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SWBF1 Modding / Going to start modding...
April 28, 2015, 05:56:51 AM
Hello fellow SWBF Gamers and I am proud to say I want to start modding SWBF and start of by creating a map or two. But before I start running off and downloading the tools and programs, I was wondering if I need any patches for the mod tools, so that it may run with Windows 8? So my question for you all is: Are there any patches or extra steps I may need to do to run the mod tools with Windows 8? Thanks for the help and I cant wait to get started!

Here are my computer specs:
OS: Win 8
Processor: AMD Fx-4300 Quad Core Processor 3.80 GHz
Ram 8.00 GB
System: Type 64-bit

P.S.: Here's a list of my computer specs, if you see anything that may need a patch or extra steps to run the mod tools, feel free to leave a comment to.
Do to recent mass requests for more stories, I have decided to post a collection of great Star Wars fan fictions here on SWBFG'S. Instead of just giving out links to every story to every one who PM'S me, Ill just Post them here, on a separate thread. I plan on making this thread here for discussion about the idea and about the stories that I post here. When I make the other thread I would like no one to leave comments, so that I can post up new stories, and keep it all nice and organized. I would love to hear what you guys think about having a collection of fan fiction stories here. I will be making the thread with the stories in 3 days, to see what you guys think, and to give me a little bit of time to organize them. Long live not only Star Wars Battlefront, but also Star Wars al together!
Hey guys TrooperX here bringing you the beginning or the end of a little Star Wars fan fiction I am working on in my free time. I don't know about you all but I'm always thinking about Star Wars and I decide to just put some of it down and here it is. I don't know where I want to take this but I'm just posting it here for you guys in enjoy.

NOTE: I am more then glad to here your guys opinions and your ideas. Please feel free to include something you may want by leaving a comment and I might see to it that it is included. My ideas for this are really simple and are as follow:
1.Long detailed story line or line's
2.Community help and advice so that it is long and detailed
3.Most not conflict with the Star Wars Galaxy and Story Line!
4.Anything and everything could and can happen
Here are some items I am looking for from you guys:
1.Names of people, ships, items, and toys
2.New people and places
3.Just about anything
So post your suggestion and opinions at will! Here is the Prologue so far....

"What do you see when you look in to by eyes? What do you see when you look at me in general? What do you see me wearing kid? What makes you want to ask me questions that I might or may not have the answers for?" I said this even before I need I thought of it. I know that this is just a kid who must likely just has nothing else to do, but then damn kid has asked me some weird stuff, that I thought people have just forgotten.
"I see a man who seems to be too young for what his eyes say. I see that some of your hair is grey but some parts are a young brown. I believe I see in you a man who has seen about seven thousands year of the galaxy. Also that ring you have there, my father had one, as did his father, and so on...
"This ring? Kid I think you've had too much to drink, maybe it's time for you to go home."
"No I haven't and I have a ring just like that my father passed it down to me. He told me many things about how this ring has come to be and how many others were made. But the one thing that stood out to me was that it was good and could help those only with special powers. Oh and it is very old, maybe one of the oldest things ever."
As I look at his ring he was telling the truth, same as mine. The only question was how did his father get it? If his family has been passing this thing down for how old it is then this kid must the great grandson of my old friend. If he really is then the kid must have force abilities. I guess that there is only one way to know if this true. 
"Ok kid ill believe you if you if you let me do a small, short test."
"All right what is it?"
"Just let me take some of your blood for a blood test."
"Ok but if this kills me...."
"It won't..."
I pulled out my little Mid-chlorian blood tester and drew some his blood. After about eighty seconds the small screen turned green and said the kid had a Mid-chlorian count of twelve-thousand and was indeed force sensitive. I can't believe it this very well could be him after about eight hundred years I found him.
"Well kid I believe you."
"How, what was that thing that just took my blood and what were the results?"
"It was a Mid-chlorian tester to see if you did have your special powers and well you do kid you special power's is called the Force. Boy you and I are going to have a long talk and some fun times."
"Can you please stop calling be kid, I'm grown up."
"Sure you are now, but after what I tell you, your world is going to be turned upside down."

The Ultimate Star Wars Battlefront Guide: Clone Wars Campaign Walkthrough

So here Is my guide for the Star Wars Battlefront Clone Wars Campaign. This is just the basics of what I have put together so far and I will be adding more to it.


Note: I couldn't figure out how to add the pictures to the post (only tried for 5 mins) so if anyone like to tell it would help a lot! So for now I will just attach them.

Welcome to the world of Star Wars: Battlefront! In this game, you will get to experience the classic Star Wars battles in four factions: the Clones, the Battle Droids, the Stormtroopers, and the Rebels.
Your main objective throughout the campaigns, and any game mode you play, will be to either capture every command post on the map, or eliminate every soldier on the opposing faction. This may seem straightforward, but it's harder than it sounds!

Clone Wars campaign
1. Naboo: Plains
2. Naboo: Theed
3. Kashyyyk: Islands
4. Geonosis
5. Kamino
6. Rhen Var: Harbor
7. Kashyyyk: Docks

Battle of Grassy Plains
The Trade Federation has blockaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Trade Federation army of B1 battle droids marches to the Great Grass Plains to destroy the native Gungan Grand Army which opposes them on Naboo. The Trade Federation army arrives in Multi-Troop Transports with Armored Assault Tanks. The Gungan Grand Army was waiting with many Gungan soldiers with some riding kaadu. Their fambaas arrived with giant portable deflector shield generators which were activated to protect the Gungans. The massive Trade Federation army got through the shield and destroyed the portable shield generators and killed many of the Gungans.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Gungan) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: AAT, Droid speeder, Kaadu
•Jedi hero: none
1. This command post is behind the shield, and is usually the last one you take.
2. There are no vehicles at this command post, but it offers a shorter walk to the battle.
3. Enemy command post, there's nothing here except 3 turrets. The best way to take it is with an AAT.
4. This is the "bloodbath" of this map; units coming from all 4 sides make for a nice introduction to the nitty-gritty part of Battlefront.
5. Your home base. With 3 AATs, 2 speeders, and 4 turrets, this place is invincible.

The secondary objective in this map is to take down the shield by destroying the shield generators (yellow diamonds). This is easily accomplished by driving an AAT through the shield and unloading into the animals holding the generators. But it's not necessary to do that. You can beat this level any way you want; it's almost impossible to lose on Easy or Normal.
To get the most kills, pilot one of your team's AATs; to capture command posts, a simple droid soldier will do the job. The map is too big and the enemies are too few to justify playing the Droid Demolitions. There's nowhere to snipe from, and not enough firepower against you to need to regenerate vehicle health.
Note: You do not get to use Super Battle Droids or Droidekas in this level. Don't worry; it's easy enough that you won't need them.

Rebellion on Theed
The people and security forces of the capital city of Theed attack the Trade Federation's army of B1 battle droids and P-series destroyer droids to allow the Queen to recapture Naboo. But the Trade Federation kills all Royal Guards trying to defend the city.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Queen's Royal Guard) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: AAT; Native: Naboo Gian Speeder
•Jedi hero: none
1. Not a whole lot of action goes on here, unless you're really bad at defending.
2. Your northwestern command post, with an AAT spawn. It's difficult to fit the AAT through the street leading from here to the courtyard, though.
3. Your northeastern command post, also with an AAT. This is where you should spawn to blast people with the tank.
4. The command post in on a balcony on the upper floor. Offers a prime sniping position for whoever controls this CP.
5. Ah, the courtyard. This command post is what the whole level revolves around. Stay out of here until late in the game, it's a massacre.
6. An enemy command post that offers considerable tactical advantage in that it partially controls soldier flow in the courtyard.

Since this level can be beaten several different ways depending on which class you choose, the walkthrough for each soldier is listed below.

Droid Soldier/Demolitioner: Spawn your unit at the northeast command post (3)and run south. This level is all about momentum, so it's imperative you capture one of their command posts quickly. Continue around the corner to the enemy's eastern-most command post (6) (note: you may want to go up the stairs as you approach the corner so that you are less of a target for enemy tanks). The only way to win this position is through numbers. Don't out-run your allies in your haste to get to the command post; there's plenty of kills to go around. From here, SLOWLY make your way to the command post in the courtyard (5). This is the most difficult one to take due to the multiple angles of attack, not to mention the land speeders and turrets all over the place. If you're getting discouraged, try respawning at your northwest command post (2) and removing their other vantage point (4). Whatever you do, don't try entering the courtyard from the north unless you either possess a tank or have their units outnumbered 3 to 1.

Droid Assassin: The sniper is the method of choice for many players on this level. Spawn at the northwest and move southeast to the enemy command post. Run right up to it and use your grenades and pistol to remove any opposition. Once that spawn point is under your control, wait about 30 seconds for friendly units to spawn; then move to the edge of the banister and snipe opposing soldiers in the courtyard below. You can continue this until your allies take the command post or you're out of ammo.

Droid Pilot: Spawn at the northeast or the northwest command posts and hop in an AAT. The next step is self-explanatory; drive right down the middle of the street (any street) and open fire on anyone not on your team. The only things that should concern you are enemy speeders, which are not a problem if you concentrate all your firepower on them.

Droideka: Proceed in the same manner as the grunt soldier and rocket launcher, except that you have another option: as a droideka, you can patrol the main street that separates your rear command post from everything else. Stop occasionally in the archways leading to the courtyard and shoot at enemy units, but don't go all the way in. Even with your shields, turrets won't have a problem slicing through you.

Aggressive Negotiations (Separatist Crisis)
The Wookiee Trade Guild taxes the Trade Federation which is now part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In retaliation the CIS sends Darth Sidious's new apprentice Count Dooku and an army of B1 battle droids, P-series droideka, and the new B2 super battle droids to end the conflict. The CIS army destroys the Wookiee Trade Guild and its private army.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Wookiee) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: Droid starfighter MAF gunship; Native: none
•Jedi hero: Count Dooku
1. The Wookiees will attack this command post in force; it's important, though, so defend it.
2. Another prime target for the enemy, you absolutely cannot lose both of these command posts.
3. It'll take some skill and hard work, but this command post is worth taking.
4. The 3 command posts in the middle of the map come in a 3-for-1 deal; in other words, if you take one, you have to take them all.
5. As with the others, all it takes is some disciplined fighting to capture this CP.
6. Don't let the aircraft fool you; this command post is not worth anything and the wookies will rarely get near it.

