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UPDATE: I found out what the issue was. I was trying to edit the skydome file from the .sky file in my world1 folder...

youre supposed to do it from the LUA COMMON file. replace "tat" with the 3 letter abbreviation of the space map you want the planet of. I knew that too i just forgot  :slap:
im trying to put coruscant as the planet in the space map  but when i try to put the contents of the file in my custom space .sky file it crashes the game....

i have already tried putting the mesh/option/tga files in my world1 folder.

any ideas? i have no idea what this could be.
i would also like to add that i did increase the height of the capital ships quite a bit, as well as spread both sides far away from each other. is this whats causing it? and if so is it possible to have a very large map and not have issues?
so i figured out that i had an outdated version of the mod tools.

i got a repackage containing all of the updates that was just released over on MODDB and now the spawn nodes work as they are supposed to.
so i got the updated mod tools and i made my first space map. i put 3 capital ships on each side for both the rep and the CIS as well as 2 frigates as well.

i put the spawn paths in the hangars with the control regions and named them appropriately.

spawning in the hangars results in me and the bots dying instantly. the nodes are raised off the floor enough and not to mention spawning at the gunships results in the same thing.

how do i fix this?  :confused:  :wall:
i moved the capital ship as well as all of the regions and spawn paths and made sure they are named appropriately. but no matter what i do me and the bots keep spawning in outer space even though all the spawn paths are in the ship.

im at the end of my rope here what do i do?  :confused:
I changed the super battledroid to a battle droid and the officer to a super battledroid and put their respective names. however when i localize these names it only shows up in my MOD world map. but i want it to show up in all of the stock maps as well. how do i do this? i tried to copy and paste the core.lvl but it just crashes the game.  :confused:
SWBF1 Modding / how do i change sounds on vehicles?
October 20, 2016, 05:02:21 PM
ive tried to find other tutorials but i cant find one that covers this. i tried to just edit the ODF with the sound name but it just comes up mute when i try it.

i want to: A. make the republics gunship canon sound like the AT AT cannon (or STAP canon since its similar)

                B. change the sound of the hailfire tanks missile fire to that of the AATs turret cannon fire

                C. change the weapon reload sound of the clones and droids blasters to that of the wookie bowcaster reload

i know i have to do something in the mission LUA files but im not sure what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated.