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Star Wars Battlefront (2004 Original) / 18 Years Today
September 21, 2022, 11:38:50 AM
Happy 18th birthday, Star Wars: Battlefront! The game was released September 21, 2004.
SWBF1 Modding / Bespin: Carbon Chambers
July 24, 2022, 12:23:25 PM
Here's the next map I'm making: Bespin: Carbon Chambers. It's inspired by the DICE map but it's not slavish to that version, instead pulling elements from the stock map and film source. It's also the first of three Bespin maps I have planned, including Cloud City and Administrator's Palace.

As with The Invisible Hand, there will be custom sides. I plan on having the map playable in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras.

Here's some screenshots of the model work so far:

Happy May 4, all! Here is Elite Squadron Map Pack 2, containing the following maps:

QuoteCoruscant: Federal District
Death Star: Interior
Mustafar: Hidden Base
Vjun: Bast Castle


You will need the updated Map Pack 1 to play it. You can get that here:


Quote-Rebellion Developments - Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron
-Teancum and Calrissian97 - Elite Squadron map conversions to SWBF2
-DICE - Helmet rack, gun rack, Republic cargo box objects
-Free Radical - Battlefront III models, weapons, textures, sounds
-Netmarble Games - Force Arena models
Hi, this is my most recent mod. I took the ideas behind the old 'Visually-Improved Sides Mod' and drove it into a sort of 'unofficial update' direction. So, with that, I've made some changes to balancing that can be found in the list below. This is not an 'overhaul' in the same manner as most of my older mods, because the idea was to keep to the stock sides setup as faithfully as possible while balancing things out a bit and tweaking a few things. I've also reworked things to make it more faithful to the source material.


Word of warning: this should be addon map compatible, with the exception of Jabba's Palace. I will be posting a separate update to Jabba's Palace to work with 1.4.


Quote-John Williams (music from the Star Wars Saga)
-Gordy Haab (music from Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II)
-Ben Burtt (Star Wars Sound Effects)
-Additional objects from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (EA Capital Games)
-Snakey (Weapon scopes)
-Sereja (Naboo Arch parts, Naboo Guard models and weapons)

-Replaced the Super Battle Droid model with the one from Jedi Challenges
-Replaced the Battle Droid models with modified models
-Tweaked the Droideka model so the head is more accurate
-Replaced the Vulture Droid model with the SWBF2 version (texture still remains as the SWBF1 version)
-Replaced weapon models for the Blaster Rifle and Blaster Pistol.
-Droideka balance tweaked: less shield, slower firing rate with less damage and quicker overheat.

-Replaced the models with more accurate models.
-Phase II clones added in for certain maps (Galactic Marines will appear on Rhen Var, and the Clone Sharpshooter will have a BARC Trooper skin on Kashyyyk and Yavin IV)
-Tweaked range of the Clone Pilot's ARC Caster - now, when an enemy is too far, AI will instead switch to the Blaster Pistol
-Added V-Wing for Bespin: Platforms (plays the same as the Jedi Starfighter)
-Changed visual effects for the Jedi Starfighter/V-Wing Proton Torpedoes
-Given more ammo per clip to the Gunship's rockets and changed the visual impact effect, also altered the explosion effect's damage to buildings.

-Replaced the Rebel Soldier model with the one from Star Wars: Battlefront II
-Replaced the Rebel Rocketeer model with the Rebel Fleet Trooper model from Star Wars: Battlefront II
-Replaced the Wookie Smuggler model with the Wookie model from Star Wars: Battlefront II (sans dreads)
-Created 'Sandtrooper' variants for both the Rebel Soldier and Rebel Marksman
-Adjusted the range of the Rebel Pilot's shotgun so he will now use it in close-quarters and opt to use the Blaster Pistol at range.
-Replaced weapon models for the Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol and Sniper Rifle
-Rebel Snowspeeder's rear gunner no longer has a blaster cannon

-Replaced Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper, AT-AT Pilot and TIE Pilot models with upgraded version
-Replaced Shocktrooper with new Shocktrooper version (with red markings and backpack)
-Added 'Sandtrooper' variant of Stormtrooper for Tatooine.
-Adjusted the range of the Dark Trooper's shotgun so he will now use it in close-quarters and opt to use the Blaster Pistol at range.
-Replaced weapon models for the Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Sniper Rifle and Shotgun

