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SWBF1 Modding / Re: Going to start modding...
April 28, 2015, 05:50:56 PM
Thanks every one for your help and your advice! I hope to start modding in a day or two and if I have any questions all post and Pm!
SWBF1 Modding / Going to start modding...
April 28, 2015, 05:56:51 AM
Hello fellow SWBF Gamers and I am proud to say I want to start modding SWBF and start of by creating a map or two. But before I start running off and downloading the tools and programs, I was wondering if I need any patches for the mod tools, so that it may run with Windows 8? So my question for you all is: Are there any patches or extra steps I may need to do to run the mod tools with Windows 8? Thanks for the help and I cant wait to get started!

Here are my computer specs:
OS: Win 8
Processor: AMD Fx-4300 Quad Core Processor 3.80 GHz
Ram 8.00 GB
System: Type 64-bit

P.S.: Here's a list of my computer specs, if you see anything that may need a patch or extra steps to run the mod tools, feel free to leave a comment to.
Very interesting, is the mod open for download?
General / Re: The Battlefront Community says Hello!
April 25, 2015, 02:32:48 PM
Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your stay!
Star Wars Battlefront II

Alpha 10: Landfall (0.9)
Tatooine: Beggar's Canyon Settlement (Alpha - 2nd Release)
Map Count: 2


287th Legion Source Files
360 Skydome Object (1.0)
51st Elite [Preview] Skinpack
Arc Captain Source Files
ARC Trooper Sides FIXED (1.1)
Asset Count: 5

I'm going to start adding some SWBF 2 maps/mods here some time in the future, so I will use this post to list all of the SWBF2 maps/mods added, when I get to uploading them. As for files I ill be archiving/uploading they will be files form Filefront.com, so that these files may not be lost. I may also get files from more harder to find sites and as for gametoast.com, I will not be uploading files from them, because they are very active and I doubt they will those their files.

Note: As for comments, if you could please reframe from posting comments, so that I may organize this thread more. This is needed do to there being a max cap on how much one can post in a single post. If you have any questions or anything feel free to PM (Private Message) me any time.
Quote from: Unit 33 on March 07, 2015, 02:46:27 AM
Nah, I don't think that's necessary.

So you're going to create a sort of link archive for fanfics? I suggest you work out a template similar to systems we used for the modmaps thread, for example:
Link / Title - Rating X/10 - One sentence summary

Yup, something along those lines.
Quote from: Commander Awesome on March 06, 2015, 06:40:02 PM
You're gunna be here a while....

Moderators, you should probably make a board for it.

I think that for now a board wont be necessary, seeing how Ill most likely just put a couple really goods ones up, and ones that I have already read. Maybe after a while Ill get a board.
Do to recent mass requests for more stories, I have decided to post a collection of great Star Wars fan fictions here on SWBFG'S. Instead of just giving out links to every story to every one who PM'S me, Ill just Post them here, on a separate thread. I plan on making this thread here for discussion about the idea and about the stories that I post here. When I make the other thread I would like no one to leave comments, so that I can post up new stories, and keep it all nice and organized. I would love to hear what you guys think about having a collection of fan fiction stories here. I will be making the thread with the stories in 3 days, to see what you guys think, and to give me a little bit of time to organize them. Long live not only Star Wars Battlefront, but also Star Wars al together!
Quote from: Carbon27 on December 07, 2014, 08:11:35 PM
I always wanted to write SW fan fiction, but I am too lazy :P You got further then I ever did. I will definitely read the next writings you come up with. Also I do recommend you post your story in the site Ultimo mentioned.

Quote from: Ultimo on December 07, 2014, 07:43:41 PM
I like it so far Trooper! Unique!

It's good you're posting around here, but if you want good advertisement for you own cause, try this site: https://www.fanfiction.net/
I've got some of my own pieces around there somewhere... don't remember my login though. Haha

Thanks for your feed back guys! It means a lot to me that your liking what you see. I'm working on Chapter One and I don't know when ill upload it yet but sometime this week maybe. Thanks!
Hey guys TrooperX here bringing you the beginning or the end of a little Star Wars fan fiction I am working on in my free time. I don't know about you all but I'm always thinking about Star Wars and I decide to just put some of it down and here it is. I don't know where I want to take this but I'm just posting it here for you guys in enjoy.

