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Title: 4k water fix for modders.
Post by: wsa30h on October 14, 2019, 06:23:33 AM
this is a 4k water fix for modders only just copy and paste this fx into your world and rename to your world name also make sure to copy the odf msh and effects folders as well as copy the fel1 water from the world folder into your world folder. I accidentally stumbled upon this when i was creating a felucia map for swbf1 and i noticed that the water works normally in 4k even on medium and high settings, no longer will you need to lower your water quality. the colour of the water might be possible to change i havent tested that but should work just dont change anything else.

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Edit the water colour can be changed all you need is the fx file from the world nothing  else in the folder is needed.
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