What's the best server to play on PS2?

Started by ThePlushieZone, March 30, 2020, 10:05:16 AM

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What Are the Best Servers to Play on PlayStation 2?Hey if your new here and are trying to figure out what is the best server for this 15 year old trip on memory card lane, make sure you take a look at these servers.
First of all by far THE BEST PS2 server is MEGADEATHspace, the only 4-player arena hosted from a PS2, 24/7! I love this server so much, especially when I get to play with the host who's AFK!  :shrug:
Alright that's enough joking, let's get serious:

The best server is SWBFGamers.com PS2 - II, it has no teamkill, matches every Friday night and usually filled with 14 players.
If you can mod your PS2, Anthony's PS2 Server is awesome for those who like Assault and Team Kill. (This server hosts maps like Rhen Var: Citadel, Bespin: Cloud CIty, Naboo: Outpost, etc)
Lastly, pyrojockey's original server: Official Glitching is available as well. This is the only server that allows for glitching.

Please come join us on SWBFGamers.com PS2 - II, this is the main server. Hope to see you playing!