NOTE: I am more then glad to here your guys opinions and your ideas. Please feel free to include something you may want by leaving a comment and I might see to it that it is included. My ideas for this are really simple and are as follow:
1.Long detailed story line or line's
2.Community help and advice so that it is long and detailed
3.Most not conflict with the Star Wars Galaxy and Story Line!
4.Anything and everything could and can happen
Here are some items I am looking for from you guys:
1.Names of people, ships, items, and toys
2.New people and places
3.Just about anything
So post your suggestion and opinions at will! Here is the Prologue so far....

"What do you see when you look in to by eyes? What do you see when you look at me in general? What do you see me wearing kid? What makes you want to ask me questions that I might or may not have the answers for?" I said this even before I need I thought of it. I know that this is just a kid who must likely just has nothing else to do, but then damn kid has asked me some weird stuff, that I thought people have just forgotten.
"I see a man who seems to be too young for what his eyes say. I see that some of your hair is grey but some parts are a young brown. I believe I see in you a man who has seen about seven thousands year of the galaxy. Also that ring you have there, my father had one, as did his father, and so on...
"This ring? Kid I think you've had too much to drink, maybe it's time for you to go home."
"No I haven't and I have a ring just like that my father passed it down to me. He told me many things about how this ring has come to be and how many others were made. But the one thing that stood out to me was that it was good and could help those only with special powers. Oh and it is very old, maybe one of the oldest things ever."
As I look at his ring he was telling the truth, same as mine. The only question was how did his father get it? If his family has been passing this thing down for how old it is then this kid must the great grandson of my old friend. If he really is then the kid must have force abilities. I guess that there is only one way to know if this true. 
"Ok kid ill believe you if you if you let me do a small, short test."
"All right what is it?"
"Just let me take some of your blood for a blood test."
"Ok but if this kills me...."
"It won't..."
I pulled out my little Mid-chlorian blood tester and drew some his blood. After about eighty seconds the small screen turned green and said the kid had a Mid-chlorian count of twelve-thousand and was indeed force sensitive. I can't believe it this very well could be him after about eight hundred years I found him.
"Well kid I believe you."
"How, what was that thing that just took my blood and what were the results?"
"It was a Mid-chlorian tester to see if you did have your special powers and well you do kid you special power's is called the Force. Boy you and I are going to have a long talk and some fun times."
"Can you please stop calling be kid, I'm grown up."
"Sure you are now, but after what I tell you, your world is going to be turned upside down."

General / Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
November 27, 2014, 08:10:50 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to you to!
Thanks for all the nice reply guys and for the suggestions! I am going to be working on this one more and my Clone Wars Campaign Walkthrough. Also if you guys have any SWBF facts, tips/tricks, or suggestions just say and ill see what i can do.
The Ultimate Star Wars Battlefront Guide: Clone Wars Campaign Walkthrough

So here Is my guide for the Star Wars Battlefront Clone Wars Campaign. This is just the basics of what I have put together so far and I will be adding more to it.


Note: I couldn't figure out how to add the pictures to the post (only tried for 5 mins) so if anyone like to tell it would help a lot! So for now I will just attach them.

Welcome to the world of Star Wars: Battlefront! In this game, you will get to experience the classic Star Wars battles in four factions: the Clones, the Battle Droids, the Stormtroopers, and the Rebels.
Your main objective throughout the campaigns, and any game mode you play, will be to either capture every command post on the map, or eliminate every soldier on the opposing faction. This may seem straightforward, but it's harder than it sounds!

Clone Wars campaign
1. Naboo: Plains
2. Naboo: Theed
3. Kashyyyk: Islands
4. Geonosis
5. Kamino
6. Rhen Var: Harbor
7. Kashyyyk: Docks

Battle of Grassy Plains
The Trade Federation has blockaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Trade Federation army of B1 battle droids marches to the Great Grass Plains to destroy the native Gungan Grand Army which opposes them on Naboo. The Trade Federation army arrives in Multi-Troop Transports with Armored Assault Tanks. The Gungan Grand Army was waiting with many Gungan soldiers with some riding kaadu. Their fambaas arrived with giant portable deflector shield generators which were activated to protect the Gungans. The massive Trade Federation army got through the shield and destroyed the portable shield generators and killed many of the Gungans.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Gungan) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: AAT, Droid speeder, Kaadu
•Jedi hero: none
1. This command post is behind the shield, and is usually the last one you take.
2. There are no vehicles at this command post, but it offers a shorter walk to the battle.
3. Enemy command post, there's nothing here except 3 turrets. The best way to take it is with an AAT.
4. This is the "bloodbath" of this map; units coming from all 4 sides make for a nice introduction to the nitty-gritty part of Battlefront.
5. Your home base. With 3 AATs, 2 speeders, and 4 turrets, this place is invincible.

