Memories on the Battlefront

Started by Ultimo, May 31, 2020, 03:19:49 PM

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I figure why start a new topic when I could just bump this one a couple years into the future.  ::)

I think I've talked on here before of how much SWBF1 meant to me. Some of my most formative experiences (for better or worse) were on that game. Even modding the game has stuck with me as a creative itch I always have to keep scratching in some way. I love having a vision of something and bringing it to life in some creative medium. It's the only time I really feel purpose in life.

I also still to this day struggle to make friendships better than the ones I had as a kid in this game. Some of you guys are still around but most of them I never realized when I talked to them for the last time. I think that's why I still visit old websites every now and then. I can never beat the hilarity of those servers. Sometimes I'd just have long conversations on xfire with my friends without even playing any game. I rarely have long conversations with friends into the night nowadays but it does happen on occasion. It's just surprising to think about me doing that as a kid. I never even knew what most of my best friends looked like lol.

Since I'm droning on now I'll wrap it up with this: I have a lot of great memories I'll cherish forever. Nade pulting, glitching, sniping, tournaments (AaTc winning GGW2 is still a highlight of my life lol,) winning tough matches, and modding were so fun. Still the best memories I have are of "sledding" on Rhen Var, or playing "wookie hunt" on CC, or glitch hunting on mod maps in a server with friends or clanmates. The relationships made this game. I doubt there will ever be a game like it.
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Agreed! I think this game has given us all a lot of joy and great memories. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll make it to one of the SWBF1 events to enjoy the game as I did 10 years ago.

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