{The Assualt Squad} Ps2 SWBF2 clan.

Started by Frostycrossing, January 18, 2018, 08:54:05 PM

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Do you like star wars battlefront 2 on ps2? want some buddies to play online with or even get competitive with? The assualt squad is a friendly group of battlefront 2 lovers with our very own ps2 server. just be sure you are connected to the swbf master server with the primary DNS Our server is called: TAS CLAN. message me for a invite to our discord and the server password. We cant wait to meet you. NIGHTLY MATCHES AND FRIDAY NIGHT IS ALWAYS BUSY.  :moo:


Question, how do you do announcements? is it with announcements.cfg.

Also what is the Discord server?


sorry it took me so long to reply, to do announcements look at the player list in the server manager and type in the chat bar, hit enter. I saw you on the server the other night. i got by Twitch in game,


Too bad TAS ended after Luna trolled the server. When this group ended it was much harder to gather people to play online : (


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