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Started by Dark_Phantom, September 07, 2021, 07:55:26 AM

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The SWBF1 Speedruns community would like to announce our version of "Challenge Mode".
I would like to thank Skinny, Dlemmor, and the KoTOR speedruns moderators (for jumpstarting the idea) in making this come to life.  We would like to try this as an engagement tool for new and experienced runners.  The challenges will be generally shorter, but times may adjust depending on the community's input.

Challenge Mode adds a new layer of depth to BF1, and is implemented in the same way as an Addon map on PC.  That doesn't mean console players can't participate!  For the speedrun challenge, there is NO requirement to download the mod, but it will make it easier to get right in the action.  However, we have NOT limited the challenge mode, so console players may want to think about getting SWBF1 on Steam/GOG if the Challenges Mode is what they want.

IN FACT, it's so small it's an attachment at this point.  Just unzip, place in your addon folder, and go!

Speedruns will (obviously) be based on time and Challenges, at this point, will be judged based on reinforcement count. If you would like to participate and get some bragging rights, you can submit your times in the SWBF1 Speedruns Discord at this point.  The current one will run two weeks and we will reassess whether two weeks is appropriate for future editions.

Our permanent link is here: https://discord.gg/g9GvkyXAKz

We hope to see you on the front!

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