The secondary objective in this map is to take down the shield by destroying the shield generators (yellow diamonds). This is easily accomplished by driving an AAT through the shield and unloading into the animals holding the generators. But it's not necessary to do that. You can beat this level any way you want; it's almost impossible to lose on Easy or Normal.
To get the most kills, pilot one of your team's AATs; to capture command posts, a simple droid soldier will do the job. The map is too big and the enemies are too few to justify playing the Droid Demolitions. There's nowhere to snipe from, and not enough firepower against you to need to regenerate vehicle health.
Note: You do not get to use Super Battle Droids or Droidekas in this level. Don't worry; it's easy enough that you won't need them.

Rebellion on Theed
The people and security forces of the capital city of Theed attack the Trade Federation's army of B1 battle droids and P-series destroyer droids to allow the Queen to recapture Naboo. But the Trade Federation kills all Royal Guards trying to defend the city.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Queen's Royal Guard) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: AAT; Native: Naboo Gian Speeder
•Jedi hero: none
1. Not a whole lot of action goes on here, unless you're really bad at defending.
2. Your northwestern command post, with an AAT spawn. It's difficult to fit the AAT through the street leading from here to the courtyard, though.
3. Your northeastern command post, also with an AAT. This is where you should spawn to blast people with the tank.
4. The command post in on a balcony on the upper floor. Offers a prime sniping position for whoever controls this CP.
5. Ah, the courtyard. This command post is what the whole level revolves around. Stay out of here until late in the game, it's a massacre.
6. An enemy command post that offers considerable tactical advantage in that it partially controls soldier flow in the courtyard.

Since this level can be beaten several different ways depending on which class you choose, the walkthrough for each soldier is listed below.

Droid Soldier/Demolitioner: Spawn your unit at the northeast command post (3)and run south. This level is all about momentum, so it's imperative you capture one of their command posts quickly. Continue around the corner to the enemy's eastern-most command post (6) (note: you may want to go up the stairs as you approach the corner so that you are less of a target for enemy tanks). The only way to win this position is through numbers. Don't out-run your allies in your haste to get to the command post; there's plenty of kills to go around. From here, SLOWLY make your way to the command post in the courtyard (5). This is the most difficult one to take due to the multiple angles of attack, not to mention the land speeders and turrets all over the place. If you're getting discouraged, try respawning at your northwest command post (2) and removing their other vantage point (4). Whatever you do, don't try entering the courtyard from the north unless you either possess a tank or have their units outnumbered 3 to 1.

Droid Assassin: The sniper is the method of choice for many players on this level. Spawn at the northwest and move southeast to the enemy command post. Run right up to it and use your grenades and pistol to remove any opposition. Once that spawn point is under your control, wait about 30 seconds for friendly units to spawn; then move to the edge of the banister and snipe opposing soldiers in the courtyard below. You can continue this until your allies take the command post or you're out of ammo.

Droid Pilot: Spawn at the northeast or the northwest command posts and hop in an AAT. The next step is self-explanatory; drive right down the middle of the street (any street) and open fire on anyone not on your team. The only things that should concern you are enemy speeders, which are not a problem if you concentrate all your firepower on them.

Droideka: Proceed in the same manner as the grunt soldier and rocket launcher, except that you have another option: as a droideka, you can patrol the main street that separates your rear command post from everything else. Stop occasionally in the archways leading to the courtyard and shoot at enemy units, but don't go all the way in. Even with your shields, turrets won't have a problem slicing through you.

Aggressive Negotiations (Separatist Crisis)
The Wookiee Trade Guild taxes the Trade Federation which is now part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In retaliation the CIS sends Darth Sidious's new apprentice Count Dooku and an army of B1 battle droids, P-series droideka, and the new B2 super battle droids to end the conflict. The CIS army destroys the Wookiee Trade Guild and its private army.

