AaTc Veterans on Discord

Started by Snake, September 21, 2021, 01:19:18 PM

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Hey guys I made this post in case some old AaTc members find this site. We have a discord for AaTc Veterans now and while we aren't an active clan we do use the discord to stay in touch and organize clan events every now and then. Activity is not mandatory but I really hope some more old members will find this message somehow and come say hey. We also have several non-clan members in the discord that are old friends of the clan so anyone is welcome. We get together on SWBF every once in a while and play mod maps/pub servers as well as other games. It's fun to catch up, hang out, and share old memories. I also recently made a SWBF1 Map (somehow I've remembered how to mod after all these years) that is specifically for AaTc. If you don't know, SWBF1 is available on Steam for $10 and has multiplayer again. We don't play hardly at all but its fun to get on for a group event. I hope you guys see this and contact me somehow.

To add me on steam:

Friend code: 273740076

username: aatcsnake

To add on discord:

username: OctaKing#8990

clan invite: https://discord.gg/5CxM7sHH

I hope you guys can find me. AaTc forever.
=AaTc= Forever


-Retired Modder