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Requests / Re: Venator with Two Hangars
« on: July 23, 2017, 04:59:16 PM »
here you go!

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Mods Will Not Work
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:50:47 AM »
So if I change to the other side.lvl and mission.lvl it will work?

If you follow Sereja's directions for using reduced effects sides, then it will probably work in MP, no guarantee though.  His instructions are included with his maps, for those that support it.

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Mods Will Not Work
« on: July 21, 2017, 05:20:14 PM »
The world does load up fine and I get onto the choosee character selection. The characters are fine but if I spawn or not, around 10 seconds after the game starts, It says Battlefront.exe has stopped working and I have to exit. :mad:

Yes, it is because the units use special weapons that are only for single player.

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Mods Will Not Work
« on: July 21, 2017, 11:41:23 AM »
Some of the mods that Sereja uses are simply not multiplayer compatible.  This is also true for some stock assets as well, such as the gungan shield.

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Conversion from SWBF2 to 1 Map - AI doesn't move!
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:48:49 AM »
Sereja describes this as "AI meditation".  You might search for "meditation" in our forum and see if anything useful comes up.

Released Assets / Re: swbf-unmunge
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:47:31 AM »
Trivia question time!
Why make something like this in c++ instead of something a little more English like c#?

Only computer science students use c#  :P

Released Assets / Re: swbf-unmunge
« on: July 19, 2017, 07:01:14 PM »
When I try to excecute it it just says the application was unable to start correctly.

what did you do to execute it?  and what version of windows are you using?

Released Assets / Re: swbf-unmunge
« on: July 18, 2017, 03:48:02 PM »
do a "dir" command and lets see what files are in your current directory please

Released Assets / Re: swbf-unmunge
« on: July 18, 2017, 11:59:34 AM »
open a command window

make sure your lvl file and the swbf-unmunge are in the same folder

use the command window to get to the folder, e.g.

cd c:\unmungetest

then on a command line type something like

swbf-unmunge -file rep.lvl -version swbf -imgfmt tga -platform pc

with any changes as appropriate

What about people trying to mod SWBFEA?

Not allowed according to the EULA.

It's good to know what Disney is willing to let modders use. However, was there ever a case where a Battlefront mod was removed from anywhere due to copyright? Do big companies like Disney go after small map makers? Or is it just that they COULD go after them?

Well, you can make you own website, host them, and find out  ;)

But for us, we will not take the risk.

SWBF2 Modding / Re: Replace Republic Sound/Voices?
« on: July 16, 2017, 09:51:39 PM »
Well, people have done custom voice overs, but perhaps not exactly what you want.  Sound modding is not easy, but we have some tutorials on our site and you can also look at game toast. 

Happy modding  :cheers:

here, you can start with this:

Approximate Tutorial Completion: 33%

I. Sound Modding Resources
II. Sound Munging
III. Building custom music and sound region streams
IV. Building custom voiceover streams
V. Building custom in game sound effects

I. Sound Modding Resources
Sound.lvl modding can be difficult in SWBF1, mostly because of the lack of documentation and resources available to modders. Fear not however, this tutorial is specifically designed to make sound munging as easy for you to understand as possible. I will try to cover as much ground as I can, however I am still learning more about sound modding, and will continue to add to this thread as I figure out more about it.

There are a few resources you will want to have to begin. First is the sound config assets included in BFBuilder. They contain most of the reqs, snd, stm, and other files you will need to learn how sound configuration files are structured. There is also a premunged soundconfig available on fred's website, but it's not very useful. Note that do to copyright issues, none of the stock WAV files are available in BFBuilder, although some modders have been able to extract or re-record them through other methods.

You will also need an audio editor to convert and reformat audio files. I use audacity which is freeware and can be downloaded here:
Audacity may also require you to download lame_enc.dll in order to import mp3 files you can find this on google.

I think these are updated batch files for BF2 sound munging, not sure if they work in BF1 or not.

Psych0fred wrote five different sound text tutorials which I suggest you start reading after this. I will try to consolidate and explain the information contained in them for this tutorial.