Spawn at one of the northern command posts as either a super battle droid or a droideka. Move slowly toward the enemy CPs, but make sure you don't outrun your allies. Also, be sure to not let any enemy units sneak past and capture your command posts. After (or, as the case may be, if) you have survived the initial Wookiee onslaught, advance to CP 3. Be very thorough in your search of the area to make sure nobody hits your troops from behind later on. Once you secure CP 3, continue to the next two spawnpoints. It's highly unlikely that you will be able to take all three command posts; don't be discouraged if you only have two of them. Hunt down and destroy the remaining Wookiees.

The Battle of Geonosis
The Galactic Republic has just acquired a new clone army from the Kaminoans on Kamino. The clone army arrives at the Separatist base on Geonosis with Mace Windu to destroy the Separatist army made up of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, W-series droideka, and Geonosians. The clone army with their AT-TEs destroy the Techno Union ships which the CIS was using to evacuate and the clone army killed most of the Geonosians there and destroyed the battle droid army.

•Your faction: Republic •---Easy reinforcements: 250
•Opposing army: CIS with Native (Geonosian) •---Easy reinforcements: 250
•Vehicles on map: Republic: AT-TE, Republic Gunship; CIS: Spider Walker, Geonosian Starfighter, Hailfire Droid
•Jedi hero: Mace Windu
1. One of the Techno-Union ships, take these out first
2. Another TU ship
3. Yet another TU ship
4. This command post will change hands several times during the game, don't waste too much time defending it.
5. Your average command post, it offers the best sniping position on this level (which isn't much).
6. Pretty much the same as #5, except this is where most of the action is near the end.
7. This command post can be tricky to defend, so don't get discouraged if enemy units swarm it.
8. Every once in a while your opponents will take command post 7 and occupy the area around this destructible command post. Watch out, sometimes the droids destroy this base and will stop more LAAT/i spawning.
* The asterisks on the map denote the AT-TEs you have. They are mobile command posts that, while slow, pack quite a punch.

It is suggested that you spawn as the clone pilot first. But regardless of who you choose, spawn at the AT-TE (*) and immediately jump aboard and start driving. Walk towards the other side of the map from where you start, which happens to be around the Spire, a sought-after command post. Your secondary (though most important) objective is to destroy the Techno-Union transports at the rear of the map (1-3), and the most effective way to do that is with a tank. It may seem slow, but continue around the Spire. Once the first T-U ship is in range, give 'em everything you've got; don't hold back on the rockets, it's practically impossible to run out. Lather, rinse, repeat for the other 2.
Now the choice is yours. If you started as the pilot, you may want to stay in the AT-TE and bomb the mess out of enemy infantry; however, if you elected to spawn as a normal soldier, you have the option to get out of the tank and take command posts. It's all based on preference, really: nonetheless, keep in mind that it's possible to rack up more than 90 kills in one game by taking the AT-TE out in front of the Spire and letting loose. Just be sure not to shoot your own units.

Alternate Strategy
Spawn as a regular clone at CP8 and commandeer a gunship. Fly in a northwesterly route around the spire to the techno union ships. Destroy all enemy infantry units in your path. Make sure you fly at a fairly high altitude to make your ship a harder target for hailfire droids and enemy demolitioners. Aid your allies in the AT-TEs by destroying a techno union ship (don't waste too much time back there at once, destroy only one of the starships) and firing on enemy defenders.
At this point, the CIS has probably captured CP7. Return to the area between CP7 and CP8. If your gunship is damaged, switch into another at CP8 (if there is one there, usually there is). First, kill the attacking CIS units to stop them from overunning CP8. Then shoot all the enemy units spawning at and/or loitering at CP7, this will give your allies the opening that they need to retake the post.
Finally, fly over to CP5 or CP6, land your gunship, and storm the post you elected to land by (CP5 is recommended, there are less troops there as most of the action at this point is around CP6). Capture the post.
What you do for the rest of the level doesn't really matter to your victory. By now, the remaining casualty counts are around 50 or less, all the techno union ships have been destroyed, and CP4 (which switches possession many times throughout the level and is not worth going after personally) has been secured by your allies. If you want, you can review your map to hunt down any outlying CIS troops. Or you can travel on foot to join the fray around CP6 until the level ends.
Another strategy is, if your looking for a challenge, is to spawn as quickly as possible as a Pilot at CP 8 and jump in a gunship. Fly towards CP 6 and jump into the Hailfire Droid if it hasn't already been taken. Head up the hill directly infront of you. Rain terror on troops and vehicles below you.

Assault on Kamino
The CIS has discovered the cloning facilities on Kamino and has sent an army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and W-series droideka to destroy them. The Republic clone army left to defend it destroys all of the attacking droids.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 240
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: none
•Jedi hero: none
1. No matter how hard you try, the CIS will get to this one first. It's not that important in the battle, anyways.
2. This command post should be your first target. Secure it and you'll have a good place to start your attack.
3. It'll take a tough battle and more than a few soldiers to capture the enemy's home base.
4. The long hallways leading inside make your starting CP virtually invincible.
5. The CIS will get this one too. you have to grab one of the CPs over here or it's over.
6. Here's your best shot; but let your allies get this one.
7. Physically this CP is closer to the CIS base, but you have the advantage in that the Republic now has Jet Troopers.


Strategy #1
Start as a jet trooper and leave the command post (4) through the north hallway. Use your jetpack as much as possible to get to the closest CP (2). Don't try to take CP 1 yet, you need backup. Just defend CP 2 until you get 5-10 allies with you. (If you die, feel free to switch to a normal soldier.) From here, it's pretty straightforward: take CP 1, then CP 3. Just remember not to run too far ahead of your troops and get surrounded by enemies. Alternatively, you can spawn as a sniper at CP 1, and later at CP 3. There are prime sniping positions on the "cul-de-sacs" leading off the main platforms. Just get to the highest spot you can find. Whichever method you choose, work with your units to finish off the rest of their troops.

Strategy #2
With as much speed as you can muster (seriously), start at CP4 as a Jet Trooper and fly out the side passage on the left and over, past CP6, to CP5. As you are capturing it, peg grenades down the ramp that leads up to it from the CIS base. This will stop any droids coming up to kill you. This grenade thing is vital because if a droid comes up the ramp to CP5 and fires you, the Republic is in a sticky situation. Capturing this stops the CIS from getting CP6 and CP7. If you are unable to get this first bit down properly, just restart the battle. From there just push ahead towards CP3 and watch out for turrets, your EMP launcher is really good against the turrets if you know how to use it. Instead of turning to aim, aim by strafing left or right. Make sure you stay as the Jet Trooper because your EMP launcher is really really effective against droidikas. From there, just battle as you want.

Mountaintop Defenses
The Republic has discovered a long-range sensor station on Rhen Var created by Count Dooku. They send an army of clone troopers with AT-TEs and a few TX-130 Saber-class fighter tanks to Rhen Var to capture the station. The army of clones destroyed all of the W-series droideka, B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and Armored Assault Tanks there in conjunction with another operation led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: Republic: AT-TE, IFT-X; CIS: AAT
•Jedi hero: none
1. This command post is really tucked away, you're better off not even trying to take it.
2. There's a good chance the CIS will swarm you here; it's pretty easy to capture, so just get it back.
3. This is your primary command post. Two IFT-Xs spawn here, giving this CP plenty of gravitas.
4. Your units won't take this command post; if you want it, you'll have to go get it yourself.
5. CIS units pour from this CP. The only reason you're able to capture it is that there are three ways for enemy soldiers to get out (reducing the number that come at you).
* The asterisk on the map denotes an AT-TE, a mobile spawnpoint with impressive firepower.

There are four ways to start this level. If you choose to fight as a grunt soldier, spawn inside the tunnels (2) and defend the CP from the first wave of droids that attack. If you choose to fight as a jet trooper, spawn at the western command post (3) and stay near the AT-TE as it moves into the battlefield. If you choose to shoot things with a vehicle, spawn as the pilot at the west CP (3) and jump in a tank. Use both guns (laser cannon and rockets) to take out AATs and (4) Spawn from the AT-TE as a Jet Trooper and fly to the lighthouse. If you are fast enough, you will be able to take the lighthouse before the bad guys come up there and blast you to bits. This gives your side the advantage, unless you are too slow, in which case they shoot you as you are capturing it.
Another way is to spawn as a soldier at the west, jump into a tank, and zoom all the way to the lighthouse. At the base of the stairs, quickly get out and capture the lighthouse. Destroy any droidikas by killing them before they transform. After you capture the lighthouse, go down to protect your friends at the Ice Caves. If you die, spawn as a pilot and if the tank you abandoned is still there, get in. If not, fix or get in the AT-TE.
Whichever method you choose, you will get killed at least once. After you've had your fun here, switch to method 1 and spawn as a normal soldier in the tunnels (rocket launcher units will also work, keep reading). The exit to these tunnels takes you into the big battlefield. If you look to your left as you exit, you will see stairs: these stairs are where almost all the enemy units will come at you from. Unless you are feeling particularly brave (or stupid if you're not an expert), stay in the tunnel! Just defend the ice caves from invaders; don't worry, there will be no shortage of enemy units, particularly droidekas (this is why a rocket launcher is useful here). Once the enemy reinforcement count is under fifteen, it's probably safe to step out into the open and hunt the last few opposing units.*
•There is a glitch in the Ice Caves on a tunnel wall to the south of CP 2, that makes you fall through to the bottom of the map. To find the glitch shoot at the base of walls on the south side of CP2. The right base, your weapon shot will go right through without exploding or impacting. If You are a Jet Trooper you can fly underneath CP 4. From which you can destroy enemies without getting shot at. This is very hard.

The Battle of Kashyyyk
The CIS has launches a desperate attack on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. A clone army of the Republic is sent to Kashyyyk to destroy the army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, droidekas, OG-9 homing spider droids, and Armored Assault Tanks. They destroy the entire Separatist army there and save the Wookiees.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 250
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 250
•Vehicles on map: Republic: none; CIS: AAT, Droid speeder, Spider Walker
•Jedi hero: none
1. A fairly unimportant command post that is seemingly impossible for the CIS to find.
2. This CP is on a platform over the water. It provides access to one of the best sniping positions in the game.
3. This map is perfectly symmetrical (command post-wise). The same info applies to this CP as to CP 2.
4. It's impossible to last more than a minute near this CP, there's simply to many angles of attack.
5. This CP is at the end of a dock. Capturing it just removes the sniping position above.
6. Another target for snipers.

