Is it easier to modify a mod map from one of the vanilla maps or make a new map?

Started by dsaf, August 27, 2022, 05:47:32 PM

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I'm new to make making (i never did it before), is it easier to start on a vanila map, and modify that first, before making a whole new map, to get used to it, using the bf builder.

Is it easier to make a completely new map, or is it easier to modify one of the vanilla maps (such as bespin cloud city, or Tatooine Mos. Eisley)

Let me know. Thank you.
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For new modders, I suggest starting with the parts that are easiest to edit first--like mission lua .  Just a few text edits here and there.  That will get you used to working with the mod tools.  The maps later.   :cheers:

But do as you like  :moo:
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I so badly want to make a tweaked version of Bespin Cloud city (a couple more health droids would be nice among other things). I went through the trouble of recreating 85% of Bespin Cloud City, getting all the structures that mattered in about the right place, even some of the ones that people could Jet-jump/grenade jump to. However, I didn't know how to make things like the Carbon Freezing Chamber claw with Han in carbonite work and I didn't know how to add kill zones. I also didn't know how to set the AI paths properly, so the Ai in my version are way more clueless than in the original version (snipers don't take up positions on the bridges, they don't run towards the turrets in the courtyard). I wished I could just tweak the real Cloud City since that map was close to perfection.

Rather than recreating, just import the stock maps and then use ZE to modify them.
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