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I opened and re-zipped the mus2 map above so you can use it now (feel free to re-upload):
Hey Kalle, can you reach out to me over some sort of IM? I've gotten your server up and running on both Windows and Linux, but have a couple questions about your database setup and some problems to resolve.

You can find me on Steam at the link in my profile or you can PM me for other stuff.
General / Dutch speaker
May 01, 2014, 06:40:39 PM
Hey guys - anyone speak Dutch? Need someone for something stupid - just shoot me a PM.

Requires facebook account, btw.
Tech Support / Re: Faster internet
April 30, 2014, 07:51:54 PM
Your ping is so high because you're using a wireless internet provider - mobile communications services are always going to induce high ping because of your distance from a hardwired base station. Transmitting information through the air will always be slower than a wire.

You will not be able to improve your ping via any methods other than switching ISPs. I'd look into DSL options, though I'm not sure where you live and can't vouch for their availability. If you have landline phone service, there is usually DSL available. Satellite internet will be much worse than your current internet.

I don't think any third-party solutions will speed up your internet. The problem is that you're on mobile internet and you probably live in an area that's not serviced by a major provider. The only solution that will permanently solve your problem is switching ISPs.

Your ping is really only an issue when playing games. It'll make webpages slightly slower to start loading, but that's about it. Speed is a larger factor with websites. Ping is the issue with games.

With regards to your ping map thing, that basically tells you the path that your requests are taking to travel to the server. Requests over the Internet often go over a variety of interconnected providers to reach their final destinations. You start off from home, but then there's a big jump to the first node - this is your mobile delay in effect. From there, you jump around in your provider's network until you connect to Charter's network somewhere else (looks like Eau Claire, WI). You can tell this by the abbreviations in the server names. Then you go to Chicago, where you connect to another provider (nLayer), and you then are taken to Dallas, where the server in question appears to be (where I live).

Here's my own trace to the IP:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    11 ms    16 ms     7 ms
  2     3 ms     1 ms     1 ms []
  3    26 ms     7 ms     7 ms
  4    13 ms    12 ms    13 ms []
  5    10 ms    13 ms    15 ms []
  6    67 ms    11 ms     9 ms []
  7    20 ms    10 ms     9 ms []
  8    10 ms    12 ms    11 ms []
  9     9 ms    55 ms    11 ms []
10     *        8 ms     8 ms []
11    10 ms    14 ms    17 ms
12    12 ms    10 ms     9 ms []
13    13 ms    10 ms    11 ms []
14     8 ms    65 ms    76 ms []

You only take a few more hops than I do, and I'm probably less than 25 miles away from this server. So there's nothing wrong with your routing (the path of your requests, or number of hops), your internet is just slow. Only way to fix that is to get new Internet, unfortunately.
Forum News and Forum Rules / Re: Forum Maintenance
April 26, 2014, 03:24:05 PM
I'd like to clarify some things about the mod's supposed impacts on Windows XP users. There will be no action taken to block XP users without an upgrade of the mod. There is little to no danger to any user of this site.

The primary focus of the mod is to block IP addresses in the Project Honeypot blacklist. IPs in this blacklist are well-understood to be the source of spam and other messages. There is rarely a case where an IP on a list is used by legitimate users. If an IP is in the database, it is assigned what's called a "threat level", which is a logarithmic scale number ranking the likelihood of an IP to send spam to a website. We block above a 5. It takes a good deal to get to a 5. Most of those IPs are from server hosting companies or from countries where infections are rampant (mostly China).

Additional functions of the modification are to block all users of outdated browsers (IE 7 and earlier), as well as those where it is immediately apparent from the HTTP request that you are running outdated updates. I don't think having a modern browser is a particularly burdensome requirement (especially since Windows will literally upgrade IE for you if you do updates at all). I also think having to keep your computer updated is a completely reasonable request to make of anyone. The mod will also block HTTP requests with suspicious characteristics, none of which will be possessed by anyone with a legitimate purpose.