To fight this level out as a grunt soldier, you'd have to be either really good or really lucky. It's a massacre on the beach, which is exactly why you should beat the level without setting foot on the ground. Spawn as a sniper from one of the platform command posts (2,3) and walk all the way to the end of the platforms. You should have a clear shot down the dock, where many enemy units are running directly away from you, creating the perfect sniper spot. Just pick 'em off one by one. When you run out of ammo, there's an ammo droid behind you (as well as a health droid). That's really all there is to it, except for a couple precautions: first of all, don't get excited and accidentally walk off the edge of the platform. You won't survive the fall! Also, look out for the turret that sits next to the CP. If you're not paying attention, somebody will jump in it and kill you.
If you are really good, spawn as a jet trooper on command posts (2/3) and jump towards the beach. Right before you hit the ground, activate your jets and you will be safe from falling. Fly to the beach and capture it. Crouch in the water!
If you die, spawn as a soldier at the beach and stay in the water near the command post. Grenades don't work well in the water. After 2 or 3 times of this, the CIS will or will not capture the beach; it doesn't matter. Spawn as an ARC trooper in CP (2/3) and destroy any AATs or Spider Droids to help out your team. Ammo and heath droids are right behind you.
I was just wondering if other people dont need the CD to play? I believe the only reason why this is so is because I have gamemaster patch. Sorry if this might of been said before :P.
The Ultimate Star Wars Battlefront Guide!

Well here is my Ultimate Star Wars Battlefront Guide! I was just looking though the web any found a lot of good information about Star Wars Battlefront and I decided to just put all together for every here at SWBFGamers. I hope to work on it more on and off seeing how theres a lot of information out there.

Now this document is a combination of writings done me and other people in other words gotten be copy/pasting of a website or from people just telling me. I will provide a link to my sources and references if people want to see the original ones.


Table of Contents
Coming Soon!

What Is Star Wars Battlefront?
Star Wars: Battlefront is a game by LucasArts and Pandemic. In it, you may re-enact the Star Wars battles of the movies. It had two sequels, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. The rating of "Teen" is a moderate one, with violence limited to the clean, quick killing of the Star Wars movies.
Star Wars: Battlefront is the first in the Star Wars: Battlefront series and is a third/first-person shooter video game based around battles featured in the Star Wars movies. It was released on September 20, 2004 for Xbox (playable on Xbox 360), PlayStation 2, and PC, the same day as the release of the Star Wars Trilogy (DVD) set. Players can either play Star Wars: Battlefront online or offline with up to 4 players (on consoles). It was an immediate hit and won many awards and best-game nominations. It was nominated "Best Online Multiplayer Game" in the E3 Game Critics Award; it was named "Best Online Game" in 2004 by Game Revolution and Game Domain; and was named runner-up by IGN.com for the "Game of the Show" award.
This is the first Star Wars game to allow you complete freedom on the battlefield. You can fight whoever you want, however you want, whenever you want. The flexibility of the game play is what earned this game such high reviews from critics. Selected critical reviews:
"... the opportunity to blast enemies into oblivion with the Star Wars' universe's best-known vehicles and weapons is a dream come true."
—PC Gamer (March 2004)
"This is what Star Wars games are supposed to be like. It's fast, it's fun, and yes, it's epic."
—PlayStation 2 Official Magazine, UK (April 2004)

Synopsis (General Overview)
The Historical Campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront is divided in two parts, the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, following the timeline of the Star Wars films.

Clone Wars Campaign
(32 BBY-19 BBY)
■Battle of Grassy Plains (32 BBY)
The Trade Federation has blockaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Trade Federation army of B1 battle droids marches to the Great Grass Plains to destroy the native Gungan Grand Army which opposes them on Naboo. The Trade Federation army arrives in Multi-Troop Transports with Armored Assault Tanks. The Gungan Grand Army was waiting with many Gungan soldiers with some riding kaadu. Their fambaas arrived with giant portable deflector shield generators which were activated to protect the Gungans. The massive Trade Federation army got through the shield and destroyed the portable shield generators and killed many of the Gungans.
■Rebellion on Theed (32 BBY)
The people and security forces of the capital city of Theed attack the Trade Federation's army of B1 battle droids and P-series destroyer droids to allow the Queen to recapture Naboo. But the Trade Federation kills all Royal Guards trying to defend the city.
■Aggressive Negotiations (Separatist Crisis)
The Wookiee Trade Guild taxes the Trade Federation which is now part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In retaliation the CIS sends Darth Sidious's new apprentice Count Dooku and an army of B1 battle droids, P-series droideka, and the new B2 super battle droids to end the conflict. The CIS army destroys the Wookiee Trade Guild and its private army.
■The Battle of Geonosis (22 BBY)
The Galactic Republic has just acquired a new clone army from the Kaminoans on Kamino. The clone army arrives at the Separatist base on Geonosis with Mace Windu to destroy the Separatist army made up of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, W-series droideka, and Geonosians. The clone army with their AT-TEs destroy the Techno Union ships which the CIS was using to evacuate and the clone army killed most of the Geonosians there and destroyed the battle droid army.
■Assault on Kamino (22 BBY)
The CIS has discovered the cloning facilities on Kamino and has sent an army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and W-series droideka to destroy them. The Republic clone army left to defend it destroys all of the attacking droids.
■Mountaintop Defenses (22 BBY)
The Republic has discovered a long-range sensor station on Rhen Var created by Count Dooku. They send an army of clone troopers with AT-TEs and a few TX-130 Saber-class fighter tanks to Rhen Var to capture the station. The army of clones destroyed all of the W-series droideka, B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and Armored Assault Tanks there in conjunction with another operation led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.
■The Battle of Kashyyyk (19 BBY)
The CIS has launches a desperate attack on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. A clone army of the Republic is sent to Kashyyyk to destroy the army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, droidekas, OG-9 homing spider droids, and Armored Assault Tanks. They destroy the entire Separatist army there and save the Wookiees.

Galactic Civil War Campaign
(0 BBY-4 ABY)
■Desert Extermination (0 BBY)
The Galactic Empire sends down a legion of stormtroopers with some vehicles to the Dune Sea on Tatooine to eliminate Rebels and hostile natives. The stormtrooper legion slaughters all Rebels and Tusken Raiders they find in the Dune Sea.
■Siege of Mos Eisley (0 BBY)
The stormtroopers of the Empire and Darth Vader have began searching the town of Mos Eisley for the droids which carried the plans to the Death Star. The droids escaped, so the stormtroopers and Darth Vader eliminated all locals that were suspected of helping the droids escape.
■Sabotage at Rhen Var (0 BBY)
The Rebellion has discovered an Imperial outpost on the planet Rhen Var and sends a company of troopers to capture the station. The stormtroopers left to defend the station then kill all of the attacking Rebels.
■Raid on Yavin 4 (0 BBY)
The Empire sends down a legion of stormtroopers to verify the presence of a Rebel base on Yavin 4. They kill all of the Rebels in the Arena, thereby verifying the location of a Rebel base.
■Fall of Yavin 4 (0 ABY)
The Death Star has been destroyed and several escape pods have crashed down on Yavin 4. The surviving stormtroopers attack the Rebel base but are all killed by the Rebels defending the base.
■The Battle of Hoth (3 ABY)
The Rebel Base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire, and stormtroopers and All Terrain Armored Transports are sent down to destroy the Rebel base and the Rebel shield generator. The Rebels with the help of Luke Skywalker destroy the AT-ATs and prevent the stormtroopers from attacking long enough so that the transports could escape.
■Liberation of Cloud City (Sometime 3-4 ABY)
The Rebellion sends a company of Rebels to attack the Imperial garrison on Bespin. The Rebels then eliminate the Imperial forces in Cloud City.
■Battle in the Clouds (Sometime 3-4 ABY)
The Rebellion then moves to eliminate all of the stormtroopers on the main mining platform on Bespin.
■The Battle of Endor (4 ABY)
The second Death Star is being constructed above the forest moon of Endor. The Rebellion sends a legion of Rebels which allied with the native Ewoks to destroy the shield bunker which projects a shield around the Death Star II. The Rebels succeed in the mission, allowing for the destruction of the battlestation.

Galactic Conquest
Galactic Conquest allows the player to choose a faction and use it to conquer the galaxy. As a result, it is considered to be non-canon.
1.Rebels - Birth of the Rebellion
2.Empire - Dark Side Rising
3.Republic - Attack of the Clones
4.CIS - Revenge of the Sith
5.Rebels/Empire - The Galactic Civil War
6.Rebels/Empire - A Galaxy Divided
7.Republic/CIS - The Clone Wars
8.Republic/CIS - Balance of the Force

Star Wars: Battlefront II was released on November 1st, 2005 on the PS2, Xbox, PSP, and PC platforms. On the 10th of May 2007, LucasArts announced a PSP exclusive addition to the Star Wars: Battlefront series, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, which was released October 9, 2007. A further game exclusive to mobile platforms, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron was released in 2009. A new version of Star Wars: Battlefront by DICE Studios was announced at E3 2013.

