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No you would need to use the droideka shield as a base.

Yes, but the problem is that, because of the way we market the product, nobody is ever going to ask us.

Best case scenario, if he can figure out a hosts edit, and it works.  Worst case, it doesn't, and life goes on.  I don't want to "officially" support other games, but if it works I'm not going to stop anyone.

If the game natively supported Gamespy and didn't have any special protocols, it COULD work with a host file edit.  We had a discussion before with another group about it.

Released Maps and Mods / Re: Common and Shell Builder (2020 Revised)
« on: July 09, 2020, 10:33:34 PM »
An update?  Yes!
Current version (same download link has been updated) has ALL the shell and common scripts for the GOG version correct to probably 99% accuracy.  The "Premunged" folder is still included in case of emergency, and still will automatically take precedence over any other version of a file for GOG to prevent breakage (but it's currently empty. Make sure you are using the correct munge for your version.

This also issues a fix where I most definitely did miss an important texture in the common.lvl builder that nobody caught.  For those of you that use your 360/Xbox One controller with Steam, you will notice that I actually included the texture for the controller this time.  8)

My desire was to make these as close to stock as possible, and that is finished (unless someone finds something broken). 

I would like to know if just by adding the Galaxy.dll, the new Common/Shell.lvl files and the Battlefront.exe you're able to get it work for 1.3.5.
Yes, if you have Steam installed and the game owned.  Otherwise you'd have to use the GOG version and you have to be logged in to Galaxy to use the online service.  And missing localization means you need a core.lvl too.  What are you trying to propose?  These files are all that was changed in the patch (and some OpenAL audio calls), and the patch is not working for him.

I literally said if you want to play on the Steam/GOG servers, you have to try to fix their version.  Otherwise a downgrade is feasible for a non-starting game.

If you just want to play the game, the downgrade is feasible.  I personally find this an acceptable solution because that version was actually stable.

However, if you want to play on the Steam/GOG servers, you will have to keep trying to fix their buggy version.

256 or 512 if I remember correctly.

You must have an instance of AddDownloadableContent for each mission.lua file, or the game will not be able to find it (even though you can still add it to the missionlist).  Each instance of AddDownloadableContent counts towards the 50 map rule.

Yeah a lot of that code isn't compatible in Multiplayer.  I tried several varying methods on Plains and got the effect that you are describing, but never what actually happens in Single Player.

You can play the maps by launching a server from a command line.  All of them work except for Naboo Plains, which has hard coded limitations against the fambaas.


(psst... He has a whole section dedicated to his assets in downloads :) )

General / Re: has anybody made a custom campaign, is it possible?
« on: June 29, 2020, 06:47:01 AM »
There are no custom galactic conquests.  I'm not sure if anyone has done any custom campaigns either.

I'm in the process of making it easier for people to access custom galactic conquests, but it is a little way off.  Custom campaigns are easier but still not well explored.

The IP address listed by BF1 is likely your local IP address.
It is only relevant if using direct connect (if you're on the same network, you'll use that local IP, otherwise, you'll use the public IP given to the outside world).

Like I said, I wish I could help more, but I don't know many people familiar enough with emulation of the game.  I do remember something about using the same key, which the game internally does a check even though it shouldn't be (because the server doesn't).  I don't know where you'd find that in the Wine wrapper settings though.

SWBF1 Modding / Re: SWBF1 Lua Decompiler (WIP/beta)
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:17:54 PM »
That's not part of this topic, you want something like this:

We already have all the source lua scripts and learned the source code controls the splitscreen stuff for consoles.  You need an external program for it.

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