-Republic will now use V-Wings instead of Jedi Starfighters

-Changes to certain textures
-Addition of new props

-Changed textures in the Bunker corridor
-Unhid railings in the bunker control room
-Replaced the foremost generator models in the bunker with more accurate versions

-Restored X-Wing/V-Wing to the map that was available in console versions

-Fixed turret positions near the Palace CP
-Moved vehicle spawn near the Palace CP, now AI will no longer ignore it.
-Aesthetic changes to window textures
-Changes to the arch model and textures
-Palace has been replaced with an actual Palace model from Empire at War.
-[CAMPAIGN ONLY] Replaced the Naboo Guard models and textures with those made by Sereja.

-Extended the top of the Temple building to be more accurate to the source material
-Added props to the interior of the Temple and a U-Wing parked outside

-Reworked sound effects and music, including restoration of previously-unused sounds (AAT cannon, AT-ST chin cannon)
-Hard-wired Tat3 (Jabba's Palace) sounds into the common.bnk
-Jedi heroes can now deflect again

Screenshots will be in the following post.
Microsoft has just announced they have bought Activision Blizzard King. The deal for the beleaguered publisher/developers is reported to be about $70billion - almost ten times what Microsoft paid for Bethesda.

This pack contains three previously-converted PSP maps bunbled with new sides:

-Cato Neimoidia

The sides are based primarily on those seen in the previous Bespin release, though they have been altered since. See below for more details.

Future Elite Squadron maps in SWBF1 will need this pack as a base.


Quote-Rebellion Developments - Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron
-Teancum - Elite Squadron map conversions to SWBF2
-Calrissian97 - Kashyyyk conversion to SWBF2
-DICE - Bespin sculpture object
-Free Radical - Battlefront III Dark Trooper, weapons, textures, sounds
-Netmarble Games - Force Arena models
-Zen Studios - AT-AT
-LucasArts - AT-ST (parts)
-milehighguy - Yoda
-Sereja - Yoda's Lightsaber, Lightsaber blade
Released Maps and Mods / The Invisible Hand
August 19, 2021, 02:15:29 AM
And here it is: The Invisible Hand. I am finally happy to get this one out there!


Quote-Pandemic Studios - Mod tools, base models
-Lord_Bandu - initial inspiration
-Lenovo/Disney - Super Battle Droid from Jedi Challenges
-LucasArts - Flak cannon from Star Wars Kinect
-The Collective/LucasArts - objects and textures from Revenge of the Sith
-Sony Online Entertainment - ARC Trooper parts from Clone Wars Adventures
-Free Radical - textures, weapons
-Snakey - scope texture

Released Assets / Improved Clone Troopers
June 22, 2021, 12:41:15 PM
This pack contains improvements to the stock Clone Troopers, based upon the setup of the units in Star Wars: Battlefront (2004).


-Pandemic Studios for the mod tools and the base models.
-Sony Online Entertainment - Clone Wars Adventures ARC trooper models and textures
-ANDEWEGET for the ZETools.
Since the last update, it seems that the old spoiler/hide functions are gone. This doesn't just go for new posts either: pre-update posts that used this feature are now 'broken'. This feature was quite useful if you were sharing large amounts of images.
SWBF1 Modding / WIP The Invisible Hand
May 31, 2021, 04:45:02 AM
Do you guys remember this?

Lord_Bandu began this map a really long time ago. It would have used the same sides as his Jedi Temple Training Hall map, but he never got further than the hangar and the corridors in the video, and he no longer has that project. Alas, it seemed as if we'd never get a map like this - the SWBF2 interior is seriously lacking and not exactly the best thing to make a fully-fledged Invisible Hand map with.

Well, a while ago, I did Star Wars 2015Front II, a mod for Star Wars Battlefront II which was inspired by the 2015 game. I included Space: Mustafar's campaign in the mod, and as part of that, I redressed the hangar. I kind of wanted to give my own version of the map a try someday.

Today is that day. I have already begun working on it. At present, I'm about as far as Bandu was. Here's a couple of in-progress screens.