Game play
Character overview
Star Wars: Battlefront gives players the opportunity to control a soldier in a first-or-third person perspective. There are also vehicles players can jump into, both ground and airborne.
The game features four main factions from both the prequel and the classic trilogies. They are: the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists) of the prequel era, and the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire of the classic trilogy. However, factions can only play their historical adversary; there can't be any Rebel vs. Separatist fights, for example. Within each unit, five different classes of characters become available.
Four of the classes are fairly similar for each faction: a basic infantry soldier, a heavy weapons trooper with a rocket launcher, a pilot, and a sniper. The fifth class is different for each faction. The Imperials have the dark trooper, with a jump pack which enables short but high jumps, plus a blast cannon, a pistol and grenades. The Republic has the jet trooper, with a jetpack, which enables long but low jumps, an enhanced pistol, grenades and an EMP launcher. The Separatists have the droideka, which is very powerful, fast and comes with a personal shield, but can't use vehicles. The Rebels have the Wookiee Smuggler, with extra health, time-bombs, a bowcaster, and a grenade launcher. Players choose their class at the spawn screen.
Jedi heroes are featured in the game: the Rebel Alliance gets Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader wields his lightsaber for the Empire, Mace Windu fights along with the Republic, and Count Dooku is with the Separatists. Jedi characters appear but are not playable; they may only be the player's allies in battle, under certain circumstances. The heroes will occasionally fight alongside the player in the campaign battles, in which case the other team won't have a hero. Heroes can be enabled in Instant Action mode, allowing both teams to have a Jedi hero. Once his team's reinforcement count drops below a certain number, the hero automatically dies.
There are also non-playable characters (NPCs): Tusken Raiders roam the Dune Sea of Tatooine and attack any sides, Jawas patrol the streets of Mos Eisley, Ewoks inhabit the jungle of the forest moon of Endor, Gungans battle on the Naboo Plain, Royal guards patrol Theed, Wookiees defend Kashyyyk and Geonosians aid the Separatists on Geonosis. Additionally, there are droids which can provide ammo or health refills. Players can also take over turrets.

Game style
Every match sees the players fighting the enemy faction. They win by forcing the enemy reinforcement count to zero or capturing all five Command Posts spread throughout the map.
The multiplayer matches can be online or off-line on any of the available maps. The singleplayer skirmish missions are known as Instant Action.
Players may play battles by themselves with NPC's or play an online multiplayer VIA internet, LAN or direct connection. Multiplayer consists of up to 16 online players vs. players on consoles or up to 40 on PC. The servers on PC are dedicated or standard and can be protected with a password.

1.Bespin: Platforms
2.Bespin: Cloud City
3.Endor: Bunker
4.Geonosis: Spire
5.Hoth: Echo Base
6.Kamino: Tipoca City
7.Kashyyyk: Docks
8.Kashyyyk: Islands
9.Naboo: Plains
10.Naboo: Theed
11.Rhen Var: Harbor
12.Rhen Var Citadel
13.Tatooine: Dune Sea
14.Tatooine: Mos Eisley
15.Yavin 4: Arena
16.Yavin 4: Temple
In addition the map Tatooine: Jabba's Palace came with the 1.2 update.
These vehicles have many capabilities from the movies - a Republic Gunship can carry/hold up to five people, and Rebel Snowspeeders are able to launch a tow cable out of the rear of the vehicle to trip up AT-ATs. In addition to the above, blaster turrets and emplaced guns are available on various maps including unique turrets in maps such as Yavin temple and Hoth.

Unit types
■Basic Infantryman: Clone trooper, Super Battle Droid, B1 battle droid (Campaign only), Rebel Soldier, Stormtrooper. They carry blasters and explosives.
■Sniper: Clone Sharpshooter, Assassin Droid, Rebel Marksman, Scout trooper. They carry sniper rifles and Recon Droids.
■Pilot: Clone Pilot, Droid Pilot, Rebel pilot, Imperial Pilot. They carry special launchers and ammunition dispensers.
■Heavy: ARC Trooper, Assault Droid, Rebel vanguard, Shock trooper. They carry rocket launchers and mines.
■Special: Jet Trooper, Droideka, Wookiee Smuggler, Dark Trooper. They carry special weapons. The Jet Troopers and Dark Troopers feature jet packs, while the destroyer droids can transform into their wheeled form for increased mobility.

Mod tools
In late 2004, LucasArts and Pandemic Studios released the Star Wars: Battlefront BFBuilder, an unsupported modding tool that allows players to create new battlefields for Star Wars: Battlefront.[8] It shipped with many of the source files used to make Star Wars: Battlefront, such as maps, sides, sound configuration file;, however, it did not ship with some of the files needed to make specific modifications to the main game itself (i.e. menu configuration files or font files). Two demonstration maps were also included. Sound effects and music used to make the game were not included because of copyright issues, although it is possible to import original music and sound effects into the game.
Map editing in BFBuilder is handled by a program called ZeroEdit, which is used to mold the landscapes, place objects, command posts and vehicle spawn points. Additional scripting is done through LUA files for maps, and ODF (Object Definition Files) files for objects.
User-created levels and mods then go through a process called munging, which compiles assets and maps into formats readable by the game, which are then compiled into container files for in-game use. Although BFBuilder is subtly different from the Battlefront II mod tools, assets can be imported from the first into the second, and vice-versa.

On January 13, 2004, LucasArts announced Star Wars: Battlefront as a multiplayer action game.
Development began in November 2002 at Pandemic Studios, according to Executive Producer Greg Borrud. It was conceived as "the ultimate fan's dream." Lead Artists Dean Betton and Matt Palmer directed the art team in creating a vast array of unusual worlds and characters that have appeared in the Star Wars universe.
The developers used software called SoftImage:XSI. The character models were initially modeled as static objects using a 3D modeling package in process of a process known as "boning and skinning." The process entails first creating a digital "skeleton". Lead programmer John Northan notes that the single player experience is controlled by Artificial Intelligence where the AI for each entity is calculated at several different layers, ranging from the controller AI to a strategic AI. He also explained that the various soldier divisions have unique personalities. Sound Supervisor Nick Peck wrote that the process for creating sounds was to identify what was needed, create the sounds, and then integrate it into the game via programming software. He and his team researched original Star Wars sound effects, then tweaked them and integrated them into the game. Since Battlefront is an action game, Peck and his team traveled to Skywalker Ranch and spent two days creating 1200 new foley (sound) effects, a very detailed process.
There is a playable Xbox demo on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, released on September 21, 2004. The demo gameplay is limited to a Battle of Endor level, and is slightly different to that of the actual game.  A PS2 demo was also released with Sony's PlayStation magazine. It also only featured the Battle of Endor. A glitch in this demo was that the Rebel Wookiee Smuggler class gave orders in Basic, rather than growls.


Cut content
There is cut vehicle content that has been left in the game. This includes:
■Imperial officer and Bothan Spy
■Flash Speeder (Appears as in Clone Wars Campaign and Trailer)
■Sentinel-class landing craft
■Multi-Troop Transport
■N-1 starfighter
■Along with more models from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
■ There was also going to be a unit called a tactical droid. The model was that of an IG-Series droid. The model was released within the Mod Tools for Star Wars Battlefront
■ A Clone Commander unit was cut from the game. It would've been armed with a grenade launcher, a pistol, and health/ammo packs.
■Rumor has it among SWBF modding forums that originally the Clone Commander, Tactical Droid, Imperial Officer, and Bothan Spy were going to be 6th units, like in Battlefront 2. For some Reason, these sixth units were cut from the game and partially released in the mod tools.
■ The Geonosis Map originally had a different layout.
■ Jedi heroes were originally going to be equipped with things like force powers and powerful jumps.
■Generic Jedi units were to support the Republic on Geonosis, strangely, one of the Jedi's skins looks like Darth Maul.
■There was going to be a cinematic that played at the end of each battle.
Some reasons behind this may be issues of balance and/or memory. Most likely, LucasArts did not want Episode III content revealed so early (one example is the Kashyyyk: Docks map (Kachirho) which, at the time, could not be identified).
The Clone Commander, Imperial Officer and Bothan Spy would later become playable in Star Wars: Battlefront II.
In the Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront it was shown that players could fly Droid Starfighters and Jedi Starfighters on Kamino. This was most likely cut because gameplay was too similar to Bespin: Platforms.

Inconsistencies with Star Wars continuity
Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Keeper of the Holocron continuity database Leland Chee has stated that though technology, characters and locations in the game are C-canon, the story itself is S-canon, which means that only parts of it that appeared in other C-canon sources are canon. The story of the sequel however is C-canon.
There are many major canonical inconsistencies in the Star Wars: Battlefront series. However, many of the errors are simply game mechanics.
■Assault droids (the CIS's heavy-weapons unit) are depicted as having blue markings on their bodies while the pilot droids have no markings. This was corrected in Star Wars: Battlefront II.
■In the Clone Wars campaign ARC troopers (the Republic's heavy-weapons unit) are playable on Geonosis, and Jet Troopers are the new units (instead of ARC troopers) in The Battle of Kamino. Previous sources indicated that ARC troopers did not participate in the Battle of Geonosis. Also, in the Star Wars: Battlefront II version of the Battle of Geonosis, both Jet Troopers and ARC Troopers are playable.
■The first Rhen Var mission of the campaign takes place after the Battle of Kamino, and the mission briefing says that they are establishing a base, not defending or retaking one, and makes no implication of any previous battle happening.
■In the game, Imperial dark troopers are not droids, but soldiers with power armor, and they give orders and cry out when they are hit as stormtroopers do. Also, dark troopers are seen in a battle prior to their development. These inconsistencies were retconned by The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide which retconned them to be the Phase Zero dark troopers, part clone trooper, part cyborg.
■In the second campaign mission, the Trade Federation wins instead of the Royal Guards.
■In the Galactic Civil War campaign, Darth Vader is present during the siege of Mos Eisley, but in the movie he was on the Death Star while that was happening. As stated in Star Wars novels, Vader would never return to Tatooine for emotional reasons.
■During the Battle of Hoth in campaign mode, the Rebels win instead of the Empire.
■Wookiees and Imperial Darktroopers fight on Endor even though Chewbacca was the only Wookiee on Endor, and the Darktrooper project was destroyed 3 years before.

