January 25, 2022, 09:26:53 AM

Looking for a few old friends

Started by firegunner, January 06, 2022, 05:07:20 PM

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I used to play swbf1 on gameranger a lot back in 2007-2012 made some friends joined some clans and created a few. I am wondering if anyone remembers me from back then. I have serious nostalgia and would love to get back in touch with some of the old members.

Anyway i hope everyone is doing well and feel free to add me on steam fire_gunner.


so you must have been a MAC player?

Unit33 still hangs out here, but it's been a while for everyone else  :cheers:
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Hey Firegunner, I certainly remember you!

The SWBF GR community was great while it lasted. I have fond memories of many servers being called 'CC NO BOTS NO CP'ING NO JETS' etc

I think few of the other Mac players can be found on Steam if you look at members of the MPC group etc


I think I only used GR a couple of times, but feel free to join us using SWBFSpy  :cheers:

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