Can't get vehicle sounds to work in game

Started by Antstafer, August 29, 2021, 08:34:34 PM

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I always go through tutorials and documentation first and days of troubleshooting before I begin to ask in this forum, but hopefully someone struggling in the future can find their answer here as well.

So I've successfully added vehicle sounds to maps before, but this third time around has me stumped.

Map name is ageo1. Editing the stock geonosis map. I'm trying to add the AAT and the STAP

Here's my current setup for the req files and sfx-

Some interesting notes-
1. Only the main blaster sound for the AAT works, nothing else from it or the STAPP.

2. Adding '-stub c:\windows\media\chord.wav' in my soundmunge.bat file causes the map to become stuck on an infinite loading screen on launch. Removing this and remunging loads the map just fine.

3. Used an actual windows XP machine and a virtual machine, and no different results.



Quote from: PhilMitchell6 on August 30, 2021, 01:03:07 AMTry using this tutorial:
I think you might have an issue with the directory.

I actually followed that tutorial haha!

My directory is C:\LucasArts\BFBuilder

Now what's interesting is I have 2 of my older datamodid folders that have vehicle sounds added in, and they munge and load perfectly fine.

Its one of those things were it undeniably should be working but it just doesn't for whatever magical bs reason haha.