A couple of snapshots so far

I'm trying to load additional layers for existing maps without having to directly munge entirely new LVL files. Specifically, I'm doing this to add in new vehicles. I did something like this for SW 2015Front II to add additional props to stock maps without having to rebuild them entirely, but the method I used there does not seem to work and I end up with an lvl file that is laughably 8 bytes in size.
Other Games / CORE Engine
February 25, 2021, 09:04:14 AM
It's always nice to see modding going on in the community, but if you want to create some original stuff, you have a wealth of options - Unreal and Unity are two of the most well-known ones. But one that got brought to my attention lately (thanks to postings made by psych0fred on his SecretSociety board - check the Downloads/CORE folder) is the CORE Engine. It's built off Unreal 4, and it's also very much geared to quickly making good-looking, playable games. It uses LUA - the same type of scripting we use in SWBF modding.

Check it out here:

Bear in mind it does have its limitations (primarily you can't use anything not created in the CORE editor), but it's a good place to start as far as making your own games goes. I'm going to be looking into making one of my first non-university games using CORE.
One of Softimage's biggest drawbacks as far as its texture editing tools go is the inability to cut, sew and unfold UVs. It's something that's present both in Maya (which is extremely expensive) and Blender (which has not got full MSH export support right now).

Roadkill is an external app that deals with UV editing and includes these tools. This link also includes the xsiaddon plugin needed to get it working with your Softimage projects.

It works with Mod Tool and should also work with Softimage 2015.

You can download it here:
Here are the source files for the PSP Bespin map

Quote-Pandemic Studios - Mod tools, Asajj Ventress model
-Rebellion Developments - Original map
-Teancum - original map rip
-Free Radical - Map textures, weapon models
-Krome Studios - Refinery model and textures, Lando Calrissian texture source
-Raven Software - Lando Calrissian head model
-Disney - Star Wars Rivals Carbon Freezing Chamber assets
-Sony Online Entertainment - Clone Wars Adventures ARC trooper models and textures
-Sereja - weapon models
-bk2-modder - Dark Trooper jetpack FX and X-Wing skin
Here's my conversion/update to te Elite Squadron Bespin map. I was supplied with the original map rip by Teancum, and I used that to make this map, making adjustments where I felt they were needed or where I thought the geometry could use a facelift.


Quote-Pandemic Studios - Mod tools, Asajj Ventress model
-Rebellion Developments - Original map
-Teancum - original map rip
-Free Radical - Map textures, weapon models
-Krome Studios - Refinery model and textures, Lando Calrissian texture source
-Raven Software - Lando Calrissian head model
-Disney - Star Wars Rivals Carbon Freezing Chamber assets
-Sony Online Entertainment - Clone Wars Adventures ARC trooper models and textures
-Sereja - weapon models
-bk2-modder - Dark Trooper jetpack FX and X-Wing skin
Released Maps and Mods / Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base
December 24, 2020, 07:13:39 AM
Here is my newest map, Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base



Quote-Pandemic Studios - Mod Tools
-Lucasfilm/Lenovo - Viper Probe Droid and GR-75 from Star Wars: Jedi Challenges
-Lucasfilm - Models from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
-Free Radical - textures and Wampa Cavern from Star Wars: Battlefront III
-Sereja - SE-14C model (SE-14R based upon this model), assets from his Hoth: Echo Base conversion and Tatooine: Mos Eisley Spaceport map
-Gogie - Texturing method in Substance
-Ben Burtt - Star Wars sound effects
-John Williams - music from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
-John Powell - music from Solo: A Star Wars Story
SWBF1 Modding / Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base
December 01, 2020, 10:46:54 AM
I have begun work on a new map, this time a new Hoth map. The goal of this map is to create a new iteration of Hoth inspired by the official Blueprints book, with several of the key components that we all know from the movie (the Medical Centre, the Control Room etc) that are completely absent in the stock map.

There will be custom units, but much like Sereja, I will also give players the option to play with stock sides if they so wish.

I've just begun working on it, and have a new corridor system created just for this map.


Released Assets / DLT-19 and DLT-19X Blaster Rifles
September 21, 2020, 02:34:24 PM
It seems I never uploaded the updated DLT-19 and DLT-19X Blaster Rifles. Let's correct that error, shall we?



-Pandemic Studios for the original models and textures
Star Wars: Battlefront came out on this day, 16 years ago! My, how time has flown by! Happy birthday to Star Wars: Battlefront!  :cheers: