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Title: question?
Post by: ~PFE~ Sam / Ply1 on April 26, 2015, 05:33:27 PM
Hello I need to know something what this link stand for '?
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isn't it also if we use window 8 ? We have to use  this auto installation. Right ?

Title: Re: question?
Post by: Led on April 26, 2015, 05:55:14 PM
It is the same file that is included in the auto-installer that I asked Sleepkiller to make.  It is for doing a manual install if you want to install the gamemaster patch yourself or if you have to install it yourself, such as for windows XP users.  Note that the autoinstaller works fine with windows 8.  (Although, in general terms, some people will never be able to get anything to work when it comes to computers.)

It is explained clearly in my video and in this link

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Try to read and understand the instructions.

go here:
C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameData
backup your existing Battlefront.exe

copy this file in its place
rename this file to Battlefront.exe

Note:  if all you see is "Battlefront" but no exe, you can right click on that file, choose properties, and look at its full name
how to make a backup copy:  right click on this file, copy, and paste it somewhere like a new folder.  You may want to right click and rename it to something like "battlefront-original"

I take no responsibility if you screw up your game by not doing this right--but we will help you fix it the best we can if you have problems.

ty to Phobos