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thank you so much phantom it works perfectly.

thanks phantom i will let you know if it works after i try this i have a feeling it might.

i tried everything added the entries in the same way and place as the stock campaigns tried changing my campaign name and reference a stock nothing works all i get is stupid question marks above the planet. something else must reference it outside of the shell and core lvl but what ?

really is that map available for download ?

Released Assets / so this is my 7 era shell for modders.
« on: July 13, 2020, 04:37:32 AM »
this is my 7 era shell, however beware that it will add all 7 eras to any map that has two eras by default. hoth geonosis endor and kamino still have only 1 era.

SWBF1 Modding / Re: Announcement of SWBFgamers 1.4 Userpatch
« on: July 13, 2020, 03:29:44 AM »
count me in for testing

wow that love the blue command posts. now we need to build the maps from that version.

is it possible to change the default two icons for a new era that show up when you select a map in instant action?

cool good to know but it would probably be overpowered to have a supertank with shield practically unstoppable even with an atat.

is it possible to have a fambaa or droideka style shield around a vehicle ?

how do i edit and add new planet names to the stock lvl for both campaign and instant action ?

what can cause ai to get in and out of vehicles and then stay in them but not move ? i should mention the map is 512 by 512 but the playable space is far smaller, the map has to be 512 by 512 for visual purposes for flyers to not see the edge of the map. there are 4 flyers two per team and a total of 10 hovers 1 atst 2 atats and 1 mtt.
edit it was my planing connections.

your welcome if you care only for singleplayer then i definitely recommend the 1.2 version. happy to help

i read on the steam forums that people who used an older steam client before the new steam layout update had problems like this. if you have the steam version always make sure your steam client is up to date, which by default it should auto update. if you have the gog version i can also help as i own both. also in the 1.2 i had a problem with rhenvar not loading after the downgrade so if you have that problem then use this rhen var from the disc version it works perfectly.

also what i heard was that if you are using a older steam client that this can cause problems.

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