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Hello, I made this post to inform others about an error which is caused by using the PS2 BF2 Multiplayer patch by AnthonyBF2. For some reason, the DNAS does not authenticate for some users so this patch makes it possible for them to play online. Toady, I have just discovered that if you keep the old network configuration with the DNS server added, it may slow down your game and in my case, stop you from being able to join servers. The easy way to fix this is to create a new network slot and just let it configure from your ethernet. Simple as that. Just make sure you don't add the DNS and you will be able to play online again. Note: this only affects people with the patch, if you can still authenticate, you should be able to play online with the DNS setting.
My buddy Kintaro has said PS2 online is picking up a bit. I have decided to get online with my dad Forrestgump for some pancakeee action. You fools better watch for mines and rockets this Friday. : ) See you there, hopefully. Make sure you guys put on alot of Death Star 1-Flag.
This poll ends in 1,345 days. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Pick your favourite map and let your favourite map be placed on top of the poll.
Not only does playing battlefront 2 on PS2 have social and physical benefits but it also increases your mind's thinking capacity to use a dualshock 2 controller, this is a skill that is very high in demand so playing this game every Friday night should train you for a career that can pay you up to 80,000$ and sustain a family for yourself. Studies show players who play PS2 online have a much better life than those who play on pc. My sources say the lag makes them sad. Some have said that playing this game made them happier with theyre family, making the quality of life much greater. The absolute greatness of the controls and the perfect balancing of the units truly makes Star wars battlefront  2 on Ps2 a great game to play. Studies also show that people who are playing offline on ps2 or are too lazy to jailbreak they're ps2 have a larger chance of feeling sad about themselves, thus leading  them to watching youtube videos of people playing online, yet, they cry cause they won't mod they're ps2 for whatever reason. The world health organization has also stated that "Playing Star wars Battlefrent 2 on the Playstation 2 online once a week on a Friday makes people immune to certain diseases, one being a feeling of emptiness and loneliness". The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said, and I quote "Everyone under the jurisdiction of the Canadian people's will relieve 100 pounds for playing battlefront 2 on ps2." So what are you waiting for? Get the hell on this game!
Beeno playing since I was 3. How long have all of you played and  what was your first impression of the game?
What Are the Best Servers to Play on PlayStation 2?Hey if your new here and are trying to figure out what is the best server for this 15 year old trip on memory card lane, make sure you take a look at these servers.
First of all by far THE BEST PS2 server is MEGADEATHspace, the only 4-player arena hosted from a PS2, 24/7! I love this server so much, especially when I get to play with the host who's AFK!  :shrug:
Alright that's enough joking, let's get serious:

The best server is PS2 - II, it has no teamkill, matches every Friday night and usually filled with 14 players.
If you can mod your PS2, Anthony's PS2 Server is awesome for those who like Assault and Team Kill. (This server hosts maps like Rhen Var: Citadel, Bespin: Cloud CIty, Naboo: Outpost, etc)
Lastly, pyrojockey's original server: Official Glitching is available as well. This is the only server that allows for glitching.

Please come join us on PS2 - II, this is the main server. Hope to see you playing!

Videos and Screen Shots / Yo watch this concert
March 22, 2020, 04:36:11 PM
Like the second best one I've ever watched on YouTube lol had to share it
General / What is the point of swbfspy lol
February 20, 2020, 12:18:38 PM
I wanna know why swbfspy is still around on PC if the game already has online througn Steam or whatever. Besides PS2 online I find nobody is playing on the PC servers.
Can you please stop putting maps like Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Naboo, etc, twice in a short ammount of time. I see people get off when these kinds of situtations occur. Also can there be atleast one Death Star 1 flag GCW atleast once each Friday. Thanks
The BF2 mod I made, (not really a mod) is really just a bunch of testing with some maps AntonyBF2 made for his PSP mod so I was bored and wanted to try them on PS2 (Because at the time I did not have a working PSP). I am not a plaugurizer, since I'm sure I left documentation stating Anthony made the maps, but I decided to put it all together so I could play it with a few others. I have not done much but I can help with a few things if asked.
Dylan Rocket on YouTube found a beta version of bf2 ps2i've played it and it is awesome! You should check it out to!
General / What is!?
May 14, 2018, 11:49:43 AM
I read up on it and it says some weird stuff like how people who I think might be Led and Anyder tried to fake or take credit for Phobos work?! But maybe I read that one wrong... Also why does it say swbfmodders and not swbfgamers... Might just be some weird propaganda site, but who really made this whole thing!? Lol
Hey everyone! One of my friends bought me BF2! If your reading this your awesome Luna!
I've played BF2 on PS2, XBOX, PSP, and PC! :)

First of all, my username is ThePlushieZone. If you ever want to play on PS2 or PC, let me know!

I'm also not working on mods for PS2 anymore, I'll leave that to AnthonyBF2. But PC is now my objective.

Thanks for reading!
Tech Support / Locked out of my Discord....
March 09, 2018, 10:08:08 PM
I've done nothing wrong on Discord, ever... I make a Miiverse service for it and run many communities with my friends. And as I was working on one, I just got this pop-up saying something's wrong here. I looked up online, and I heard they don't do anything about it! I don't even have a phone, and I don't feel like going through the trouble of explaining this to my parents... I don't like sharing phone numbers. So, am I bricked!? Is there a way I can get my account back without a stupid phone number. I have been working on my social media for months, and all my f---ing work is ruined over some stupid crap that Discord did. If I have to put a stupid phone number, then I cant do crap.. I wont be able to talk to anyone, not even my friends!!! :( I really need some help!
I know how to open them in ZE, but when I do it says it cannot find them? Is it becuase the file is read-only?
SWBF2 Modding / Need a little help...
February 12, 2018, 03:12:13 PM
Does anyone have ZeroEdit? I have it. but all of its  files are missing!
If you have it. Post it so I can download it.
(Not the BF2 Mod Tools)

Also, how do I edit command posts? And can I do it with HxD Hex editor!?
Do any of you guys have all of the game files for Battlefront: RS and ES for PSP. I wan't to try porting it to PS2.
Miiverse was a Wii U and 3DS Social Media, but it was discontinued on November 7th of 2017.
So I made a new one, it also has BF1 and 2 communities.

I know there are popular services already, but I just wanted to get the word out.