, but it's just a standard setup from NFO that was running a Minecraft server and SWBFspy servers.

Thanks a lot for the batch file configuration.

I've been trying again for the past hour to get this going by hosting via the batch script, but no dice. I even added the batch script string to the Steam Launch Options dialog box and launch it directly from there (that works as well, lol) but doesn't want to display the server.

I'm really baffled as to why your Mods@SWBFgamers.com server shows up in game as you've executed it via the batch file. For interests sake, I tried player hosting a server from my gaming pc and on my laptop where I have my second copy running, instantaneously saw my player hosted server.

So for me, only player hosted and in-game dedicated server hosting works 100%, all my other attempts have come up empty handed. One thing I did pick up though is that the game exe connects to gog.com through port 443. Can you perhaps check and see if that port fully reachable / accessible on your VPS? Because if it is, then I assume that is why it works for you.

I put my laptop in DMZ mode via my router, but I can't seem to open port 443 completely on my end  :confused:
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on May 04, 2020, 07:31:22 PM
Interesting.  So I bought the game on a second account as well so that I could play and host at the same time.  Are you logged into Steam when you do this?  I am running it off my VPS, with the batch file in the same folder as Battlefront.exe, and Steam is running and logged in to the account I bought it on.  I tried doing it multiple ways in offline mode and trying to run it on both machines, and it just didn't work.

If that doesn't help, I can take some screenshots and give insight to my setup.

Yeah, Steam is running in the background. I am logged into the account I bought it on. Batch file is in the same folder as the exe. Whats interesting though is that hosting the server as LAN only works, but no dice for online.

Would appreciate screenshots if you get the time. I'll play around with it some more later today. Thanks for the insight so far.
Hi Dark_Phantom,

I tried creating my own server via the command line switches as you instructed me via Steam community forum post. I opted to create a batch file and add my entries there. But for some weird reason it doesn't display my server in the server list.

I decided to purchase a second copy of the game on a new account (just for server hosting purposes since it so cheap at the moment). Installed the game on my laptop and hosted a dedicated server via the in game options, and that worked.

So, I'm a bit baffled as to why the batch file method doesn't display my server in the browser, but using the in game option does.

Any thoughts?
Need to use windowed mode myself seeing that upon map load, my game just closes itself for some weird reason  :confused:

Now I run it in windowed mode in conjunction with Magic Borderless (available on Steam) to make it automatically full screen on game launch and play it that way  :cheer:

There is probably something with regards to my full screen settings that the game doesn't like when loading maps. Still trying to figure it out, but at least its better than nothing.

BTW, the /fixedrate cmd line option is quite nice as I can set my refresh rate to 144Hz to match that of my screen  8)
Quote from: Led on October 02, 2017, 02:21:23 PM
SWBF1 had disk based DRM.   SWBF2 doesn't.

Seeing that they renamed the game as "Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)" , why can't they put up the original one as "Star Wars: Battlefront 1 (Classic, 2004)" then?  ???

Guess, it's time we stir the pot and try and contact Disney. If it's only the DRM of the original keeping them from putting it on Steam / GOG, then they should really get with the times. I'll buy BF1 in a heart beat if they put it on Steam tomorrow as I prefer BF1 over BF2 personally  8)
Quote from: Led on May 15, 2016, 03:13:09 PM
Sadly, I think that will never happen due to the DRM.  There is no one left to officially remove it.


I didn't knew that, I thought it was due to licensing issues  :(