Problems with Invisible Meshes

Started by LordGirik, January 01, 2022, 09:13:11 AM

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Happy new year everyone!

I've been working on an era mod for the past couple of weeks and I've run into some problems with the meshes. Firstly, I've been trying to get DarthD.U.C.K.'s Royal Guard working, but the robe is missing its texture and the Force Pike is invisible.

Meanwhile, over on the Light Side, I'm using a jetpack addon from here but for some reason the jetpack disappears when in flight.

I've checked the error log but I don't see anything that could be causing these issues. Maybe I need to add some lines to the LUA? I've attached both the mission LUA and the error log, so hopefully someone will have an idea of whether it's an issue with the script or the models themselves. If it's the latter, I've been struggling to get XSI/Softimage to work so it may take some time for me to get to grips with that area. If anyone's able to help out, that would be greatly appreciated.


The rebel assault trooper needs new animations that include flying animations.
The red guard's weapon not showing up might be because the asset was not included.
The cape is white because the texture is missing, probably also not included by the person who released it.
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Annoyingly enough, everything's there, it just doesn't want to work for some reason. I double-checked that the GeometryName in the Force Pike ODF matches with the msh name, and the robe texture's definitely there. The file itself is there, and it looks to be mapped onto the robe when I open it up in a hex editor.

As for the rebel trooper, I'm pretty sure the default animation bank includes flying animations, but I'll make a new animset anyway and see if that fixes the problem.
EDIT: Just looked through the post for the jetpack addon and it turns out it was made for BF1 and not BF2. I'll look through some tutorials on GameToast until I have that part figured out.


make sure tga files are saved with RLE compression *turned off*
this is a common reason skins get messed up
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I've finally managed to get XSI working, and I've figured out the problems with the Royal Guard. The robe texture doesn't load properly since it likely isn't mapped, and the mesh for the force pike is literally just an untextured Royal Guard model. I've informed the uploader of the issue, and I'm going to try and fix it myself.