Why you should play on bf2 ps2 online right now

Started by ThePlushieZone, August 22, 2020, 07:10:32 AM

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Not only does playing battlefront 2 on PS2 have social and physical benefits but it also increases your mind's thinking capacity to use a dualshock 2 controller, this is a skill that is very high in demand so playing this game every Friday night should train you for a career that can pay you up to 80,000$ and sustain a family for yourself. Studies show players who play PS2 online have a much better life than those who play on pc. My sources say the lag makes them sad. Some have said that playing this game made them happier with theyre family, making the quality of life much greater. The absolute greatness of the controls and the perfect balancing of the units truly makes Star wars battlefront  2 on Ps2 a great game to play. Studies also show that people who are playing offline on ps2 or are too lazy to jailbreak they're ps2 have a larger chance of feeling sad about themselves, thus leading  them to watching youtube videos of people playing online, yet, they cry cause they won't mod they're ps2 for whatever reason. The world health organization has also stated that "Playing Star wars Battlefrent 2 on the Playstation 2 online once a week on a Friday makes people immune to certain diseases, one being a feeling of emptiness and loneliness". The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said, and I quote "Everyone under the jurisdiction of the Canadian people's will relieve 100 pounds for playing battlefront 2 on ps2." So what are you waiting for? Get the hell on this game!

Though I appreciate your enthusiasm for BF2 PS2, I don't appreciate spam (which is what your first post is).

A more constructive post would be to post times the community is active and ask them to join.
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I already made a constructive one and it didn't help so now I'm actually going nuts jk

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