The bits about Windows server and XP mentioned in there have no real impact on this site, as it does not run on Windows. Any updates made by the creators of this modification and its underlying support services will not block XP users until that OS has passed on. That will be a while.

In short, there is almost nothing to worry about.
Forum News and Forum Rules / Re: Forum Maintenance
April 24, 2014, 08:52:03 PM
Hey everyone! Upgrades are done. Some new behind-the-scenes stuff. Everything is shiny and new.

Please let me know if there is anything broken or you have any feature requests. It's entirely possible that something may have broken that I can't see or haven't found yet.

With regards to the mobile version of the site, there's the WAP version, but I'll agree that it isn't too great. I think any solution's usefulness depends on what sort of phone you have. If you can't display the full site, then your phone is probably better suited to the WAP site.

The SMF4iPhone thing that was previously installed is probably hopelessly broken right now and I'm not even sure if you can use it.
Sorry I haven't gotten around to getting things set up for you guys yet. I've got a huge workload right now and am struggling to get some free time.

I'll probably get things running this weekend.
Quote from: Snake on September 08, 2013, 06:21:51 AM
Even Jedikiller is still hiding in some corner somewhere. We throw him scraps of food every now and then.

*growls, snarls*
Optimistic for this one. Sure it'll be fun regardless - DICE generally does good work.

And any sort of quality next-gen Star Wars game will be welcomed. It's been too long.
General / Re: Gaming mouse
December 06, 2012, 05:33:42 AM
I have a Razer Imperator and have been extremely satisfied with it.
Public Square / Re: Yahoo! E-mail Addresses
October 02, 2012, 07:30:53 PM
That ban has indeed been removed.
Quote from: readmeBespin CC: No hight, darth vader,luke skywalk, mace, and Teh count playable. no ais.
BespinPlat: All pilots(alliance), higher fly limit. All rockets(republic), no ais.
Endor: Ewoks playable, no hight. Sniper/ewok only.
Geonosis: Geonosian/Arc troop only. No hight limit.
Hoth: Van-Rocket/Emp-Rocket only. Higher hight limit.
Kamino: Jets only.
Kashyyyk isl: Hight removed, sharp and troop only. No spawn limit.
KashyyykDocks: Clone wookie alliance LastStanding Clone (on this cis side)// Wookie Elite \vs/ Impierial Troops (4 diff classes of wookie)
Rhen Var1: No death Region (other than battlefield) Sniper/rockets only No hight.
Rhen Var2: No death Region (other than battlefield) Soldier/Rocketeer only No hight.    (rep.vs.cis ALL jets and sniper)
Tatooine DS: Tusken Alliance .vs. Impirial Elite Cops. Salac pit death removed. No hight. (rep and cis normal)
Tatooine MI: Sniper Tourny (emp and reb only) Lower hight limit for more agressive fighting!!
Tatooine Jabba: Founded by TcF penguin: Infected: Rebellion last stand. (reb.vs.emp only)
Yavin: Unmoddified...

Made by: RepublicCommando:

Copy-pasted in the readme here for convenience of potential downloaders.
Public Square / Re: Downloads System
August 15, 2012, 06:57:54 PM
I would suggest incorporating Dropboxes into everyday use:

Dropboxes are folders on your computer that are instantly synced up with the Internet. You can put files in your Public folder, right-click them, and copy a link that you can paste to share the file with anyone. You can also upload photo galleries.

This would allow the downloads system to be used in distribution of files, and take some burden off of the admins to clear out junk files in the download system.
What was the underlying issue with the European server? Pings too high? If that's the case, I can likely find another datacenter that you can try.
General / Re: European VPS server
June 27, 2012, 07:47:41 PM
This may work for you:

Located in UK. Good network, decent company. Pretty big operation, but I've had experience with them before and have been satisfied. I would recommend the #3 package for your needs, since at current exchange rates it comes out to about the same. Might be worth a shot for a month.