•Your faction: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: Native (Wookiee) •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: CIS: Droid starfighter MAF gunship; Native: none
•Jedi hero: Count Dooku
1. The Wookiees will attack this command post in force; it's important, though, so defend it.
2. Another prime target for the enemy, you absolutely cannot lose both of these command posts.
3. It'll take some skill and hard work, but this command post is worth taking.
4. The 3 command posts in the middle of the map come in a 3-for-1 deal; in other words, if you take one, you have to take them all.
5. As with the others, all it takes is some disciplined fighting to capture this CP.
6. Don't let the aircraft fool you; this command post is not worth anything and the wookies will rarely get near it.

Spawn at one of the northern command posts as either a super battle droid or a droideka. Move slowly toward the enemy CPs, but make sure you don't outrun your allies. Also, be sure to not let any enemy units sneak past and capture your command posts. After (or, as the case may be, if) you have survived the initial Wookiee onslaught, advance to CP 3. Be very thorough in your search of the area to make sure nobody hits your troops from behind later on. Once you secure CP 3, continue to the next two spawnpoints. It's highly unlikely that you will be able to take all three command posts; don't be discouraged if you only have two of them. Hunt down and destroy the remaining Wookiees.

The Battle of Geonosis
The Galactic Republic has just acquired a new clone army from the Kaminoans on Kamino. The clone army arrives at the Separatist base on Geonosis with Mace Windu to destroy the Separatist army made up of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, W-series droideka, and Geonosians. The clone army with their AT-TEs destroy the Techno Union ships which the CIS was using to evacuate and the clone army killed most of the Geonosians there and destroyed the battle droid army.

•Your faction: Republic •---Easy reinforcements: 250
•Opposing army: CIS with Native (Geonosian) •---Easy reinforcements: 250
•Vehicles on map: Republic: AT-TE, Republic Gunship; CIS: Spider Walker, Geonosian Starfighter, Hailfire Droid
•Jedi hero: Mace Windu
1. One of the Techno-Union ships, take these out first
2. Another TU ship
3. Yet another TU ship
4. This command post will change hands several times during the game, don't waste too much time defending it.
5. Your average command post, it offers the best sniping position on this level (which isn't much).
6. Pretty much the same as #5, except this is where most of the action is near the end.
7. This command post can be tricky to defend, so don't get discouraged if enemy units swarm it.
8. Every once in a while your opponents will take command post 7 and occupy the area around this destructible command post. Watch out, sometimes the droids destroy this base and will stop more LAAT/i spawning.
* The asterisks on the map denote the AT-TEs you have. They are mobile command posts that, while slow, pack quite a punch.

It is suggested that you spawn as the clone pilot first. But regardless of who you choose, spawn at the AT-TE (*) and immediately jump aboard and start driving. Walk towards the other side of the map from where you start, which happens to be around the Spire, a sought-after command post. Your secondary (though most important) objective is to destroy the Techno-Union transports at the rear of the map (1-3), and the most effective way to do that is with a tank. It may seem slow, but continue around the Spire. Once the first T-U ship is in range, give 'em everything you've got; don't hold back on the rockets, it's practically impossible to run out. Lather, rinse, repeat for the other 2.
Now the choice is yours. If you started as the pilot, you may want to stay in the AT-TE and bomb the mess out of enemy infantry; however, if you elected to spawn as a normal soldier, you have the option to get out of the tank and take command posts. It's all based on preference, really: nonetheless, keep in mind that it's possible to rack up more than 90 kills in one game by taking the AT-TE out in front of the Spire and letting loose. Just be sure not to shoot your own units.

Alternate Strategy
Spawn as a regular clone at CP8 and commandeer a gunship. Fly in a northwesterly route around the spire to the techno union ships. Destroy all enemy infantry units in your path. Make sure you fly at a fairly high altitude to make your ship a harder target for hailfire droids and enemy demolitioners. Aid your allies in the AT-TEs by destroying a techno union ship (don't waste too much time back there at once, destroy only one of the starships) and firing on enemy defenders.
At this point, the CIS has probably captured CP7. Return to the area between CP7 and CP8. If your gunship is damaged, switch into another at CP8 (if there is one there, usually there is). First, kill the attacking CIS units to stop them from overunning CP8. Then shoot all the enemy units spawning at and/or loitering at CP7, this will give your allies the opening that they need to retake the post.
Finally, fly over to CP5 or CP6, land your gunship, and storm the post you elected to land by (CP5 is recommended, there are less troops there as most of the action at this point is around CP6). Capture the post.
What you do for the rest of the level doesn't really matter to your victory. By now, the remaining casualty counts are around 50 or less, all the techno union ships have been destroyed, and CP4 (which switches possession many times throughout the level and is not worth going after personally) has been secured by your allies. If you want, you can review your map to hunt down any outlying CIS troops. Or you can travel on foot to join the fray around CP6 until the level ends.
Another strategy is, if your looking for a challenge, is to spawn as quickly as possible as a Pilot at CP 8 and jump in a gunship. Fly towards CP 6 and jump into the Hailfire Droid if it hasn't already been taken. Head up the hill directly infront of you. Rain terror on troops and vehicles below you.