Trooper variations
The following are troops that change their stormtrooper or rebel skin on certain maps:
Galactic Empire:
■Scout trooper-Hoth, Rhen Var - Snowtrooper
■Stormtrooper-Hoth, Rhen Var - Snowtrooper
■Shock trooper-Hoth, Rhen Var - Snowtrooper
■Imperial Pilot-Hoth, Rhen Var - AT-AT Pilot
■Imperial Pilot-Naboo, Endor, Tatooine, Yavin - AT-ST Pilot
■Imperial Pilot-Tatooine, Bespin, Kashyyyk -Tie Fighter Pilot
Rebel Alliance:
■Rebel Soldier - Hoth, Rhen Var - Hoth uniform
■Rebel Soldier - Endor, Yavin IV,Naboo - Forest Uniform
■Rebel Soldier - Bespin - Gray Uniform
■Rebel Vanguard - Hoth, Rhen Var - Hoth uniform
■Rebel Marksmen - Hoth, Rhen Var - Hoth uniform
■Rebel Pilot - Hoth, Rhen Var - Hoth uniform
■Wookiee - Hoth, Rhen Var - Snow covered fur

On the review website Metacritic.com, the Playstation 2 port has a score of 82 while the Xbox version is scored at 80.
GameSpy reviewed the game at 4 out of 5. Reviewer Will Tuttle, using the PlayStation 2 version, called the multiplayer a ton of fun, but criticized the game's AI and controls.
The Xbox version was reviewed at 94% on Xbox Addict.com. The staffer had a problem with the weapons, citing their inaccuracy, and also criticized the lag on Xbox Live. The staffer praised the game's visuals and audio.
The game was nominated for "Best Game Based on a Movie" at the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards, although it lost to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Unlock Maps For Instant Action
Beat missions in Single Player Historical Campaigns to unlock them for Instant Action.
Unlock More Galactic Conquest Missions
Beat one of the Single Player Galactic Conquest missions to unlock the rest.
Artwork Unlockables
■Naboo Stills: Beat the Naboo-Rebellion on Theed Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars.
■Star Wars Battlefront Art: Beat the Kashyyyk-Aggressive Negotiations Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars.
■Geonosis Stills: Beat the Geonosis-Battle of Geonosis Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars. 
■Kamino Storyboards: Beat the Kamino-Assault on Kamino Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars. 
■Weapons and Units Stills: Beat the Rhen Var-Mountaintop Defenses Mission in Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars. 
■Tatooine Concept Art: Beat the Tatooine- Siege of Mos Eisley Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.
■Yavin Concept Art: Beat the Yavin 4-The Fall of Yavin 4 Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.
■Hoth Concept Art: Beat the Hoth-Battle of Hoth Mission in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.
■Bespin Concept Art: Beat the Bespin-The Liberation of Cloud City in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.
■Endor Stills: Beat the Bespin-Battle in the Clouds in Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War.

More In Depth Reviews

In Star Wars: Battlefront, there are 4 basic factions: the Republic (Clones), the CIS (Battle Droids), the Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance. Each faction has the same basic troops, but have special troops unique to the faction, as well as different spawn points and vehicles.
The Republic
The Republic is a nice faction in that their vehicles are very powerful, but they don't have many scouting vehicles, and their vehicles are rather slow. They often have an advantage when going after command points. They are one of two factions (The Empire is the other) to have a mobile command post in the AT-TE.
The CIS is a faction that is somewhat short of health, but can have some tricks up their sleeve. As their heads are either thin or hard to hit, they are hard to snipe. The CIS sniper has two levels of zoom on his rifle, as well as a recon droid that can call in airstrikes.
The Galactic Empire
The Emipire is heavily based on assault. Their weapons, when used properly, can really deal maximum damage. This is also reflected in their bulky powerhouse vehicles. The other faction to have a mobile command post - The powerful AT-AT.
The Rebel Alliance
The Rebel Alliance is somewhat of an oddball, as their weapons and vehicles are often unique, but powerful.
The Rebel Alliance overall battlefield approach seems to focus on precision, maneuverability, and speed. As just one example, look at the vehicles for the Battle of Hoth. Imperials: AT-AT, AT-ST. Rebel Alliance: Snowspeeders, tauntauns. Most accurate rifle in the game. Fastest standard troop unit in the game. Some Alliance troops wear camouflage outfits or at least darker uniforms; aiding them in staying undetected on some maps.

This section is a basic outline of the weapons in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Primary weapons
•The blaster rifle is carried by all basic infantry units in some form or other. Depending on the unit, the clip may contain from 50-60 rounds. Fire this weapon in short controlled bursts of about 5 rounds or so, as firing continuously decreases the accuracy of the rifle.
•The missile launcher is carried by anti-vehicle units. It does a substantial amount of damage, but is really only good for large maps with many vehicles or turrets. However, it is easiest to kill invincible Jedi heroes by blasting them off an edge with a rocket launcher. In addition, the rocket launcher is effective in clearing command posts, blasting pesky enemies, providing cover fire, and blasting away NPCs who would normally be tough to kill with other weapons (e.g. Gammoreans).
•The sniper rifle is carried by sniping units. Republic and Empire snipers have a 6-round clip and a scope that can magnify one time, while the rifles from the CIS and the Rebellion have a 5-round clip and a twice-magnifying scope. Either way, the blast is fast and takes barely any time to hit the enemy. However, its small clip and slow firing rate makes it unsuitable in close fighting, except for providing cover fire.
•The blast cannon is carried by Imperial Dark Troopers and Rebellion pilots. It has a shotgun-like style, and shoots out 5 or 6 rounds simultaneously, depending on the unit. It is useful in short-range, but its use is diminished for farther distances, except for hitting multiple targets at once.
•The mortar launcher is carried by Imperial pilots. It fires a grenade in an arc that explodes on contact. It is quite powerful, but it can be sort of difficult to aim. With a little practice, it can be used to devastating effect on the move.
•The radiation launcher is carried by CIS pilot droids. It is very similar to the mortar launcher, but fires a green burst of radiation that is quite effective. Like the mortar launcher, it fires in sort of an arc.
•The DN bolt caster is carried by clone pilots. It is almost useless when uncharged, as it is slow and takes three uncharged shots. When charged, it may destroy a droid at close range, but after firing, it has a 3-second charge up that renders it inefficient.
•The Wookiee bowcaster is carried only by Wookiee smugglers. It fires a green bolt with a moderate speed, but the best way to use it is to charge it up and release a lot of bolts at your opponent. At close range, you may be able to kill two stormtroopers simultaneously with this weapon when charge.
•The EMP launcher is carried by the Jet Trooper of the Republic. It is powerful and discharges an EMP blast. It can kill a droid with one shot, and has some limited splash damage. However, it only has 2 shots with one clip, so use it wisely.
•The repeating blasters are the only weapons of the Droideka. They are charge-powered, but can fire extremely rapidly. In addition, it's quite energy efficient, and is often the weapon of choice for slaughtering loads of clones.
•The grenade launcher is carried by the Rebellion's Wookiee Smugglers. It launches a grenade that takes about 3 seconds to detonate. Because of this, you may want to accordingly time your shot position.
•Pistols are carried by all units in some form or another except in Wookiee smugglers and Droidekas. They are charge-powered, and aren't very powerful, but they work in a pinch (i.e. when you have no ammo left).

Secondary items
These items are carried in the unit's secondary slot.
•Thermal detonators are basically grenades. They are red, and do splash damage. A well-placed grenade can clear out a heavily populated command post in no time, so chuck these often. Make sure you don't kill your team mates as well.
•Concussion grenades are only carried by the basic infantry units. Their main purpose is to be used against vehicles and turrets, as they stick on to them. They have a yellow blast, and does the same damage as a missile.
•Wrist rockets are only carried by Super Battle Droids in place of grenades. They fire a rocket from their wrist blasters that is best suited for eliminating the few stragglers around a badly-guarded command post.
•Mines are carried by anti-vehicle units. Place them in strategic, out-of-sight regions to guard your command posts. You only carry four at a time, so place wisely.
•Recon droids are special droids carried by sniper units. When deployed, the player takes the recon droid's perspective. The droid has a weak, charging blaster, but its value lies in its ability to trigger an airstrike. By pressing and holding the secondary fire button, the droid makes 4 beeps, at the end of which triggers a large airstrike. It's useful for clearing out command posts, and made even more useful by the fact that the enemy will not fire at them. Once the droid is killed, it reverts back to the sniper's perspective. The droid automatically dies if the sniper is killed. Be careful that you don't trigger an airstrike near your sniper, lest you want to commit suicide. In addition, recon droids can't jump, so don't go into places where you can't jump back out.
•The fusion-cutter is carried by pilot units. It can be used to repair vehicles, droids, and turrets, and also to build droids and turrets. If you've been riding in your X-Wing and you suffer too much damage (you can tell when it starts smoking and sparking), land in a secure area and heal it with your fusion-cutter.
•The ammo-health dispenser is carried by pilot units. It consists of a bacta tank and an ammo canister. If you see one of your cronies in poor health, or you are in poor health or ammo, toss some. You only have 5 dispenses, so use it wisely.
•Time bombs are carried by Wookiee Smugglers. It has a 10-second fuse (unlike in the sequel where it has a 5-second fuse), but it isn't very useful unless you anticipate your enemies coming there five seconds later.
•Shields are for Droidekas only. They can take a sizeable amount of damage before powering down, but you'll want to keep them down until you see combat. Another reason is that they power down gradually, so you'll want to conserve energy.

Items can be picked up from dispensing pilots, or from dead bodies.
•Ammo canisters are rectangular canisters with a red marking. They give you ammo, one of each.
•Bacta tanks are cylindrical canisters with some blue liquid in them. They give you a small amount of health. If you grab multiple tanks, though, they can really add up.


The Republic units have weaponry that is effective against droids, such as EMP technology.
•The Clone Trooper is the basic infantry unit with white coloration. He is armed with a blaster rifle that shoots rapidly with a 60-round clip. In addition, he carries a blaster pistol with a charging function, EMP grenades, and concussion grenades. The Clone Trooper is very versatile, and are a good choice on virtually any map.
•The ARC Trooper, with blue coloration, is armed with a rocket launcher, blaster pistol, mines, and thermal detonators. The ARC Trooper's rocket launcher can fire two shots without reloading, making them one of the more useful heavy weapons units in the game. As a result, they are useful even on maps without vehicles. They are also useful at taking down turrets, which can really be pesky during the game. The mines are also very useful for stopping enemy advances. Put them around corners and in dark spots where your enemy is likely to step but unlikely to see them.
•The Clone Pilot, with yellow coloration, has a DN Bolt Caster, blaster pistol, ammo/health dispenser, and a fusion cutter to repair vehicles, turrets, and droids. The Clone Pilot's main weapon is inaccurate and very ineffectual, so whenever you can, just stick to piloting or the pistol if you must. Keep a few around with you to dispense ammo and health when you need it. The Clone Pilot, like all pilots, automatically repairs any ship they are in. This is very useful when using the LAAT with its capacity of 7 people. Fully loaded with clone pilots, they can automatically regenerate any health lost.
•The Clone Sharpshooter, with red coloration, has a sniper rifle with a 6-round clip and a scope that zooms once, a pistol, thermal detonators, and a recon droid. The sharpshooter isn't very good in closer combat, but on maps where you have a good view of the battlefield and can snipe from afar like Kashyyk: Docks or Kamino, the sharpshooter is one of your best bets. The recon droid is especially useful, as enemies will not aim at them. You can use its weak blaster or more preferably call for an orbital strike.
•The Jet Trooper, with green coloration, is the Republic's special unit. They have a two-round EMP launcher, a pistol, and a whopping 6 thermal detonators. The EMP launcher can kill any droid in one hit except for the shielded droideka, but it's slow and needs to reload often. You may want use it where there's enough cover for you to reload. The jet pack makes it a slow unit when running, but its speed is almost unmatched when airborne. Use your jet pack to gain and aerial advantage, then just blast away from above. Keep one of these units with you as often as possible. The secondary blaster pistol can be used as well with moderate efficiency. The Jet trooper is one of the most dangerous units in the game if used properly. Use both the EMP launcher and the blaster pistol to eliminate the enemy, and the jetpack provides a quick and effective way to escape enemy fire if you have low health.

