How do I add mods; new eras, to a dedicated server? SWBF2

Started by The Impulsive Nutt, November 15, 2021, 11:21:15 PM

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November 15, 2021, 11:21:15 PM Last Edit: November 15, 2021, 11:26:06 PM by The Impulsive Nutt
I am trying to get a dedicated server running for the SWBF III Legacy mod running for my friends and have been having trouble. Things I have done

• Using the SWBF2 server
• Running server through SWBF2 Spy
• Have gotten the server to show up on the server browser 'when in vanilla maps/eras'
• Had friends joined server and play a round
• got Mods in addon folder
• Installed patch v1.3patch_r129
    • probably dose nothing but is required to play the mod in single player SW BF III Legacy
• Got a modded map to show up in the DSManager.exe by using 'mapinfo.txt' but did not launch
    • Gives the error: FATAL Could not open MISSION\BS3.lvl
    • this is due to me not setting the correct era in mapinfo.txt but could be more issues I have yet to encounter.

So there is my dilemma atm, if you can help me get a custom era loaded I may get it to work form there, hopefully.
this is the main resource I have been following to get as far as I have

thank you for your time

~The Impulsive Nutt

The era is usually set as a letter. C for clone wars, G for GCW. For mods I found the ones for conversion pack by trial and error. Turns out B is bfx gcw, a is cw bfx, and k is conversion pack kotor.