Assault on Kamino
The CIS has discovered the cloning facilities on Kamino and has sent an army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and W-series droideka to destroy them. The Republic clone army left to defend it destroys all of the attacking droids.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 240
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: none
•Jedi hero: none
1. No matter how hard you try, the CIS will get to this one first. It's not that important in the battle, anyways.
2. This command post should be your first target. Secure it and you'll have a good place to start your attack.
3. It'll take a tough battle and more than a few soldiers to capture the enemy's home base.
4. The long hallways leading inside make your starting CP virtually invincible.
5. The CIS will get this one too. you have to grab one of the CPs over here or it's over.
6. Here's your best shot; but let your allies get this one.
7. Physically this CP is closer to the CIS base, but you have the advantage in that the Republic now has Jet Troopers.


Strategy #1
Start as a jet trooper and leave the command post (4) through the north hallway. Use your jetpack as much as possible to get to the closest CP (2). Don't try to take CP 1 yet, you need backup. Just defend CP 2 until you get 5-10 allies with you. (If you die, feel free to switch to a normal soldier.) From here, it's pretty straightforward: take CP 1, then CP 3. Just remember not to run too far ahead of your troops and get surrounded by enemies. Alternatively, you can spawn as a sniper at CP 1, and later at CP 3. There are prime sniping positions on the "cul-de-sacs" leading off the main platforms. Just get to the highest spot you can find. Whichever method you choose, work with your units to finish off the rest of their troops.

Strategy #2
With as much speed as you can muster (seriously), start at CP4 as a Jet Trooper and fly out the side passage on the left and over, past CP6, to CP5. As you are capturing it, peg grenades down the ramp that leads up to it from the CIS base. This will stop any droids coming up to kill you. This grenade thing is vital because if a droid comes up the ramp to CP5 and fires you, the Republic is in a sticky situation. Capturing this stops the CIS from getting CP6 and CP7. If you are unable to get this first bit down properly, just restart the battle. From there just push ahead towards CP3 and watch out for turrets, your EMP launcher is really good against the turrets if you know how to use it. Instead of turning to aim, aim by strafing left or right. Make sure you stay as the Jet Trooper because your EMP launcher is really really effective against droidikas. From there, just battle as you want.

Mountaintop Defenses
The Republic has discovered a long-range sensor station on Rhen Var created by Count Dooku. They send an army of clone troopers with AT-TEs and a few TX-130 Saber-class fighter tanks to Rhen Var to capture the station. The army of clones destroyed all of the W-series droideka, B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and Armored Assault Tanks there in conjunction with another operation led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 200
•Vehicles on map: Republic: AT-TE, IFT-X; CIS: AAT
•Jedi hero: none
1. This command post is really tucked away, you're better off not even trying to take it.
2. There's a good chance the CIS will swarm you here; it's pretty easy to capture, so just get it back.
3. This is your primary command post. Two IFT-Xs spawn here, giving this CP plenty of gravitas.
4. Your units won't take this command post; if you want it, you'll have to go get it yourself.
5. CIS units pour from this CP. The only reason you're able to capture it is that there are three ways for enemy soldiers to get out (reducing the number that come at you).
* The asterisk on the map denotes an AT-TE, a mobile spawnpoint with impressive firepower.