•The Super Battle Droid is the basic infantry unit. They have a rapid-firing wrist blaster with 55 rounds a clip. Their alternate primary weapon instead of a pistol is a wrist "tri-shot" where they shoot three laser blasts simultaneously from their wrist. This is a pretty useful alternate weapon for finishing off your foes. Finally, instead of grenades, Super Battle Droids have rockets that they shoot from their wrist blasters. It's more accurate and useful for assaulting vehicles and turrets, but it lacks the punch that the grenade brings against groups of infantry.
•The Assault Droid is armed with a one-shot missile launcher and a blaster pistol. They can also lay mines and throw grenades. They hold 7 missiles and 3 grenades. Not very useful in maps without vehicles or turrets.
•The Sniper Droid is armed with a sniper rifle. This sniper rifle holds 5 rounds but can zoom twice, making it better for accuracy. They also carry a pistol, 3 grenades, and a recon droid. Be sure to have a few Sniper Droids in your group to pick off clones. In any case, aim at the clone's forehead to get a good headshot.
•The Pilot Droid is one of the best pilot classes. Their main weapon, a radiation launcher, is hard to aim but devastating, dealing splash damage. It has 5 rounds per clip. Besides that, Pilot Droids also carry a pistol, a fusion cutter, and a health/ammo dispenser. An indispensable unit regardless of the map.
•The Droideka is one of the more unusual classes. It is highly immobile because of its low speed and agility. The Droideka only has one weapon, the repeating arm blasters. This is a devastating weapon due to its high damage and rapid fire. In addition, it has a shield. The shield can withstand two EMP blasts or rockets, but it slowly runs out on its own. The battery regenerates slowly, so only use the shield when there are enemies around. Without its shield, the droideka has the lowest health of any unit. The droideka cannot pilot vehicles. Instead, when the "man vehicle" button is pressed, the droideka will roll up into a wheel, transforming it into a very fast, mobile character. Droidekas cannot give commands. A single droideka can mow down a ton of clone troopers, so have one with your group. If your shield runs out of battery, roll up and make a hasty retreat, else you will be swiftly killed.

Rebel Alliance
•The Rebel Soldier carries the best all-around rifle in the game; while it doesn't deal quite as much damage as the Stormtrooper's rifle, it's more accurate and doesn't lose its precision after automatic bursts of fire. Additionally, the Rebel Soldier is the fastest non-special-unit class in the game. Rebel Soldiers also carry a blaster pistol, 3 thermal grenades, and 3 concussion grenades for anti-vehicle use.
•The Rebel Vanguard is an authentic rocketry unit in that each time you fire its rocket launcher, two rockets are fired. If you aim at the center of a vehicle, the rockets will home in and find their target. The Vanguard is also useful in narrow hallways, as the rockets will cover more ground and create more devastation than most other units. The Vanguard's second weapon is a pistol, and he carries 4 grenades and 4 mines.
•As far as sniper classes go, the Rebel Marksman is a fairly good soldier. Its sniper rifle inflicts decent damage and has 2 levels of zoom; the main advantage to this unit is its ability to use the sniper rifle in close-range combat. The biggest problem with this unit is the fact that there are no good levels for sniping in the campaign; to take full advatage of the Marksman, play Galactic Conquest or Instant Action. If you run out of ammo for your rifle, the Marksman also carries a blaster pistol, 4 grenades, and a recon droid.
•There is almost no variation between the pilot classes in this game, and the Rebel Pilot is no exception. Its main weapon is a shotgun. From close range, these units can pack a punch against infantry, but their strength lies in, well, piloting. They carry the customary blaster pistol, fusion cutter, and health/ammo dispensers, as well as the ability to repair vehicles they occupy.
•The Wookiee Smuggler is the Rebel Alliance's special unit. Don't be fooled; despite their slow pace, these Wookiees are well armed. Their main gun is a bowcaster. If you hold down the fire button, it will charge up to become a spray shot, optimum for multiple enemies, moving targets or persons with bad aim. And that's not all; their secondary, and equally devastating, weapon is a grenade launcher. Hold down your primary attack button to fire the grenades longer distances. The Wookiee's only secondary attack item is a time bomb; when placed, they have a 10-second fuse. Additionally, time bombs can be attached to walls, turrets, vehicles, or even infantry if you have the mind. Wookiees carry 3 time bombs. Generally, they aren't very effective unless you know the enemy is coming over.

Galactic Empire
•The Stormtrooper is the best grunt soldier out of the four factions. Its blaster rifle, containing 55 rounds per clip, deals tons of damage to enemy units (and friendlies, for that matter). Besides the rifle, Stormtroopers carry a standard-issue blaster pistol, 4 thermal detonators (grenades), and 2 concussion grenades.
•The Shock Trooper is the heavy artillery of the Empire's infantry. His rocket launcher fires 1 rocket at a time, and must reload after each shot. The good news is that rockets fired by the Shock Trooper home in on their targets. These units also carry pistols, 4 thermal detonators, and 4 mines. These mines create devastating explosions when triggered by enemies (friendly units cannot trigger them). Place them around corners, in shadows, or across chokepoints for maximum effect.
•Scout Troopers are good for just about that - scouting. Their sniper rifle has only one level of zoom, and is not as powerful as some of the others. Other equipment carried by this unit includes a pistol, 3 thermal detonators, and a recon droid. Recon droids can be very effective if you know what you're doing; they move quickly and have a small blaster, making them ideal for scouting. Additionally, enemy units do not fire at your recon droid.
•The Imperial Pilot is an integral unit in your attack. A pilot's main weapon is a grenade launcher that fires thermal detonators; this is your only source of grenades with this unit. They are equipped with a pistol, a fusion cutter, and can dispense ammo and health. Pilots also come with the passive ability to repair the vehicle they occupy.
•A bit of a downgrade from the Jet Trooper, the Dark Trooper does not have the same impact as the other special units. Their main gun is a shotgun, much like the one used by the Rebel pilots. Dark Troopers also carry blaster pistols and 4 thermal detonators. The Dark Trooper's unique ability is the ability to "fly." In actuality, it's sort of a super-jump that catapults you up in the direction you were running. Useful for getting around, but the Dark Trooper's long jet-recharge time and low firepower removes any advantage it gains. The Dark Trooper's jet pack is not as good as covering vast distances like the Jet Trooper's jetpack, but it propels the trooper higher. In addition, the Dark Trooper's jetpack spews black smoke when it is used, making it sort of a giveaway (not that a flying unit isn't already).


Ground vehicles
•AATs (Armored Assault Tanks) — Armored Assault Tanks, or AATs, are powerful vehicles that, unlike the AT-ST, can strafe. The main pilot can fire several blasts of yellow lasers from the sides while the main gunner can fire a single powerful blast from the turret. This vehicle belongs to the CIS.
•AT-STs (All Terrain-Scout Transport) — The All Terrain Scout Transport is the main Imperial ground vehicle. It can be operated with a single driver (who operates the controls and the main blasters) and a second occupant, who operates the side mounted blasters. The walker is neither fast nor slow, and can rotate its "head" to target Rebels. It is incapable of strafing like its Rebel counterpart, the landspeeder, and in a straight fight between the two, the AT-ST is at a disadvantage unless it is crewed by two drivers. This vehicle belongs to the Galactic Empire.
•AT-ATs (All Terrain-Armored Transport) — The All Terrain Armored Transport is one of the two known command walkers in the world of Star Wars. AT-ATs are practically invulnerable to blaster fire and serve as mobile command posts. The AT-AT is part of the Galactic Empire's force. The AT-AT can be operated by one driver, who operates the extremely powerful (but slow-charging) heavy blasters, and a second occupant who controls the medium blasters on the sides of the vehicle's "head". The AT-AT is slow and ponderous, and is generally incapable of shooting down snowspeeders (unless under the control of an excellent marksman.)
•AT-TEs (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer) — The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is the precursor of the AT-AT and fills the same role for Republic forces, a heavily armed mobile command post. The AT-TE can be crewed by three Clones - a pilot who operates the main quad blasters, a rear gunner, and a turret gunner. The turret is a heavy blaster capable of dealing heavy damage, and has the ability to traverse a full 360 degree field of fire, though the recharge time and rotation time is very lengthy. The AT-TE is every bit as slow as the AT-AT, but slightly more maneuverable.
•Skiffs — A lightweight but not very nimble floating craft that is primarily intended for use as a troop transport, not a combat vehicle. One pilot controls the craft, and three gunners may man the side blasters. It appears at the Sandcrawler in the Tatooine: Dune Sea map. However, a trained player can avoid being shot and just pick the enemies off of the skiff - There are usually 3 or 4 easy pickings available.
•Naboo Gian Speeders — Gian Speeders are less-powerful versions of the Rebel Combat Landspeeder. It has an open cockpit that leaves the two occupants (a driver and a main gunner) open to hostile fire. They are only available in the campaign mode.
•Separatist Hailfire droids — Hailfire droids are large but swift missile platforms. The purple missiles home in on the target at the center of the targeting reticle. It is possible to get a weak target lock by positioning the reticle over a vehicle when firing. Its secondary fire is a small but powerful laser that fires from underneath.
•Imperial IFT-T Hover Tanks/Republic IFT-X Hover Tanks — Imperial Hover Tanks, or IFT-Ts, are powerful hovertanks that are more akin to Combat Landspeeders than the AT-ST. The Republic version is known as the IFT-X and features identical weaponry to the Imperial version save the colour of the lasers. The pilot position features two blaster cannons which fire singularly as well as two missile launchers which also fire singularly. The second gunner position is an open-cockpit beam attack similar to that of the Republic Gunships.
•Rebel Combat Landspeeders — A powerful and swift vehicle which is lethal to even an AT-AT if maneuvered properly. It features a driver seat with side cannons and a hood-mounted cannon which fires in bursts of three. The pilot's secondary fire unleashes twin rockets. The additional rockets make for a lethal combination against Imperial forces.
•Separatist "Spider Walker" — Homing Spider Droids are large four-legged walkers armed with a beam that fires from a large dish. Primary fire fires a long highly-damaging beam attack which causes considerable damage to the target. Secondary fire fires a smaller laser in pulses, which is effective against infantry. The Homing Spider Droid is also possibly the slowest vehicle in the game, rivaling the much larger AT-AT in terms of its lack of speed. While dangerous in its own right, the Spider Walker is easily destroyed by other vehicular craft.
•Speeder bikes — Speeder bikes are light and the fastest non-aerial vehicle in the game. The light armor makes it easy to kill. It has a single laser cannon. Because of their light armor, they are easily damaged by obstacles and rough terrain. The Republic version features a fast-firing machine-gun like attack. Also, if used carefully, speeder bikes are fairly effective at killing footsoldiers or Jedi by ramming.
•STAPs — STAPs are slower and less maneuverable than speeder bikes, but their attacking power is much greater. They are operated by a single pilot. Additionally, they do not take damage if they collide with obstacles, but are still relatively vulnerable to enemy fire. STAPs have an open cockpit, allowing infantry to shoot off the pilot.

