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Released Maps and Mods / BF2 Common.bnk Builder
« on: February 12, 2020, 04:30:30 PM »
BF2 Common.bnk Builder;sa=view;down=1542

I made this using my Sound Extractor - all the files generated are through it.  You should just be able to hit "commonmunge.bat" and generate a common.bnk in the same folder

I have made a list of hashes in hashrev.csv that I have manually renamed in the essence of usability. Their original names are probably lost to the depths of time or I just haven't found them yet (more likely).

It does not come out exactly the same as the stock common.bnk, but it is close enough that nobody should notice.  If there are any bugs, let me know.

Pandemic for Tools

Released Maps and Mods / Combined Common and Shell builders
« on: February 04, 2020, 01:56:17 PM »
Combined Common and Shell builders;sa=view;down=1541

Couldn't find these hosted on the site, reuploaded.

Released Assets / DP's Common.bnk Builder
« on: February 03, 2020, 01:49:12 PM »
DP's Common.bnk Builder;sa=view;down=1540

Does exactly what it says.  Rebuilds the main common.bnk for BF1 in Data\_LVL_PC\Sound\  :shrug:

Released Assets / Tutorials and Unlockables converted to PC ready format
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:44:58 AM »
These are my conversions of the tutorial videos that are used in my shell/common update.  They are extracted from the PS2 version and went through a series of steps to get them to be easily placeable ingame.

Forum News and Forum Rules / SMF Upgrade
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:54:24 PM »
I have upgraded us to SMF 2.0.17.
If you notice any issues, please let us know.  I believe I have everything up and running as before, but I may have missed something.

SWBF1 Modding / BF1 Demo Mysteries/Restoration/something
« on: January 09, 2020, 11:05:08 AM »
I'm not totally sure what the goal of this really is, other than to satisfy my curious nature, so here it goes.
If you've been keeping up with DP's releases, I released two compilations of sounds from the betas back in October:;sa=view;down=1520 (PS2, late demo);sa=view;down=1521 (Xbox, early demo)
and here I posted a video of getting the PS2 demo menus accessible just recently:
Edit: new vid showing GC:

The PS2 is really the only one I can work with as I have no access to an Xbox currently, nor any experience with it.
I have made some other interesting finds that weren't really clear in the video and aren't utilized in the stock game:
  • Different campaign screen and VO, but they are still functional
  • Multiplayer GC placeholder (doesn't work right, sends you to a Single Player GC session).  MP settings are not functional (Launch doesn't do anything, yet)
  • Choice of attacker in instant action and GC (instead of just two mission eras, there are 4, which is relevant).
  • Some different localization (Rhen Var: Citidel and Rhen Var: Stronghold)

Example of bullet 3 (Choice of attacker): You are attacking Rhen Var: Harbor in Galactic Conquest as the Empire.  Ok, it's normal, you have an AT-AT, you win.  Later on the Rebels attack Rhen Var in a valiant attempt to recapture it, they are now team 1, and have a hovernaut at their disposal.  This behavior can be replicated in the stock game with a shell\missionlist.lua update and mission.lvl update (OR probably just a quick check to see who is the "official" attacker, untested).

I am able to get a new shell into the demo, kinda.  The file formats are the same so for maps that don't exist, I can drop the final maps ingame. The capabilities are lower (like the AT-AT disappears on Rhen Var because of limits on-screen).  I am fascinated with this demo (although I'd like the Xbox one more, because earlier), even though there are some issues with it.

Questions? Ideas?

SWBF1 Modding / BF1 Randomizer
« on: December 16, 2019, 09:59:22 AM »
It's time for me to show off my newest project:
<a href=";allowFullScreen=&quot;true&quot;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">;allowFullScreen=&quot;true&quot;</a>
What this project does:
  • Takes all the stock sides in BF1 and randomly selects 5 of them
  • Selects a random bonus for each team
  • Some vehicle randomization
  • I have incorporated it into a custom campaign, as not to interfere with stock maps
  • Online compatibility

Future plans:
  • Random difficulties, based on unit selection and AI difficulty
  • Preset randomizations - Want to duke it out with all rocketeers?  Or Snipers vs Rocketteers?  Or locals only?  Or use the preset seeding system that I'm going to create.
  • Full sound support, including cross era/local unit VOs and sfx
  • Extensibility - add entries for your own custom side to make it your own
  • More to come!

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Released Maps and Mods / BF1 PS2 shell munger
« on: November 14, 2019, 11:47:21 PM »
BF1 PS2 shell munger;sa=view;down=1526

This does as it says, it munges the PS2 shell.
I will be updating this download, but I know there are some people that wanted to get started working with it.  There are a bunch of files that still need reconciled but it is usable.  Please read the Readme to get started with your PS2 shell mods.