There are four ways to start this level. If you choose to fight as a grunt soldier, spawn inside the tunnels (2) and defend the CP from the first wave of droids that attack. If you choose to fight as a jet trooper, spawn at the western command post (3) and stay near the AT-TE as it moves into the battlefield. If you choose to shoot things with a vehicle, spawn as the pilot at the west CP (3) and jump in a tank. Use both guns (laser cannon and rockets) to take out AATs and (4) Spawn from the AT-TE as a Jet Trooper and fly to the lighthouse. If you are fast enough, you will be able to take the lighthouse before the bad guys come up there and blast you to bits. This gives your side the advantage, unless you are too slow, in which case they shoot you as you are capturing it.
Another way is to spawn as a soldier at the west, jump into a tank, and zoom all the way to the lighthouse. At the base of the stairs, quickly get out and capture the lighthouse. Destroy any droidikas by killing them before they transform. After you capture the lighthouse, go down to protect your friends at the Ice Caves. If you die, spawn as a pilot and if the tank you abandoned is still there, get in. If not, fix or get in the AT-TE.
Whichever method you choose, you will get killed at least once. After you've had your fun here, switch to method 1 and spawn as a normal soldier in the tunnels (rocket launcher units will also work, keep reading). The exit to these tunnels takes you into the big battlefield. If you look to your left as you exit, you will see stairs: these stairs are where almost all the enemy units will come at you from. Unless you are feeling particularly brave (or stupid if you're not an expert), stay in the tunnel! Just defend the ice caves from invaders; don't worry, there will be no shortage of enemy units, particularly droidekas (this is why a rocket launcher is useful here). Once the enemy reinforcement count is under fifteen, it's probably safe to step out into the open and hunt the last few opposing units.*
•There is a glitch in the Ice Caves on a tunnel wall to the south of CP 2, that makes you fall through to the bottom of the map. To find the glitch shoot at the base of walls on the south side of CP2. The right base, your weapon shot will go right through without exploding or impacting. If You are a Jet Trooper you can fly underneath CP 4. From which you can destroy enemies without getting shot at. This is very hard.

The Battle of Kashyyyk
The CIS has launches a desperate attack on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. A clone army of the Republic is sent to Kashyyyk to destroy the army of B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, droidekas, OG-9 homing spider droids, and Armored Assault Tanks. They destroy the entire Separatist army there and save the Wookiees.

•Your faction: Republic •Easy reinforcements: 250
•Opposing army: CIS •Easy reinforcements: 250
•Vehicles on map: Republic: none; CIS: AAT, Droid speeder, Spider Walker
•Jedi hero: none
1. A fairly unimportant command post that is seemingly impossible for the CIS to find.
2. This CP is on a platform over the water. It provides access to one of the best sniping positions in the game.
3. This map is perfectly symmetrical (command post-wise). The same info applies to this CP as to CP 2.
4. It's impossible to last more than a minute near this CP, there's simply to many angles of attack.
5. This CP is at the end of a dock. Capturing it just removes the sniping position above.
6. Another target for snipers.

To fight this level out as a grunt soldier, you'd have to be either really good or really lucky. It's a massacre on the beach, which is exactly why you should beat the level without setting foot on the ground. Spawn as a sniper from one of the platform command posts (2,3) and walk all the way to the end of the platforms. You should have a clear shot down the dock, where many enemy units are running directly away from you, creating the perfect sniper spot. Just pick 'em off one by one. When you run out of ammo, there's an ammo droid behind you (as well as a health droid). That's really all there is to it, except for a couple precautions: first of all, don't get excited and accidentally walk off the edge of the platform. You won't survive the fall! Also, look out for the turret that sits next to the CP. If you're not paying attention, somebody will jump in it and kill you.
If you are really good, spawn as a jet trooper on command posts (2/3) and jump towards the beach. Right before you hit the ground, activate your jets and you will be safe from falling. Fly to the beach and capture it. Crouch in the water!
If you die, spawn as a soldier at the beach and stay in the water near the command post. Grenades don't work well in the water. After 2 or 3 times of this, the CIS will or will not capture the beach; it doesn't matter. Spawn as an ARC trooper in CP (2/3) and destroy any AATs or Spider Droids to help out your team. Ammo and heath droids are right behind you.
Well the time has come my friends! I have gathered so much information on my little word document and when i gone to paste it here and click save.... I.... I ran out of space. So ill have to post another topic or some thing, we will see! Happy SWBF Everyone!
Quote from: Led on November 25, 2014, 05:34:00 AM
Nice compilation.

Please lead off with the credits though--some of the people that wrote some of that material visit this site  ;)

Also, be sure to put your name in it so that if it is copied somewhere else, there is a record of your contribution.

Ok I will make sure to do that.

Quote from: Syyy on November 25, 2014, 06:27:30 AM
This is an awesome in-depth guide, even more detailed than the DVD manual, thank you!
Thanks, I always find manuals don't always tell you everything.