Aerial vehicles
•Bespin Cloud Car — The Cloud Car is a small, nimble aircraft found only on Bespin. As in the movies, the Cloud Car features a pilot and a gunner position. The pilot operates the craft's lasers, which are similar to the TIE fighters, while the gunner may launch rockets.
•Droid starfighters — Similar to the TIE fighter in many respects, the Droid starfighter fires a volley of twin lasers from its wings. It can fire much faster than the Jedi starfighter but lacks missiles.
•Geonosian starfighters — The Geonosian starfighter, found only on Geonosis, features one of the most rapid-firing lasers in the game, but the strength of the lasers is weak, and the recharge time long.
•Jedi starfighters — Similar to the X-wing in many respects, the Jedi starfighter can fire less before its lasers overheat but features dual lock-on missiles. They have the fastest turning and acceleration response and they are very durable and strong for something so maneuverable.
•LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) Republic Gunships — The Republic LAAT/i Gunship features the highest carrying capacities (5)and has the most powerful weaponry. The main pilot can fire guided missiles and front lasers. The guided missiles have less of a lock-on time than most other missiles. The Co-pilot can fire two beams from the wings while the two ball gunners can fire from the sides. The final position is the passenger and features no weaponry. Fully loaded with Pilots, it can almost immediately regenerate any damage taken. If you happen to be battling one, concentrate all your team-mates' fire on the LAAT. Eventually, it will fall.
•Rebel Snowspeeders — Snow speeders, featured on Hoth, have two seats - a pilot and a rear gunner. The pilot has two standard cannons while the rear gunner has a tow-cable and a blaster at their disposal. If the tow-cable connects with the AT-AT's legs, as seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the pilot can loop around the walker's legs, tripping the AT-AT and causing it to crash to its "knees", destroying it. You will, however, be easily shot by a non-computer player while doing this.
•Separatist Gunships — The disc-shaped MAF gunship has three positions - the pilot, who, like the Jedi starfighter, has dual lasers and lock-on missiles, the Copilot has lasers similar to those of the LAAT Republic Gunship and the Spider walker, and the main gunner has a 360 degree view of the battlefield and fires on enemy positions with standard lasers.
•TIE fighters — The TIE fighter is the Imperial equivalent to the X-wing. It can fire more shots per volley and is faster, but is more fragile and does not feature lock-on missiles.
•TIE Bombers — The TIE Bomber is the Imperial equivalent to the Y-wing. The pilot has control of cannons and lock-on missiles, making it much better at targeting X-Wings, but bombs are controlled only by the second position.
•X-Wings — Armed with four rapid-firing laser cannons, X-wings are among the best fighters. It can also fire a pair of proton torpedoes with secondary fire upon lock-on.
•Y-Wings — The Y-wing has 2 seats - a gunner and the pilot. Secondary fire unleashes a series of bombs. The gunner controls a turret. The main defense weapon is the chain gun that is situated on top of the craft.

If there are aircraft, leave them to a pilot, or be a pilot. Pilots are generally unsuited to ground support (although their weapons are often very powerful). Besides, they automatically restore the health of the craft they are in.
A good tactic is dive-bombing. This is when you fire at ground troops from above. Used correctly, it will quickly whittle away reinforcements. When you dive-bomb, hold your brakes down for the entire dive. Locate a group of enemies and blast away, or fire missiles if you can. This can be done with any type of craft.
Another tactic is to destroy an enemy's craft before it takes off. It respawns again, but it robs them of a vehicle temporarily.
When dog fighting, decide on a craft to kill and pursue that craft only. When you can hit it, brake and loose your lasers. If this is not enough, you may want to fire missiles if possible. Be liberal with the gunfire if you are fighting a bomber.
If you take too much damage, fly over to a secure command post (make sure it is your own) and whip out your fusion-cutter. To use it, use secondary weapon. Do this until you replenish your health. Another method if you are a pilot is to fly around and avoid combat. You can slowly regenerate your health by this way.
One of the only ways to kill a Jedi or Sith is to land an aerial vehicle on top of one, or one can try using a IFT-T and drive over. However, the player will not get the credit for the kill.
Also, if you are playing in a flying map (ex: Bespin) you can pick a Missile Launcher-equipped trooper and manage to launch a missile in the Jedi's\Sith's foot, he'll take knockback, repeat it and push him off the edge and you kill him.
If you're in a larger vehicle, always be sure you have infantry support. By yourself, you will be torn apart by heavy weapons troops.

Organic "vehicles"
•Kaadus — Kaadus are reptilian animals which players use to traverse large distances on the Naboo: Plains map. No weapons can be used while on the back of a Kaadu. A player will die if the Kaadu is shot out from beneath them.
•Tauntauns — Tauntauns are large creatures that can be used to traverse distances on the Hoth map quickly. Weapons cannot be used while riding one. Although Tauntauns seem content to stand around for long periods of time, by hopping on a Tauntaun, a timer is set off that decreases the beast's health the longer a player rides it (reflecting the death of Han Solo's Tauntaun in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back from exposure). If a Tauntaun is shot out from under a player, the player will be killed.
While riding, it's good to keep in a straight line so you don't run into any trouble. Standard infantry will have a tough time hitting you, but steer clear from vehicles; they can fry you with relative ease.
In addition to the above, various blaster turrets and emplaced guns are available on various maps. The standard turret looks much like a chain gun. It fires rather slowly, and doesn't give much bang for its buck. Generally, don't enter these turrets unless you don't have any ammo, or you've got a squad to cover your vulnerable back. Be very careful for snipers and heavy weapons units.
On Hoth, there are two special types of turrets. The first looks a lot like a satellite dish. It fires a powerful yellow laser that can fry anyone with a single blast. The second is a large turret with a thin barrel. It fires in spurts of three, and is mostly useful against straggling enemies. On Tatooine: Mos Eisley, a special type of turret may be seen on the barge.

NPC'S (non-playable races)
•Wookiees can be found in the Islands and Docks maps. Their weapons and stats are the same as the Wookiee Smuggler of the Rebels, and they ally with the Republic and the Rebels. Since they're a mix of the infantry, heavy weapon, and pilot units, they can be quite deadly. Combined with the fact that they have a larger amount of health than most units, they are quite dangerous. The best way to take them down is to snipe them or blast them with a grenade or missile launcher.
Wookiees are quite powerful.
•Tusken Raiders are found on the Dune Sea map. They often hold at least one command post, and since there are often large numbers of them around such a post, it is very difficult to capture it. They carry blasters and ally themselves with no one. Since they are like regular units, you can just blast them with a blaster rifle. Their aim isn't that good, so keep strafing when you engage them. The easiest way to take their command post is to grab a vehicle and use it for suppressive fire while your infantry comrades take the base.
•Jawas can be found in Mos Eisley. They don't have any weapons, but they go around fixing vehicles and constructing turrets, regardless of the team. They can be useful, but if you see them aiding the enemy, feel free to blast them away. Also, if you find yourself low on health, you can kill them; they often drop a bacta tank.
•Gammoreans are found in Jabba's Palace and are allied with no one. They are very big and have a lot of health, making them hard to kill with a blaster rifle. They have an axe that can kill with one sweep, so stay far away from them as you can. Keep deluging them with blaster fire and get your comrades to do so, and they will fall. The most efficient way to do away with them, however, is to blast them with a missile launcher. Grenades aren't very useful, as they move and roll around a lot. Keep your eyes out for them, especially when you're sniping.
•The Sarlacc Pit is an invincible NPC in the Dune Sea map. It is basically a pit with tentacles wiggling out. If you step too close, it will grab you and you will be eaten.
•The Rancor is an invincible NPC in Jabba's Palace. In the throne room, there is a trapdoor in front of Jabba that you can fall through (like in the Return of the Jedi). The Rancor is stationary, but if you move too close to it, it will grab you and messily devour you. Unusually, it cannot pick up the Droideka, but it will still deal damage with its claws. To pass it, go past its side where it cannot grab you; DO NOT try to go through its legs.
•Gungans are found on the Plains map. They aid the Republic or Rebels. They can fix turrets, but mostly provide suppressive fire with their boomers, the balls that they chuck at their enemies. If their continual "Mesa here to help!" annoys you, feel free to kill them.
•Royal Guards are found in Theed. They sport a variety of weapons, from blaster rifles to missile launchers, so be ready if you're not a Republic or Rebel unit.
•Ewoks are in the Bunker map and aid the Rebels. There are a lot of them to help or hurt you, but if you're on the opposing side, they're only armed with spears and other primitive weapons, and relatively easy to kill. Be very careful for their AT-ST killing logs, they are a surprisingly effective booby trap.
•Geonosians are flying alien beings. Besides being hard to hit because of their flight, they don't pose very much of a problem, except in numbers.
•Jedi Heroes are available for all factions. The Republic gets Mace Windu, the CIS Count Dooku, the Empire has Darth Vader on their side, and the Rebellion has Luke Skywalker. They are resistant to blaster fire, as they will regenerate their energy when hit. They may be knocked down, but that's about it. Since they are invincible, there are only a few ways to kill them. The first is to blast them off of an edge or cliff, but not all maps have one. The best weapon to accomplish this is with the missile launcher. Because they are rather stupid, they're quite easy to hit. The second is to land a vehicle on top of them. However, you don't get credit for the kill in this way. The last method is to deplete your enemy's reinforcements down to 10%. After this, they die and do not respawn. At their best, they are quite useful and will slice down large numbers of their enemies. At their worst, they will just stand there and wait. Don't depend too heavily on them, and stay away if you see one.

