Why wont the entire .sky dome information work with my custom space map?

Started by saber91, November 11, 2022, 04:34:47 AM

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im trying to put coruscant as the planet in the space map  but when i try to put the contents of the spa_cor.sky file in my custom space .sky file it crashes the game....

i have already tried putting the mesh/option/tga files in my world1 folder.

any ideas? i have no idea what this could be.

UPDATE: I found out what the issue was. I was trying to edit the skydome file from the .sky file in my world1 folder...

youre supposed to do it from the LUA COMMON file. replace "tat" with the 3 letter abbreviation of the space map you want the planet of. I knew that too i just forgot  :slap: