Idren's SWBF1 Sky Compilation

Started by Idren, February 26, 2017, 04:22:28 PM

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I decided to make an Easy-To-Use Sky Compilation to help people to be able to add skies to their worlds with more ease.  I tried my hand at modding SWBF1 back in 2006, and could never get a sky to work! So this is for all the people who are VERY new to modding SWBF, and need an extra helping hand with getting skies up and running.  I hope people find this useful! :wave:

Name: Idren's Sky Compilation
Contents: .SKY, .MSH, .TGA, .ODF files
Compatible with: SWBF1 (idk anything about swbf2 modding so if it works, let me know and I'll update this!)  :)
Download Size: 9MB
How long it took me: 6 hours

     1) A compilation of all the SWBF1 stock skies.  Each sky has its own folder that contains an easy installation guide, and all files needed to put the sky into your map.  This includes a normalized file that adds the sky to your world without having to do much .sky file editing (you'll have to change the lowres terrain section to match the terrain you're using - or just stick with the standard geonosis one.)
     2) This also has a separate folder of Dome Objects (death star, ion cannon, cloud city, mountain ranges, clouds, etc.) each with an easy to follow installation guide.
     3) A simplified / more explicit tutorial for adding Sky Dome Flyers (capital ships, etc.) to your world.

     Psych0fred for the sky tutorial (also included)
     LucasArts & Pandemic for the assets
     Idren (me) for the compilation, etc.

very nice--thanks for sharing  :cheers:
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