At the end of each level, you see a screen that will show you your stats for that level, such as kills, deaths, and command posts taken. You can also see how you compare to other soldiers. A favorite goal among many players is trying to get more kills than the invincible hero (not a difficult feat for someone skilled in the game).
In addition to your basic stats, you can see the "Personal Stats" page, a page that shows you the following information:
•Head Shots: the number of headshots you scored on opponents (correlates to the "Dead Eye" award).
•Favorite Class: The soldier class you used the most (time-wise).
•Favorite Weapon: The weapon you used the most (time-wise).
•Favorite Vehicle: The vehicle you used the most (time-wise).
•Longest Living Streak: The longest period of time you survived.
•Narrow Escapes: The number of times you dipped below 10% health.
•Vehicles Destroyed: The number of vehicles you demolished (correlates to the "Tank Buster" award).
•Bait: The enemy unit you killed the most.
•Nemesis: The enemy unit that killed you the most.
Another link on the main postgame-stats page is the "Awards" page. Here you can see which units, out of all 32 on the battlefield, excel at certain things. The awards are as follows:
•Tank Buster: This award is given to the player with the most vehicle kills.
•Dead Eye: This award is given to the player with the most head shots.
•Camper: The player who stays perfectly still the longest will win this award.
•Bantha Fodder: The player who died the most wins this award.
•Public Enemy: This medal goes to the player with the most kills in one lifetime.
•Killing Spree: This award is given to the player that gets the most kills within 5 seconds.
•Survivalist: The player who gets the most kills while below 10% health wins this award.
•Traitor: The player who kills the most teammates earns this award.

I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the addon map limit for singleplayer? I am willing do what ever it takes to do wether its a long or short process.
Released Maps and Mods / ZOMBIES (1.0)
November 19, 2014, 02:08:45 PM


Creator: vonfrank
Description: The following is from the original web page:

The zombie-game pandemic has struck Pandemic's non-zombie-game!
Vonfrank's submission here looks like the stock Cloud City map with some new units. These new units are some kind of zombie; no doubt they were cross-infected by one of the thousands of immune L4D gamer carriers. In this mod, the Rebel units are all stripped of their weapons but are given a melee attack, and presumably they attack horde-style, as zombies are wont to do.
You apparently play the role of one of a hundred stormtroopers sent to save (?) Bespin from the zombie-rebel threat.
If it looks appealing or if you're simply hungry for more zombies, give it a shot.

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named bespin2 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!

Released Maps and Mods / Woods: Search and Destroy (1.0)
November 19, 2014, 02:08:39 PM
Woods: Search and Destroy (1.0)


Creator: BHF_Breakdown
Description: The following is from the original web page:

"Woods: Search and Destroy," by BHF_Breakdown, is a rare attempt at an objective-based map for SWBF1. While (and of course there is this caveat) I don't own the game, it certainly seems like a vast majority of maps for SWBF1 are strictly "conquest" maps. It's always nice to see a little bit of an attempt to change that every once in a while.
In this map, each team is given the "objective" to hunt down the opposing team's cargo and destroy it, all the while protecting their own. Similar to any number of "siege-type" maps, I'm sure this could be a fun thing to try in MP (although no doubt the AI will let you down in singleplayer).
Sound appealing? Give it a try!

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named yav3 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
I just wanted to see if you all would like more SWBF II map/mods here sense we don't have that much here.
Shadow's Clone and Droid Remix 1.5


Creator: HyperShadowTheHedgehog
Description: This features new textures, new ships, rebalanced gameplay and more.
How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and go into C:program fileslucasartsstar wars
backup your rep.lvl file
backup your cis.lvl file
Place the rep.lvl file that u downloaded in there and say yes to replacing it
Place the cis.lvl file that u downloaded in there and say yes to replacing it
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / AAT STAP skin pack
November 08, 2014, 03:49:16 AM
AAT STAP skin pack


Creator: by EA711
Description: Replacement textures for the vehicles of the CIS
How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place file in the lvl pc folder here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataData\_LVL_PC
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / Battle of Abridon (Beta 1)
November 07, 2014, 01:27:06 AM
Battle of Abridon (Beta 1)


Creator: Rends
Description: This is just the Beta 1 version of the Battle of Abridon Map.
How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named abr1 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / Canyon Ambush (1.0 beta)
November 07, 2014, 01:27:00 AM
Canyon Ambush (1.0 beta)


Creator: grayo03
Description: The following is from the original web page:
   Canyon Ambush, a map by grayo03, is a rather large map that appears to be set on Geonosis, a place of many first maps. Presumably, this is a first map as well, which if you've spent a lot of time on this site you should be well acquainted with.
This map contains a lot of very flat terrain over a huge distance, some of which is interspersed with random props. There are some collections of buildings, presumably cities, at opposing ends of the map. There are a bunch of turrets and constructable items randomly placed throughout the map, most of which at locations which don't really do much for either side. There are a lot of control points, some of which are on hills which are very flat. There is also a canyon running through the center of the map, presumably lending the map its name. There is a control point in the canyon as well, which can be rather contested and hard to fight in due to a real absence of cover on the map.
Overall, this is a pretty standard first map - it makes a lot of design decisions that don't really work out for the player, and the overall cohesiveness of the design is rather low. If you're desperately looking for a map, then give this a download, but otherwise there's not much to draw you in here.
- Jedikiller

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named Cy1 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / ARC Squadron
November 07, 2014, 01:26:52 AM
ARC Squadron


Creator: Domi-Nation
Description: This is, simply put, an aesthetic mod. It changes the look of all the the clones (except the Jet Trooper) to that of the ARC trooper. Their colors have been changed accordingly, as well. The Jet Trooper is the only unit left untouched.
How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and simply copy "rep.lvl" and paste it in your Battlefront 1 "SIDE" directory. Please note that it will ask you if you want to overwrite the original, you must click "yes", otherwise the mod won't work.  C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataData\_LVL_PCSIDE
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / Purple Jet Trooper Mod
November 07, 2014, 01:26:45 AM
Purple Jet Trooper Mod


Creator: ktth and jbc218
Description: Replacement texture for the Republic Jet Trooper
How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and Make a back-up of your ORIGINAL rep.lvl file, and put the downloaded rep.lvl file in:( C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataData\_LVL_PCSIDE )
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / Eddies Dantooine (1.0)
October 19, 2014, 12:03:18 AM
Eddies Dantooine (1.0)


Creator: Eddie
Description: The following is from the original web page:

This map was made based on battlefront players request. It is simaple, ground troops only, map with an river island and two bridges connecting river banks.
This is an excellently done map, with some seriously awesome gameplay. But that's natural though, because the developer was Eddie, and he has been modding for this community for quite some time now.
I will start off with the AI. The AI in this map are nearly flawless, they will create gun turrets on their own, engage in battle, and do whatever a normal soldier is supposed to do. This is some of the best AI coding I have seen in a custom Star Wars Battlefront map yet. 10 points to that part of the game, because that is really something that makes a game interesting....good AI smile
Next, the map. The terrain is well detailed and not cluttered, it won't make you confused because everything is easy to recognize and the map is very straight-forward. The gameplay is fun because you have to take control of a bridge control point and actually get over the bridge while fighting 20 - 30 soldiers at once. This makes for some great combat, and allows the battle to continue without things getting boring smile
You can play either the Galactic Civil War or the Clone Wars, either one makes for awesome interesting gameplay. I promise that you won't be dissapointed with this map smile Download it now!
*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (dddandrew@filesnetwork.com)

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and run the Installer!
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Released Maps and Mods / Death Star Custom Map (.2)
October 18, 2014, 04:15:42 PM
Death Star Custom Map (.2)


Creator: Eddie
Description: Not really a good map but hey its his first time, the following is from the original web page:

This is the first completely custom map ever released for the game! This map is based off of the Death Star mission. This map was made by Eddie. Download it now and check it out! Very cool!

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and replace bes1.lvl (make sure to backup original bes1.lvl). Fire up SWBF, Instant Action, Bespin Platforms, Civil Galactic War. Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!
Released Maps and Mods / Death Star Trench Run (0.5)
October 18, 2014, 04:15:37 PM
Death Star Trench Run (0.5)


Creator: Konicon
Description: The following is from the original web page:

A large scale map representing the famous trench run scene on the infamous Death Star. Fast paced battle, lot's of dog fights, and a good representation of what we consider "Death Star Trench" material. Lock and load, it's going to be a rough battle.

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named trench1 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
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Released Maps and Mods / Duel Arena
October 18, 2014, 04:15:33 PM
Duel Arena


Creator: Krayt88
Description: The following is from the original web page:

This map is designed and created for duels only. The Command Posts can not be captured and the AI have not been changed from their default
settings and we recommend that you do not use them. There are no amo droids on this map but 6 health droids so players must pick their unit class wisely. This Map was designed for 2 or more players to Duel in the center of the of the feild. If duelers want more of a challange there is a small platform with gunnturrets for additional players to use. If a free for all game is desired Team Damage can be set to ON so that everyone can damage everyone else. The reinforcement point on this map will slowly drain as a "Duel Timer" befor the next map is loaded.

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named da1 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
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