Forum News and Forum Rules / Errors on Website
« on: November 07, 2019, 01:16:49 PM »
The website is still browseable, but we are working on the errors between SMF and an apparently recent update to the PHP on the host.  Please be patient.

Released Maps and Mods / Sound and Full Motion Video Extractor for BF1
« on: October 31, 2019, 08:30:40 PM »
So if you have been keeping up, I have been releasing some of the sounds from the demos and also ported the tutorials/special features from consoles for PC.  If you're interested, you should check them out.  This is the magical tool that does the legwork, receiving its first public release:

I won't go into the details (there's a readme and source code for that), but essentially, you can take any file from the BF1 sound folder (common.bnk or .lvl files), follow the instructions on running it, and receive mostly playable sounds from it.  I say mostly because you need a program to listen to the compressed sounds from the .lvl files, but they can be converted and munged back in without much loss at all (there's not really a recompression phenomenon).

Right now, it only does BF1 sounds, but next on the "Features" list is BF2 support.  Common.bnk for BF2 already works (same exact format) but you should make sure you use the BF2 switch for compatibility reasons anyway.

If you want the program, up above links to the release quality exe.  If you're so inclined, hopefully I commented the source code well enough for those who want to look at it to understand it.

I would also like to ask anyone that has the language localizations to please contact me - For a bigger project I am hunting down the alternate languages.

Released Assets / Xbox Demo Sounds
« on: October 21, 2019, 10:46:48 PM »
Xbox Demo Sounds;sa=view;down=1521

Included is all the sounds in the Xbox demo of the game.  This should be most of the included sounds because there wasn't really that much.  There's some tactical VO, shell VO, sounds, background sound clips, and other goodies.  Same issues as with PS2, you're going to have to dig through the hashes (and some of them didn't name correctly anyway).

I've already done the work of converting them back to a munge-friendly format that should play on any media player.

Released Assets / Extracted Shell VO (PS2 Demo)
« on: October 18, 2019, 09:14:45 PM »
Extracted Shell VO (PS2 Demo);sa=view;down=1520

Here's some shell (not in-battle) VO that we don't get to hear in the PS2 demo but is included.  I have extracted and converted them back into a standard format for hearing and usage.
Of note:
  • Raxus Prime
  • GC Bonuses
  • DSKAS001
  • Just cool temp/beta VO all around

This is part of a bigger project I am working on.  Many of these files do not have names and are just hashes from the .lvl.  There's two possible reasons for this - I don't have all the hashed names (unlikely), or those names were removed and never used again (very likely).

Released Maps and Mods / BFBuilderPro 2.01.hta
« on: October 09, 2019, 07:51:23 PM »
BFBuilderPro 2.01.hta;sa=view;down=1519

This is an unofficial release of BFBuilder with various fixes that I meant to release a while ago.
  • Added support for importing stock maps and automatically fixing permissions
  • Better error handling on some VBscript functions (ReadAllData is pretty bad)
  • Less likelihood of projects breaking when files are removed

Just put this in the same folder as your current BFBuilder application and you can use it.

Credits to Pandemic Studios for SWBF1 and the mod tools, and myself for creating the extra content.

I made a video about this a long time ago:
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

Released Maps and Mods / Tutorial Videos converted to PC
« on: October 04, 2019, 06:43:05 AM »
This is part of a larger project I am working on to extract all sounds and videos from the game files.  As most of you know, the tutorial videos do not exist for PC version, but the code is in there to work with them.  If you are interested (this is a big download, FYI, almost 500 MB), you can download tuteng.mvs and place it in your Data\_LVL_PC\Movies\ folder

To save download space and time, I separated the shell.lvl needed for this.  This should be an almost stock shell with the exception of two things:

ifs_main - disable two instances of tutorials where hidden on PC (just comment the code)
ifs_tutorials - change movie_width to 620 and movie height to 480 (don't judge me, I know it's not a proper resolution)

You have to hit escape to back out of the tutorials screen.  The back button does not work for any reason that I can discern.

Now, I give a caveat to the first file - I spent a lot of time converting them because of their PS2 format being goofy.  My extractor did not really do a great job because I didn't quite have all the information to rip everything perfectly (in fact it totally crapped out on tutorial03, which I had to do manually, and one of them has flickering at one point which I didn't notice until ingame testing).  I think I know where my issues lie but I didn't find them until after I made this.  I do plan to release my source for this, but not until I actually have the videos exactly as they should be.  They sound great though - I was pleased with the sound quality.
When all the files are in "perfect" condition and I fix the tutorial screen, I will release a final version of this.  As of now, consider it 90% complete.

Edit: I forgot that I added two ancillary videos in here that can't be accessed by normal means.  You can access them by adding another button (or replacing another) on the tutorial screen.  They are "tutorial01cw" and "pandemic_logo"

-updated links:

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