Here are some links worth reading.
I am also working on three different sound.lvl builders currently. They will be available for download when the LVL Toolbox V5 is released. One will be for music and region soundstreams, another for voiceovers, and another for in game sound effects. I am about 25% finished with them atm.

II. Sound Munging

*Currently I can only get sound to munge on 32-bit PC. I am working on a solution for 64-bit sound munging and will post any updates here. See this thread for more info.

When you munge a sound LVL, it takes the configuration files and converts them to a different format, listed below. It also combines the WAV files with the STM (or ST4) to create the STR file. 

Code: [Select]
munged => source
lvl => req file names
bnk => sfx, ffx, and asfx files
config => snd, mus and tsr files
str => stm and st4 files

All of the above listed configuration source files are edited using notepad so I recommend setting file association to open them.

All sound.lvls need at least one req and one SND file to define the sound properties. The REQ(s) basically specifies which files are going to be munged into the LVL (except the WAVs which the STM specifies). The SND is used for every type of sound: streams, VOs, and effects. SND files are by far the most advanced, complex sound files you will mod, and I recommend reading psych0fred's tutorials for more in-depth information about SND configuration, as most of the settings I do not fully understand yet.

SFX and ASFX are used for in-game ODF sound effects, which are stored in a "bnk" file that can be called upon directly or munged into a sound LVL. FFX is used for sounds called by FX files stored in the common.lvl. Their structure is much like the STM files as their main purpose is to index WAV files (and assign ID tags to them if you choose to here).

The MUS file is used for in-game streaming music/ambience for the entire map, and you can specify different streams for each faction in the mission LUA if you want. TSR files are used for sound regions - as defined in zeroeditor by sound spheres - in specific worlds, and are streamed globally for all factions (example cantina bar music).

STM files are used to index the majority of streams in game, ST4 is used rarely for defining quadruple channel output bus audio files. The STM file specifies which WAV files to munge (including their sub-directory pathing, which by default is 'streams' or 'effects'), and can also apply the ID tag to be called on via the LUA (the SND can also apply this using "segments", more on that later).

WAV files must also be formatted a certain way depending on what you are going to use them for. The sample rate is always 16bit no matter what, the other values are noted below:

Code: [Select]
VO Wav Format - 22khz, 16 bit, mono
Music Wav Format 44khz or 48khz, 16 bit, stereo
Sound Effects Wav Format - 44khz, 16 bit, mono

I have not tested compressed WAV files yet but I will soon. Also I have discovered if you call upon a WAV file not present in the streams or effects folder through the STM, the sound.lvl will not munge

III. Building custom music and sound region streams:
Under construction should have this section updated soon.

IV. Building custom voiceover streams:
Under construction
note: shell_interface.lua calls on the LVL then the STR.

V. Building custom in game sound effects:
Under construction


1. Can mp3s be used?
- Not directly, but you can easily convert mp3s or any other audio format to WAV files. If you can, try to use the highest quality mp3 you have, for example CBR320 or VBR0 instead of CBR128, or it will create an inflated bitrate that sounds inferior to lossless sound. FLAC works great because it is compressed lossless format. The sound munger applies some compression but I'm not sure how it affects the bitrate once munged.

2. How do I add a pre-compiled music sound.lvl to my mod map?
- You have to edit the mission LUA to call on it. There are 3 parts of code you must add. First is the ReadDataFile, then OpenAudioStream, and then the SetAmbientMusic, which calls on the ID tags of the wav files specified by either the SND or STR. If you don't know the names of the stream IDs you can look in the munged mission.lvl for the mod they are used in.


To be continued

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Scarif: Beaches (WIP)
« on: July 16, 2017, 06:26:08 PM »
green beach

SWBF2 Modding / Re: Replace Republic Sound/Voices?
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:48:56 PM »
Well said, thanks Gistech  :cheers:

This game has much more depth than new titles--we can host our own servers, make mod maps, and play with people from all around the world. 

But it is the people such as you that participate in our community that make it a great place.    :cheers:

Long Live SWBF

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