Tunngle Connection Issues

Started by Rayce, April 04, 2014, 02:07:22 PM

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I've been wanting to play online with you guys but once I get to the level, it says "connection to host lost", is there a quick fix to this or is there a complicated physical problem? (I've got a Belkin router so i'm worried.)

Can you see the game lobby and post a screen shot for us?  And also make a screen shot where it says connection lost?

If you have been modding a lot, you should  check to see if you have the stock files in place.  Having a mod can cause a crash.
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Here you go (For some reason the I couldn't get a pic of the in-game lobby, but it looked pretty normal with around 6-7 servers, I chose the SWBFGamers sniper tournament, though I chose the SWBFGamers 1.0 style server in the previous attempt.), I made sure my Mission.lvl and such were the stock versions.

Got screenshot, still need help.